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Monday, March 23, 2020

Democrats see Minnesota slipping away

Democrats know the best case scenario now is that Minnesota is a battleground state. A state no Republican has carried in nearly 50 years was barely won in 2016. Putting Fräu Klobuchar (horse whinny) on the ticket may not be enough to stop President Donald John Trump from taking the Gopher State.

The president has done something no Democrat has done in decades: cared about the working class.

Politico sent a reporter to Ely, Minnesota, whose Democrat mayor told him, "The hope rested with Trump; that’s where the people went … it’s hope. People want hope for a better future."

Of course, there are no Democrats in Minnesota. They call it the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party, but they ditched the farmers and laborers long ago.

Ely is in the Iron Range, which is the backbone of the steel industry. It helped build railroads, create skyscrapers, and win World War II. After the Depression, its workers supported the party with blind faith.

The Politico reporter wrote, "A place that once gave Democratic native sons Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale 4-1 voting wins and considers the late Sen. Paul Wellstone a local hero has begun to embrace a president who bears little resemblance to them, except that he reversed the injustice of an Obama-era order that would have brought the nickel-copper project to a 20-year standstill. On top of that were the 25% tariffs Trump imposed on most foreign steel, which provided an initial boost to the 5,000 miners still employed in the region’s numerous iron-ore mines that have served as the backbone to the region’s economy."

Democrats wrote off the Iron Range.

He wrote, "Many jubilant residents of Ely and nearby towns are now hanging their hopes on a plan to build a massive mining facility under a patch of national forest that’s a stone’s throw from one of the most verdant watersheds in the world. But the project increases the risk of acidic waste contaminating the area’s lakes and streams. Environmental groups mounted a well-funded push against the project. Democratic presidential contenders began objecting, too: Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren pledged to stop the project. Joe Biden has yet to take a position."

The story by Adam Behsudi showed the bias within the Democrat Party that is now coming home to roost.

He wrote, "In the late 1970s, the industry employed 15,000 people. That’s down to roughly 5,000. The area never recovered those mining jobs after mass layoffs in 1981 as the U.S. steel industry underwent changes and automation took hold."

Those jobs are not coming back.

He says it is automation but ignores the dumping of steel first by Japan, then other countries, and now by Red China that idled factories and mines.

Oddly enough, in his profile, he wrote, "Behsudi earned his bachelor’s degree in 2005 from the University of Missouri. With the hope that journalism could return as a growth industry within his lifetime, he earned a master’s degree in interactive journalism from American University in 2010."

It's OK for journalists to hope for a return to relevance, but everyone else should learn to code.

Democrats do not want the working class. Got it? They hate that miners no longer work 16 tons and get another day older and deeper in debt. Miners in Minnesota earn $80,000 to $100,000 a year, the story said. Coding would be a huge pay cut.

The story said, "David Bednarczak, a county employee who was laid off from a mining job in 1981, said he can’t vote for Trump because of his views on immigrants and women, but recognizes that the pull of the Democratic Party is waning in the area.

"He was the sole person from his voting precinct in Hibbing to show up to a late-February caucus night for Democrats, known in Minnesota as the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. A paltry crowd of 35 people representing 10 precincts in a city of 16,000 showed up to the event."

Democrats did not see the fall of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin until Election Night in 2016. They see Minnesota going next. And they are helpless this time. You can take people for granted for only so long.


  1. In 2018 President Trump campaigned hard in Minnesota's 8th congressional district and got Pete Stauber a Republican handily elected! This was a huge Republican win in a traditionally Democrat district.

  2. Biden will take both positions. Like John Fraud Kerry would. He will be against the mine to non-Minnesotans and for the mine to Minnesotans, forgetting that the internet is forever.

  3. MN's been on Parscale's list from the start. Given the mess Newsom and Cuomo (just to name a few) have made of this new disaster, how many states will Trump take?

    I'm wondering if a '72/'84 repeat is doable.

    Miners in Minnesota earn $80,000 to $100,000 a year, the story said. Coding would be a huge pay cut.

    Actually, a good programmer with a few years' experience can make that much if he's in a good shop.

    1. Well, yeah, Ed...working in someplace like The Nation’s Cesspool, where a nice little two bedroom condo in Gaithersburg will set you back about three and a half bills. That money in Ely is flat righteous.

    2. A good coder is only worth around $60,00 to $80,000 in today's market. Project Managers and even Program Managers who manage multi-million dollar projects are only making 125,000 as an employee and 150,000 as consultants. The Indian invasion has cut salaries for American's. Thank your Federal Government for that! Every large Fortune 100 shop in Minneapolis is 25% Indian now (on site and offshore)

    3. H1Bs have kept American computer coding jobs at frozen wages for more than a decade. No American over fifty has a shot regardless of expertise. Boeing crashed two planes and killed all those people because they offshored cheap coding.

  4. I wonder what part of my President's position on immigration David Bednarczak hates. Does David want more illegals driving down wages? Does he want more economic refugees like the type that flood Fridley and other towns around the Twin Shitties? Why doesn't he want them to come legally and be people who benefit the nation?
    As to women, does he object to President Trump having a woman lead his campaign? does he dislike the great ladies President Trump has in the White House? Maybe he doesn't like seeing a gal like Ivanka being successful because her dad raised her well.
    David needs to quit being sexist. As to the Xinophobia, he might be right....

  5. "...under a patch of national forest..."

    I read the entire article, and I think some - maybe most - people confuse the purpose of national forests and national parks.

    From the very start there was an expectation that the natural resources in a national forest would/ could be used.

    Should that be done in an environmentally responsibly manner? Yes. But that does not mean the resources should never be touched.

    BTW - I'll add that I have been to Ely, because I was headed to the BWCA to backpack for a few weeks. Beautiful area, and a birch forest has special beauty.

  6. Don't forget Trump lost MN in 2016 because of the backstabbers in the GOPe. They're not as strong this time around.

  7. The only people opposed to mineral extraction in northern Minnesota don't live there, just like those most excited about saving the polar bears have never seen one in the wild and would poop their undies if they did. The locals would be very happy if the few remaining teenagers could stay in their hometowns to work rather than moving hundreds of miles away for jobs in the anonymous city.

    No greater truth has ever been written than that found on the masthead of the "California Mining Journal": "Without mining there is no civilization."

  8. Love the Young Frankenstein reference! Great article too.

  9. The democrats in MN are destroying the place for personal gain. We moved out. refugee camps all on welfare, city is largest landlord in county, all tenants section 8, lutheran social services and political allies making millions dumping refugees, supporting non workers, taxing working citizens to death and condemning anything and everything they see standing in their way. A lot of republicans are on board gaining wealth stolen from the working population. Amy klobuchar, Tina Smith and the despicable racists Ilhan Omar are the voice of mn to the nation. Even the mayor or Ely is taken in by the endless propaganda. Schools are a mess, indoctrinating in progressive thought, racist against whites and teaching little or nothing with functionally illiterates graduating by the hordes with a common core experience not education. Its time to stop listening to the sob stories and start looking at what they have done and are doing None of the top leadership is hurting for money. They are inexplicably rich. Minneapolis, once a beautiful city, is now one of the 50 most dangerous in the nation. The heralded light rail is so dangerous you are taking you life in your own hands to get on. Robbery, rape assault. It is a terrible place to live even though the land is beautiful the state has been taken over by self serving evil politicians.