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Saturday, February 08, 2020

WaPo notices the obvious

Jeff Bezos to the editor of his Washington Post: "Hey, these bullets bounce off President Donald John Trump. In fact, they make him stronger!"

And so Marty Baron assigned Robert Costa and Philip Rucker to craft, "Trump's resilience causes Democrats to sound the alarm."

The rubes in DC are catching on.

The boys wrote, "Anxiety is coursing through the Democratic Party as President Donald Trump emerges from his impeachment proceedings as a potent threat for reelection, with party leaders and activists uncertain about how to beat the incumbent and worried about a nominating race that remains crowded and is growing more acrimonious."

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature would have figured that out. President Trump is Chumbawamba singing their hit, "Tubthumping."
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down
His entire life is a roller coaster. They thought they knocked him out in his first trip to bankruptcy court. But instead of losing his empire, he got the banks to cut him slack on the junk-bond interest on his debt. He got up again by convincing them he was too big to fail. You are never gonna keep him down.

In The Art of the Comeback, Donald Trump wrote of golfing with a banker who hated him.
I said to him, "Look, your grip is really bad, and if you could just move your hands over, I think you'd be a much better player." I repositioned his hands and he started hitting the ball better than he had ever hit it before. With just that one minor change, he actually became a good player. He never had a better time and even went to the driving range afterward to practice with his new grip. More important, he thought I was a nice guy, not the vicious, flame-throwing jerk he had envisioned. He couldn't believe it. As we were leaving the course he said to me, "Look, I know we're going to war tomorrow, but maybe we could make a deal." I laid out the terms of a deal that would be fair to all, and he agreed. The next morning his lieutenants, who had until that point been totally vicious, called my people and informed them that a deal had been made and to get the paperwork done. We signed the next day, and hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of problems went away. Just like that. Pfff!
Now for the punchline. He wrote, "I once saw Jack Nicklaus, and I told him, 'You know, Jack, I've actually made much more money playing golf than you have.' He didn't really understand what I meant, nor did I explain. But he probably went away thinking I'm a real jerk."

After going through tabloid hell over his first divorce in New York City (the media capital of the world) the backwater Washington press corps is nothing.

Nearly 5 years after he officially entered the 2016 race, the Washington Post is admitting publicly, hey, this guy is good.

The Post reported, "While Democrats see Trump as a corrosive figure and a threat to the nation, they also see the president and his well-funded campaign tailoring a reelection bid around the strong economy and visceral appeals to his ardent supporters.

"Trump's robust political standing came into view this past week, as he claimed vindication from his acquittal in his Senate trial despite damaging House testimony about his conduct with Ukraine - and set off on a path of retribution by ousting some officials who were witnesses. At the same time, his Gallup approval rating ticked up to 49%, its highest point yet.

"The developments have generated convulsions of angst among Democrats, who watched their first-in-the-nation Iowa presidential caucuses conclude in a chaotic fiasco and deliver an inconclusive result. Many in the party are now sounding the alarm that denying Trump a second term could be far more difficult than they had calculated."

Remember, the Fox poll showed his approval rate at 39% on Election Day 2016.

The Post quoted "Jennifer Palmieri, a longtime party strategist who advised Hillary Clinton in 2016 and is not aligned with any candidate this time."

She said, "We are letting Trump drive our process and getting ourselves all tangled up in who might be the best person to foil him. That became really clear to me just being in Iowa. The voters were so lost. They didn't have any orientation, no grounding . . . They felt paralyzed by this choice."

4 years ago, I said Donald Trump would win. I wrote, "The daily, relentless attacks on Trump have an interesting effect. Meant to set the agenda and discredit him, the stories make Trump the focus of the campaign. This works on the minds of the punditry in Washington who think income tax returns matter (they don't; we know he's rich and doesn't like to pay taxes)."

As Rush Limbaugh put it, Donald Trump was living in their heads rent free.

I wrote, "Every day the Washington Post's Daily 202 feeds a Trump story to its readers. And that is exactly what Trump wants. Attention. Negative or positive, that is what any newcomer wants. Trump like any politician knows that if the election is about him, he wins. The 2008 election was a referendum on Obama. The 1992 election was a referendum on Clinton. The 1980 election was a referendum on Reagan. Not every election works this way. It takes a strong candidate to pull it off."

The Washington press corps thought they could kill him with headlines. But headlines saved his bacon and his empire in the 1990s. He was a celebrity. That is why the banker golfed with him. Donald Trump's pitch was look, I screwed up, but the Trump name will help you recoup your losses.

It worked.

The Post has caught on, and so have Democrats. Cornell Belcher, a veteran Democratic pollster, told the Post, "We spend too much time chasing whatever foolishness Trump throws out there and he's masterful at it.

"This has got to be an election fundamentally about Democrats' vision for bringing the country together and solving the big problems that confront us. And if a Democrat can do that, a Democrat can have a good chance of cobbling back together and even expanding the Obama coalition, and that will beat Trump."

But it is too late. The press cannot ignore what the president of the United States does. Oh reporters can skip his rallies, and someday they might give up publicizing his tweets. What they cannot do is eliminate his ability to set the agenda.

The constant attacks by the press and the rest of the Democrats have galvanized President Trump's supporters who will never forget nor forgive being called deplorable.

The New York Times reported, "In Trump Country, the Resistance Meets the Steel Curtain."

The story lamented that not only has the resistance failed to change anyone's minds, it has tired out the anti-Trump people. They are tired of losing.

The Times story said, "Three years ago, when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in protest of Mr. Trump, the resistance seemed immense. Two years ago, when legions of canvassers and postcard writers helped flip dozens of congressional seats nationwide, it proved effective. Now with the 2020 election approaching, the Democratic Party seems as disjointed as ever, while the Trump administration appears not only undismayed but emboldened.

"And veterans of the four-year-old resistance, particularly in places where they remain outnumbered, are facing up to an unwelcome truth: This is going to be even harder than it once looked."

But the press believes it can still get away with lies as if it were the 1950s.

President Trump gave a tremendous and patriotic State of the Union address.

Here was how the Post described it in its story today: "Trump also orchestrated dazzling reality-show reveals, such as first lady Melania Trump awarding talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And the president's speech featured his customary litany of false statements that outrage Democrats, such as casting himself as a guardian of health coverage for those with preexisting conditions, despite his administration's repeated efforts to repeal and gut former president Barack Obama's health-care law -- all but daring the fact-checkers to blow their whistles."

The press is all out of bullets. So are Democrats. I knew this would happen. That was why I wrote in September, "Go ahead, media. Impeach my day."

Democrats and the press have gone out of their way to not "normalize" this presidency, however they are the ones who look abnormal to the rest of us. Too late, they realize this.

He's a borg. Resistance is futile.


  1. Not only is resistance futile-it is getting embarrassing for the Dems..
    They keep getting further in the hole pretty soon it will collapse on them..
    "Truth,Justic and the american Way"-says it all..

  2. Two factors about the 2018 elections that the media never mentions:

    1. Many Trump supporters are not Republicans, and even the ones who are don't care for RINOs.

    2. Many people expected the Mueller report to show that Trump colluded with Russia. Mueller sat on his report (that exonerated Trump) until after the election.

    1. Point 2 was an excellent observation. What will the Drummond report do to the 2020 election?

    2. Point 1 also right on. Dislike RINOs even more than most Dems. For Romney, update that to despise.

    3. 3. The Democrats "won" a lot of seats AFTER Election Day. See CA for numerous examples of fraud in action.

    4. Even worse, Paul Ryan and the RINO wing of the Republican Party were actively sabotaging the Trump agenda from their perch in the U.S. House of Representatives all through the first two years of the Trump presidency. McConnell, at least, was confirming Trump judges faster than a fat kid in a pie eating contest, so McConnell held on to his majority, while Ryno-Ryan and the House GOP got kicked out of town. Look where the House GOP got clobbered the worst: the Rust Belt and Upper Midwest where Trump got Union Democrats to vote for him over Hillary. Why would they vote for Ryan-inspired GOP House candidates who wanted to steal their social security to fund corporate welfare giveaways?

    5. I've always been completely disgusted with: Daddy Bush, Baby Boy Bush, McCain, Flake, Corker, Romney and Ryan. They are RINO's to the core...lying to us all straight faced while behind our backs eating at the globalist table, selling out Americans and stuffing their pockets. POS--all!

    6. Personnel has been DJT's weak spot from Day One. The day after the election, he should have called in Paul Ryan and said, "Paul, you said after the Access Hollywood tape you would 'never' support me. Apparently, you cut class in Politician School the day they taught you to 'Never say never.' I'm afraid I can't work with you in your current position."

  3. That banker and the WaPo have something in common.

    They've realized that life is so much better when you get a grip instead of a gripe.

  4. Trump has another advantage nobody ever makes note of. He not only gets to run against whatever designated Mondale the Dems finally manage to spew forth, he gets to run against Nazi Pelosi as well.

    1. He probably won't win in "Her" district, but there are plenty of congressional districts out there where Nasty P. Lousy is as popular as the Corona virus.
      All it will take in the swing districts is "Do you want another two years of Congressional harassment?" And in the reliable blue districts the notion of backing a minion of the loser will sour in their mouths quickly.
      Gingrich made the mistake of impeaching worthless Willie. it became frames as impeached over sexcapades, something every President has done. What he did right was deciding to work with him and pass legislation that moved things along instead of becoming a never ending fight.

  5. Dem strategist: "This has got to be an election fundamentally about Democrats' vision for bringing the country together"

    One slight problem. No Dem wants to bring Americans together. They hate our guts.

  6. I dont buy that this is some new development. The gop lost the house in 2018 because of a ridiculous slew of retirements, the fact that trump wasnt on the ballot and the refusal of a lot of idiot incumbents in close races to embrace trump. He was always going to win reelection the media and the institutional left just live in a bubble. It's always been obvious in the real world.

    1. You're unknown for a reason. You're wrong.

      Trumpists lost the House in 2018 because they sat on their hands. Ask the Republican who is now Alabama's junior US Senator how "embrac(ing) Trump" worked out for him.

    2. It wasn't Trumpists who lost the house, but the GOP establishment that did. Cherry picking the Alabama senate special election does not strengthen your position. That, too, came down to the establishment standing up for someone the people of Alabama hated, and they got Moore as a result. Moore was a decent man, but had some vulnerabilities.

      Funny how his accusers went away after the election.

  7. I think the bottom line is, most Americans simply don't want Leftism and Trump is the most effective bulwark against it. Plus, his happy warrior temperament makes it fun.
    Finally, another Reagan that takes the fight to the enemy; meaning the press, academia, and the Dems.

  8. The last time the President's party held the House after a midterm election, it was the post-9/11 election in 2002. The previous time was Carter in '78, when there were still lots of old conservative Southern Democrats around. '18 just fit the usual pattern.

  9. Paul Ryan's performance as Speaker didn't give us a lot to support in 2018. Perhaps that hurt as well?

    1. Paul Ryan had been out to rebrand GOP as "Government's Other Party" since he became speaker. He succeeded, and now has more time to spend with his family.

    2. Ryan was always a bought and paid for member of the US Chamber of Criminals: open borders, "free" trade, low wages. Good riddance.

    3. Ryan wrote some very good policy papers, but when he had the position to enact them he waffled. I lost all respect for him.

    4. I'm with you on that one! I was impressed with Ryan's "Roadmap for Recovery" , but surely was disappointed in his actions - or lack thereof! I also found it difficult to picture him as VP after he sat there and let Crazy Joe chuckle all during that debate. He should have turned to Joe and asked "Excuse me sir, but do you need some medical or mental assistance"?

  10. Palmieri: "That became really clear to me just being in Iowa. The voters were so lost. They didn't have any orientation, no grounding . . . They felt paralyzed by this choice."

    In other words, there were no viable candidates on the ground in Iowa, so the voters didn't respond they way we wanted them to. Therefore, they must have been confused and unable to make a choice among all our wonderful unviable candidates.

    1. Do you want your crap sandwich on White, Wheat,or Rye? Then they served up a platter without any bread.

  11. So.

    The democrat party presedential candidates are all in agreement on free college for everyone, yes?

    Well then.

    This is easily accomplished!!!

    Three simple steps will achieve this goal:

    #1 All colleges reduce their tution by 90%. That is now tution is 10% of before. So simple! Just nudge the decimal point on billing one digit to the left!!!

    Example: $100,000.00 becomes #10,000.00!!!

    See? Easy Peasy!!!

    #2 Reduce all teacher/instructor/professor pay to $0. Yep, Zero. Nothing. Nada. Bupkiss. Not a single penny. The honor, privelege and innate avocational satisfaction all are sufficient a reward for their stellar contributions to humanity.

    #3 As for the costs/expenses of those actually doing needed work, if the reduced tuitions do not cover the yearly costs, well, make up the difference from those pork bloated endowments!!!

    Cut the fat of unneccesary administration moochers.

    Trim the bloated budgets the grifters are so fond of.

    Support the future of humanity by doing the right thing!!!


    So easy.

    So obvious.

    So progressively impressive!!!!

    And, if the newly volunteered non paid teachers find a need for some additional cash, why, just do a shitty job teaching and charge your students for tutoring!!!!

    Big bonus here:

    With this new, progressive strategy, they can freely default on every debt not secured by collateral!!!

    The threat of garnishing their wages is rendered null by their having no wages to garnish!!!

    Let's get this done, progressives!!!!

  12. BTW, Happy 27 Million visitors/pageviewers to this news site! ZB

  13. 'You know, Jack, I've actually made much more money playing golf than you have.'

    I once worked for a painter who landed almost all of his jobs on the golf course. He had a tiny ad in the phone book and that was all he did to advertise.

  14. After being accused by the media of kipping millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary is looking at running again...go ahead, waste millions of dollars like Bloomberg, arrogance cannot win it. Our first woman president should not be fat, ugly and arrogant. We have had our bellies full of the Clinton crime family.

  15. Except for the extent of the fraud machine (and it's huge), Trump's re-election is otherwise a foregone conclusion. If there is such a critter as a "moderate, electable democrat" they are very wisely keeping the lowest of low profiles until the 2024 campaign begins. Whether D or R, the strategery (sic) then will be "get on the Trump train or else". Our VSGPDJT is transforming both parties in a long game of MAGA.

  16. It is too late for the Dems...

    "This has got to be an election fundamentally about Democrats' vision for bringing the country together and solving the big problems that confront us."

    Dems have spent four years being divisive (ignoring the Obama years) and have spent the time since gaining the House majority playing the game of Orange Man Bad.

    They don't know another game.

  17. This tweet fits perfectly here.

  18. It's Breakfast in America, Supertrump.

  19. Rubes in DC!!! Don, it is fun to read your work! Always makes my day!

  20. Trump eats the Democrat bullets for the fiber!

  21. "This has got to be an election fundamentally about Democrats' vision for bringing the country together and solving the big problems that confront us.
    Democrats have been hiding their agenda for the country for decades, slowly, incrementally screwing us into socialist misery for everyone but a small, unbelievably wealthy elite. President Trump has backed progressives into the their most feared corner: the truth about who and what they are.


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