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Friday, February 14, 2020

Trumpius Caesar survived

Imagine if Julius Caesar had survived the assassination attempt. That is what President Donald John Trump has done.

Impeachment is a non-violent assassination. The man lives, of course, but the trade off is you avoid making him a martyr. Instead you shame him and his supporters, eliminating the movement.

Now, having tried and failed to kill his presidency, Democrats and the media are complaining that he is seeking vengeance. Et tu, Willard?

Wrong. The Orange Julius is protecting himself, his voters, and the American electoral process. We should not allow bureaucrats, rogue congressmen, and the Obama administration to overturn the 2016 election -- and that is what this is all about.

Charles R. Kesler, the editor of The Claremont Review of Books and a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, wrote a piece in the New York Times in which he expressed amazement that President Donald John Trump is portraying himself as the victim.

Kesler wrote, "So how will Mr. Trump go about running against one of these Democrats (or even Michael Bloomberg)? His re-election pitch will rest on three elements: the president himself, the economy and his Democratic opponent. The experience of impeachment may have provided a fourth: Mr. Trump as defender of democracy."

Of course he is the defender of democracy. The villains are the usurpers who voted to end his presidency -- overturn the will of the people -- via an unconstitutional impeachment. There was no treason. There was no bribery. There was no high crime. There was no misdemeanor. There was no acceptance of defeat by Democrats, the media, and Willard.

Kesler wrote, "Among Mr. Trump’s fervent supporters the impeachment will be further evidence of his persecution by a corrupt establishment, for which they will love him all the more. But there are too few of them to re-elect him in a two-person race. Mr. Trump needs millions of voters who don’t wear MAGA hats, for whom the impeachment, even after acquittal, could reinforce doubts about his character and competence."

Professor Kesler is a smart man. He never fell into the Never Trump trap of self-indulgence. But he makes the mistake of assuming President Donald John Trump did something wrong.

Kesler also has fallen for the trap of believing President Donald John Trump's election was an accident. After all, he did not get a majority of the votes.

Neither did Hillary.

This has left Kesler believing that President Donald John Trump cannot win with his base alone. Why not? We won it for him in 2016 -- without Willard.

Like the Democrats, Kesler sees the impeachment as an albatross around the president's neck. He wears it like a tie.

Kesler wrote, "Yet even with the acquittal, the roaring economy and a lame opponent, impeachment remains a potential electoral stumbling block. Mr. Trump needs something positive to take out of the experience. Oddly enough, he may have found it in his lawyers’ arguments to the Senate portraying him variously as: the tribune who refused to let the people’s champion be driven from office; the defender of the constitutional presidency against a passionate, factious majority in the House; and the restorer of moderation and equilibrium to a political system badly deranged by a half century of partisan excess and bureaucratic engorgement.

"Prepare to meet Donald Trump, defender of American democracy.

"This new appeal builds on his America First nationalism and antipathy to liberal judges, and responds directly to the Democratic presidential contenders’ charge that he threatens the Constitution. It would give him a rare chance to defend his administration as high-minded."

Trumpius Caesar benefits from this truth. Instead of a cordial transition of power, an angered Obama plotted his successor's downfall. He expanded the National Security Council and flooded it with spies. He maneuvered to use a pack of lies from the Kremlin to hobble the president with a bogus special prosecutor investigation.

Kesler ended his piece, "it is not so easy to put the impeachment behind us as we might like."

Nor should impeachment be easily forgotten. Congress removing a president is a poison. Those who dare embrace this political death penalty and fail should be removed from office and shunned for the rest of their lives. This was not a vote on a farm bill. This was a vote to execute a presidency.

President Donald John Trump has a duty to history to punish the betrayers of our republic.


  1. "Kesler ended his piece, "it is not so easy to put the impeachment behind us as we might like.""

    This is truly silly. This may be true in NY and California, but it is the acquittal and recognition of precisely what this impeachment was that will be remembered. I think the point becomes -- see how much I accomplished with the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party against me; just imagine how much we could do as a country, emphasis on the WE, had there been the modicum of cooperation between President and Congress that we all expect and to which we citizens are entitled.

  2. "...which we citizens are entitled."

    and which dems in trump states campaigned on and promised in 2018.

    sorta like keating 5 McCain promised HIS voters about ending oblamer care.

    and his oath not to take the money to thwart justice.

    and HE was tapped by deaths cold finger.

    justice works in mysterious ways and is unaffected by main stream morons of the universe.


  3. Professor Kesler is so wrong. Impeachment was not a stumbling block for PDJT. It was the democrats that stumbled and showed their true selves to the undecided and the blue dog democrats.

  4. '...betrayers of our republic.'

    Such correct, even proper, terminoolgy is among the paramount reasons your blog calls me to many daily visits, sir.

    Would that more voices of authority would eschew entirely referring to our Republic as a democracy!

  5. “I DO believe in spooks...”

    The Black Jesus weaponizes the CIA and FBI and so-called intellectuals proclaim it the new normal. I don’t fooking think so.

    1. It's going to be hard to decide whom to take out first (figuratively speaking, of course).

    2. Thank the good Lord President Trump has begun the lengthy process of returning us to the old normal!

    3. Old Skool’s the Best Skool, Bill!

  6. True supporters of PRESIDENT TRUMP see the shampeachment as nothing more than ANOTHER democrat plot against The USA! The recent revelations in the Roger Stone Persecution should cause EVERY American to rethink their support of democrats who schemed to overthrow OUR PRESIDENT and anyone who dared support him! From the beginning CNN SWAT raid to the insane sentencing memo, the entire event was corrupt - the setup, the charges, the JURY, AND the JUDGE! Q proves to be such a great judge of people - THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!

    1. As that great philosopher said, "Stupid is as stupid does." And they haven't and don't learn anything when their stupidity sends "...the burnt fools bandaged fingers wabbling back to the fire..."! (Kipling, "The Gods of the Copybook Headings")

    2. And it is also my belief that current polls are missing on the low side re Mr. T. The plus 9 Big D highlighted the other day sounds about right.

  7. Emphasis on He Did Nothing Wrong. Encouraging Ukr to investigate corruption was and is perfectly fine. And should be done today as well.

    If it was the Bidens being corrupt...well, that's too bad for the Bidens.

  8. Pundits keep on asking POTUS to apologize. He hasn't, and he won't, because he did nothing wrong. Let's declassify some of the phone conversations that Obama made, or W made, or their predecessors made to problematic regimes getting money from us, and see how they stack up against 7/25/19.

    Foreign policy belongs to POTUS, not the bureaucracy. But as someone pointed out at CTH, when the boss is a whacko, the true believers get promoted, the normal employees hunker down and obey orders, and the whistleblowers get canned or worse. Problem was too many at the NSC still thought Obama was the boss.


  9. DOJ declined to prosecute Andrew McCabe today.

  10. Orange Julius is just plain genius.
    The impeachment, as with the philibuster are both Democratic tricks to hurt the opposition which have backfired, bigtime. The lowering of the bar of impeachment to just a political disagreement will be an albatross that history will hang on the Dems neck for the ages.
    Has anyone noted that the cures for all the Dems shenanigans such as the IRS and the FBI and the FISA is JUST to change the rules so no one else (ie the Repubs) could do it back?? Pretty clever. Hit first then say NO HITTING!

  11. And Jessie Liu was the DOJ attorney who brought up the Charges against McCabe-she's gone, and along with the Roger Stone three.
    Immunity for McCabe-don't forget he said he'd bring others down...
    I think McCabe nd Comey are turning state's evidence..
    so they can enjoy their money.
    We may never know..

  12. "President Donald John Trump has a duty to history to punish the betrayers of our republic."

    And, so far, he's failed miserably. Just today, Barr has announced Christopher Wray will not be prosecuted. The coups perps are laughing at Trump and the rest of us. The DC Cartel is alive and well and is biding its time until it can shift back into overdrive. - Gary B

    1. Calm down Gary, be patient. Don’t give in to despair like a little bitch

  13. Correction...Andrew McCabe.

  14. Drill this down local.

    You get a criminal charge. You go to court and are acquitted. It's done, you are officially innocent as you were when you where charged.

    That is enshrined in our Constitution.

    Thing is, many people, many learned, lawyered, Constitutional scholarly people do not recognize the Constitution as law except when it is for their cause and biases.

  15. I find comparisons between Trump and Caesar to be worrisome. There are multiple parallels but Trump's impeachment doesn't equate to Caesar's assassination. Back in Caesar's time he was a populist and the establishment hated him for it. But they hated him most of all for being head and shoulders above them, in every way possible. They tried for decades to bring him down and every time they failed, they doubled down. Exactly what's happening today. Trump, like Caesar is winning the war. It's frightening to think that today's disloyal opposition will resort to the #neverCaesar's final solution.

  16. is it just me, or has Don's resident troll, Nancy, Nonny, et. al. been conspicuously absent lately?

    Not complaining, just noticing not much since the acquittal...

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