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Friday, February 07, 2020

The ignorance of Never Trump

Ben Shapiro is supposed to be a brainy conservative. Every time he tweets he shows that assumption is wrong.

He tweeted, "The White House should simply acknowledge that Romney had his point of view, that they think he's wrong, that the majority of the Senate thinks he's wrong, and move on. Prolonging a firefight the media are DROOLING for would be political malpractice."

That is wrong on two fronts. First, prolonging the battle would work in President Donald John Trump's favor because the impeachment is unpopular. The impeachment is unpopular because it failed and Americans hate failure.

Second, by voting to convict, Romney declared himself a mortal enemy of President Donald John Trump. This is not mere policy disagreement. Romney voted to kill Donald Trump's presidency. You don't shake hands and move on after that.

The firefight as Shapiro ignorantly called it will re-elect Trump because Americans understand unfairness.

This is not a game played in the salon to amuse the elitists. This is a matter of Nancy Pelosi's abuse of power to impeach a political opponent without meeting the constitutional requirement that a crime be committed.

The penalty for failure at presidenticide should be removal from office, as happened to Newt Gingrich.

Over at Big League Politics, Richard Moorhead reported, "As Mitt Romney grandstands in the U.S Senate’s doomed Trump impeachment trial in an effort to demonstrate his own moral superiority, the Utah legislature is mulling a measure that would allow the state’s citizens to recall their senators.

"The measure could hypothetically be used to recall Romney from office. Such a possibility is an acute irony, considering Romney appears to be the only Republican senator enthusiastic about impeaching President Donald Trump.

"Rep. Tim Quinn of Heber City introduced the bill in the statehouse. Utah doesn’t currently have a process to recall sitting U.S. senators, a problem his legislation would solve."

We shall see if the Mormon hierarchy allows this to become law.

But this bungled impeachment shows the depth of ignorance not only of Shapiro but of many Never Trumps.

The day before the acquittal, Jonah Goldberg wrote, "As the impeachment trial fizzles out this week, I'm left wondering if the GOP has lost its mind, because the only other choice is that I have."

Given that there was no actual crime alleged nor is there any proof that President Trump did anything more than talk candidly to the president of Ukraine, the latter is true. I suggest Goldberg take it up with the chaplain.

Goldberg is peculiarly ardent in his refusal to learn from any of his numerous previous errors about Donald Trump, whom he called a bane in humanity, and then wondered aloud why The Donald mocked him. The lesson of the Mueller report was lost on him, for he wrote, "One chapter in the Trump impeachment saga is ending, but the story is far from over. More evidence of the president's guilt will come out, from former national security adviser John Bolton's book and elsewhere. Indeed, one can be forgiven for thinking that the reason Rubio, Alexander and others felt the need to proclaim the president's guilt has less to do with a desire to tell the truth and more with getting ahead of a future torrent of irrefutable facts."

Before the Mueller report came out, Goldberg assured his readers Stormy Daniels would bring President Trump down. Goldberg wrote, "I don’t know of anybody who doesn’t believe the story is true." He needs to get out more.

I won't go into the other Fake Scandals and the other fellow travelers of Shapiro. They are too stupid to admit Donald Trump is their better. He is worth more, is more popular, and has a better job. He got that by learning from his mistakes.

A quarter-century ago, poet Alanis Morissette observed, "You live you learn, you love you learn. You cry you learn, you lose you learn. You bleed you learn, you scream you learn."

I would add: Offer does not apply to Never Trump sufferers.


  1. I think you mean that Romney voted to convict instead “by voting to acquit”.

  2. Replies
    1. I trust Jonah Goldberg as much as I do Matt Drudge...NOT AT ALL

  3. Remind me again what Ben does to earn a living? Remind me again why he is relevant other than being a Jew?

    1. Why is your name calling and bias relevant?

    2. Thank you Unknown. His religion has nothing to do with his relevance or his ignorance. Please stop the jew hating/bashing.

    3. Oh it has everything to do with who Shapiro is. He's being propped up for a reason. He's a gatekeeper on the right.

    4. His being a Jew is relevant because he thinks it is and he brings it up at every opportunity in his speeches, mainly to show he is not alt right. And wears his kippa at every speech.

    5. You got me. He is very erratic in his opinions. He is bright but hardly consistent. I am not sure of his opposition to Trump. I did not support Trump and supported Cruz but now realize that Cruz probably could not have endured the siege that trump has.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for puncturing the intellectual bubble that is the brain of Benny Shapiro.

    He's supposed to be smart and quick-witted. Yeah, I get it. He's the Thinking Man's Jonah Goldberg(TM). But someone wake me up when Benny says something sufficiently insightful as to justify his intellectual reputation.

    To me, he's in the Real True Basket of Deplorable NeverTrumpers, with Kristol, French, the putrid hater (and seriously brain damaged) Kevin D. Williamson, and all the rest of the severe conservatives lauded by CNN and the rest of the Dem media.

    1. Being smart and quick-witted doesn't mean you can't also be insane. See Goldberg, Jonah.

      They hate and despise him because he's rude, crude, boorish and uncivil. I support POTUS because he's getting things done and in a positive way for the USA. We had eight years of suave sneering and lying and running down of the country; it was time to take power out of the hands of those who treated us like sheep to be sheared and slaughtered.


    2. You forgot to include Matt Drudge in your list of Trump Haters

  5. I would like to quit reading about Mittens too, but for a different reason. I want him shunned, relegated to the dustbin of history. He's a dead man walking and should be sentenced to political exile. He gets no more articles, interviews or invitations to Republican events. I want him to wither on his own vine and contemplate his villainy.

    1. I love that CPAC dis-invited him to their conference.

      He will be the toast of MSNBC and CNN until they don't need him anymore. For now, he is the first page in their binder of possible not-republican republican guests.

  6. I wonder if there is any possibility of Romney resigning.

    I don’t think he foresaw the blowback and damage to his reputation.

    It ranks up their for hypocrisy with McCains thumbsdown in repealing Obamacare and his lie of “just build the dang wall”.

    1. He mistook the DC elites for the people who elected him.


  7. To say "hey I guess we just disagree" would be to lend legitimacy to the other side's opinion and motives, as in ...

    "Well, Mao starved all those people...I guess I just disagree."

  8. romney reminds me of a Mormon Bishop I knew-he was so sanctimonious , so "perfect"
    - went with his daughter for a while- (this was HS/College.) However his favorite drink
    was Captain Morgan and coke...
    My relationship with his daughter ended when we caught him..I wasn't Mormon so I couldn't report him to the Hierarchy. However I did enjoy watching his meltdown..
    Romney will get his visit by the Trumpenfrude fairy in my opinion..

  9. If Romney doesn't resign from the Senate, doesn't Trump need his vote for confirming new judges? If so, is dumping on Romney now not a smart move? - Gary B

  10. Smart. I like that theory about bullying.
    Now that I think about it, Jonah, Shapiro, and Romney are EXACTLY like the little weasely punks that I used to bully in grade school. There was a kid like Romney who I used to beat up.

  11. Kind of ironic then that Romney is the one who bullied a kid in school.

  12. Ben Shapiro talks about how President Trump should change how he acts, while President Trump ignores Ben Shapiro and goes on winning. =^[.]^=

    1. Exactly. No hill is ever the hill to take a stand on for Bubble Ben.

      Tens of millions of people voted for both Romney and the President. This is how Romney repays them for their support--by trying to cancel their vote.

  13. Another lame attempt to insinuate false equivalence between Clinton's impeachment for a crime, and Trump's sham impeachment. Don must really despise Gingrich. He's no angel, but he's no Pelosi or Shumer, either. In spite of sharing a couch with her. Whatever else he was thinking, Gingrich was right on the facts, and Clinton perjured himself.

    1. While I agree about the facts, I disagree about impeaching worthless Willie.
      Monica became a distraction from the crimes of the Clintons. A blowjob from an intern was the least of his crimes.
      At that point in his presidency, Congress was in charge. They should have run the country, over ridden his vetos and let him go down in history as LBJ with a Sax.
      That might have kept HiLlARy from getting a Senate seat and running for president.

    2. the Thompson committee had Clinton nailed for taking illegal chicom money, in spite of John Glenn's obstruction.

      the bj was seized by the media, the classic stinky red herring designed to drag across the trail to confuse and distract the hounds.

      Clinton committed worse crimes than perjury.

      he took the money.

      he cleared Loral to sell prohibited missile guidance technology to the chicomms for their icbms targeted at the US and Russia.

      to buy his way out of his own


      he arguably committed bribery AND treason.

      the first two crimes meriting impeachment.

      newts mistake was not pursuing it while Janet reno fed the subpoenas to her dog. he should have slapped her with contempt of Congress.

      you must first nail the attorney general, otherwise they will always be a wingman to the potus, as eric the scolder used to say, rather than to the constitution they swore an oath to defend.

      you dance with those that bring ya, right?


  14. I've listened to Shapiro on Louder with Crowder and a few other venues. He sounded pretty sharp. I also respect that he speaks about conservative theory to college kids. I strongly disagree with his stance on Trump, but I think overall he's a good man.

  15. Sadly the truth is that Donald Trump did in fact obstruct Congress. It is impossible to accomplish anything when you are stark raving mad, and he drove them there. The fact that it happened on election night in 2016, before he ever took office is immaterial.
    He should pay for that. Deduct the cost of their ambulance ride to the funny farm out of his next check.

  16. Jonah Goldberg and others of his ilk are afraid (and rightly so) that their on going scam of pretending to espouse conservative values and guide others when doubts arise is about to end. (or already has) Trump has shown what actual conservatism is and how to show it and how to treat those who would try to hamstring or destroy it.

    Thus we have the never Trumpers. Most of whom are previous supposed conservatives (and what an amazing and surprising group it is) that advised us for years about how to deal with the ups and downs and did it with malice aforethought. Because it seems they weren't/aren't really conservatives. (its an eye opener to check and find so many "conservative" pundits who began their careers as Democrat operatives or aides.)

    Their reaction to Trump as lead them to expose their true beliefs and thus stripped themselves of their label. They find they have to create new venues hoping to fool newbies and create a following like they had before Trump arrived.

    But no. Like the old song lyric "won't get fooled again. Oh no!" we here in the hinterlands have had the wool ripped from our eyes and had a new vision and playbook set before us that lets us actually win sometimes.

    We're not going back and Jonah et al will have to look elsewhere for their salaries.

  17. In fairness to Shapiro, he is not a Never Trumper. In fact, he's said on multiple occasions that he had certain fears about Trump, but that the reality is that Trump has proven him wrong and his fears have not materialized. He has expressed a lot of support for Trump.
    Not sure why or how you missed that.