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Monday, February 17, 2020

Obama turned Democrats into losers

Democrats running for president today are running against themselves. Recent stories include Amy Klobuchar disowning her 2006 call for "order at the border." Mini Mike has apologized for his stop-and-frisk program which saved hundreds of black lives. And Breadline Bernie did a 180 on his call to ban the hiring of illegal aliens.

I won't go into the way Quid Pro Joe has ditched everything he stood for because that is the nature of a grifter. He is a pay-to-play hack who fit in like a bug in a rug in the Obama administration. Biden is running again to fleece donors again who should know better by now.

But the rest have had to jettison their beliefs because Obama fundamentally transformed Democrats into a loser communist party that hates America and will punish it by stripping citizens of their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The first step upon election is to make citizenship meaningless, which is the purpose of open borders. Businesses buy in because they think cheap labor is worth it. For some reason, corporations are led by people who foolishly believe their money will protect them from the consequences of the end of citizenship.

Open borders is now the Democrat Party's goal. Klobuchar and Sanders are on board.

The Washington Examiner reported, "2020 presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar once called for the United States to restore 'order at the border' by building a fence and cracking down on companies who hire illegal immigrants, according to a recently unearthed 2006 video.

"'I do believe that we need more resources at the border, and that includes a fence,' Klobuchar said during a 2006 debate. 'We have people waiting to come in legally, thousands of people waiting to come in legally to this country, and we have people coming in illegally — that’s not right.'

"'We need to get order at the border,' she continued.

"Klobuchar did express support for amnesty in the clip by offering a path to citizenship for people currently in the country illegally, but she also included the caveat that those potential citizens must learn English first.

"'Finally, I believe we need to give people who have been in this country for a number of years, who are willing to pay their taxes, who are willing to learn English, who are willing to pay the fines the chance for earned citizenship,'” the Minnesota senator said."

Earned citizenship.

We have had such a program in place for 200 years. Where has she been?

2006 was the year Democrats helped pass the law that enabled the wall. It was part of their successful plan to win back the Senate. Once in power, they turned their backs on the wall.

Breadline Bernie once made a workingman's case against illegal aliens.

BuzzFeed News reported, "When Bernie Sanders joined the Senate, he and his allies in the labor movement took on a big target: a new comprehensive immigration reform bill.

"'I believe we have very serious immigration problems in this country,' Sanders said during a 2007 press event, with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka behind him. 'I think as you've heard today, sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants is virtually nonexistent. Our border is very porous.'

"'And I think at a time when the middle class is shrinking, the last thing we need is to bring over in a period of years, millions of people into this country who are prepared to lower wages for American workers,' he later added. Sanders voted against the 2007 bill, but went on to vote in favor of a similar 2013 bill while making plain his fears that it could exacerbate the issue of immigrant workers 'making it harder for US citizens to find jobs.'

"That rhetoric stands in stark contrast to how Bernie Sanders sounds today. Just four years after a contentious presidential primary where his immigration record was a consistent point of attack, Sanders has changed, people who have worked with him closely on immigration issues told BuzzFeed News. Sanders, they said, has spent time closely listening and working with immigrant rights activists, forming new policy and finding new ways to talk about the issue, in line with the more progressive conversations in this primary. And he is now running for president with the support of grassroots Latino activists and major immigrant rights groups."

This is not about getting the Latino vote.

This is about importing socialists from other countries because even with the schools and the media promoting socialism, it is a No Sale in America.

Finally, Mini Mike ran a clean city with low crime for 12 years. Now he must apologize for his effectiveness. He should have encouraged junkies to poop and shoot up in the streets, banned plastic straws, and let hobos set up tents along the sidewalks.

The New York Post said in an editorial, "Bloomberg abandoned his longtime defense of stop-and-frisk as he entered the Democratic presidential race — and did so again Tuesday, after the 2015 remarks surfaced. He said he accepted responsibility 'for taking too long to understand the impact it had' on blacks and Latinos.

"But that poses a new question for the ex-mayor, who has poured millions into groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and other efforts to expand anti-gun laws: Once you make more guns illegal, how do you keep those illegal guns off the streets?

"The majority of gun criminals has remained, in New York, low-income blacks and Hispanics, so any enforcement will show the same 'racial disparity' as did stop-and-frisk.

"Bloomberg certainly should apologize for his foolish 2015 language. But his life-saving anti-gun program was nothing to be sorry for."

The Post made the mistake of thinking Democrats want to save lives.

Obama reshaped Democrats into his own image. That means they are effete snobs who sneer at the people dumb enough to vote for them.


  1. Amy Klobuchar is also disowning her 2007 vote that English should be the national language of the US, because, you know, we're too diverse for those artificial limitations. She basically excused herself by saying she just went with the herd then. Great, lady: you're admitting that you pander, that you don't stand by your decisions, that you don't even know what you're voting for or what you want instead (Esperanto?), and that you don't know that in this "diverse" country it would not be difficult to find someone to translate "government documents and other things" into any other language.

    "At a campaign event in Las Vegas on Friday, Klobuchar said she has now “taken a strong position against” the English-language amendment, which she voted for in 2007, according to The Associated Press. ... Her shift on the issue comes a week before the Democratic caucuses in Nevada, which has a significant Latino population and where she polls at about 10 percent support. ... “I think that when you look at a state like this state, and a country like ours that is so diverse, you don’t want to have that provision in law because then it would be very difficult to have, say, government documents and other things translated into other languages,” she said Friday, according to the AP. “So that is not a position I take. I did vote that way, but way back then, along with many other people.”

    1. Why is it that everyone immigrating here learns to speak and read English, except Latino ? Are they "Special"?

      If you want a new national language, logic would say make it the most common language on Earth - Mandarin - Chinese. Are you ready to learn Mandarin?

    2. If a Japanese businessman and a German businessman are having a business meeting in Dubai, odds are the language spoken in that meeting is English.

  2. wait- cesar Chavez was against illegals for same reason. they were a ploy of management to torpedo his union workers. in fact, he formed his own posses to patrol the border.

    but lets not forget nasty Pelosi owns vineyards. she needs cheap pickers.

    and Calif libs love to pick up illegals at home depot to dig holes for the shrubbery. they sit in air conditioned range rovers and Nazi mobiles, sipping lattes and watching the mojados sweat.

    that's California. everyone gets to throw a few pesos at third world desperados, then send them off to their tin and cardboard shanties along the garbage strewn concrete rivers.

    then pat themselves on the back for their "tolerance" and "compassion."

    I abandoned my lifetime of great surf because their hypocrisy put me into terminal gag mode.


    1. Waterman - I sympathize with you. I, too, used to body surf in Newport Beach, but saw the handwriting on the wall years ago and left the state in '89. Only thing I miss about CA is the surf, but I wouldn't dip a toe in it today.

    2. You should have kept a house or two there - refi's would have paid for you to live anywhere else in the US....

    3. when the takeoff zone at the wedge got too crowded, I used to take on the side wave, and catch that express elevator up 20 feet to the peak. then fly down to the pit. the last 8 feet where it hollowed, I would spoon out and skip off bottom like a stone and tuck into tube for final zoom.

      love the wedge. hate the parking.

      and boomer at la Jolla point.

      but my local haunt was drain pipes at Zuma. serious barrels.

      I rode them all at 20+.

      aloha braddah.


  3. "... hobos set up tents along the sidewalks." Bit of a nit-pick here: Hobos travel and work, tramps travel but don't work, bums neither travel or work.

    Apply to the effected area.

    1. When I was growing up Hobos rode the rails, Tramps walked, and Bums stayed put. But many if not most of them worked, because there was no Welfare and there wasn't enough charity to go around. Free stuff paid by us and distributed by our betters put an end to that.


    2. Joe and Hunter BidenFebruary 17, 2020 at 3:17 PM

      Hmmm,, tell me more about these Hobos. Do they have a board of directors I can get Hunter on?

    3. I was riding the freights in the early 70s. transients was the term guys would use. they'd work 6 months herding sheep in Montana, regroup on 2 bit street in Ogden, then maybe go down to Arizona for work in the copper mines, or fixing fence in Texas.


  4. Only thing to do is fight the good fight, with insight. Gotta make people jump ship from the crazicrats... It's Un-American not to.

    Trump 2020

  5. Since Fauxcahontas never tells or told the truth, she doesn’t have to backtrack from a once sane position to a now politically correct one.

  6. How did speaking a bunch of different languages work out for the builders of the tower of babel?

  7. If Mr. Buttigieg is indeed the first, this is probably the worst "stolen" success in modern American political history. It would not be an overstatement to compare the victory of Mr. Buttigieg, who was ranked below in the polls, to Barack Obama's Iowa victory in 2008, helping Obama to break from the position of being the White House boss that year. ,
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  8. Such short memories. People seem to forget how Slick Willie had to drag people kicking and screaming to the center as "New Democrats." In other words, the party has always been left-wing, except for a temporary reprieve under Slick Willie. Don't lull people into complacency by telling them otherwise.

    1. Well, they don't teach history in school anymore, or civics either.The pro-slavery democratic party was shattered by the civil war and remained a minority party for the next 72 years.

      The depression made them a majority party until 1968 at the presisidential level, and until 1980 at the congressional level. Obama's presidency marks the end of nearly equal standing for the two parties.

      The current embrace of every loser position imaginable, combined with irrational fulminations against DJT (He's a monster! He's Hitler! He steals candy from babies!) looks like a return to electoral irrelevance for the democrats.

      Donald Trump is looking like a major figure in American history, the man who single-handedly destroyed the Democratic Party. He's following in a long line of leaders who arrived in the nick of time to save the Republic.

      Bismarck was right: "There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America."

  9. "Once you make more guns illegal, how do you keep those illegal guns off the streets?"
    These laws are not about keeping guns off the streets, they are about keeping guns out of the hands of honest citizens. As in the democrats refusing to pass a law letting cops red-flag gang members, but happily letting anyone red-flag honest citizens.