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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

NYT wonders why blacks escape Chiraq

The New York Times asked, "Black Families Came to Chicago by the Thousands. Why Are They Leaving?"

Chicago historically was a haven for black people escaping the South. But the Times reported, "more than 200,000 African Americans who have moved out of Chicago in the past two decades."

The Times blamed racism.

It reported, "They have been driven out of the city by segregation, gun violence, discriminatory policing, racial disparities in employment, the uneven quality of public schools and frustration at life in neighborhoods whose once-humming commercial districts have gone quiet, as well as more universal urban complaints like rising rents and taxes. At the same time, white, Latino and Asian residents are flowing in, and Chicago’s wealthier, whiter downtown, West Loop and North Side have been booming. Lori Lightfoot, the city’s first black mayor in decades, has vowed to stem the loss of longtime residents, and the city has collectively grasped for solutions."


Black people are not allowed to eat at Woolworth's in Chicago?

Maybe that is why poor old Justin Smollett had to go to Subway in the early morning hours in zero-degree weather just to eat a sandwich. Then those darned white boys from Nigeria in MAGA hats attacked him and threw a loop of clothesline around his neck.

Crime is mentioned only once in the story, in Paragraph 66: "Tshena said that for the first time since she can remember, gun violence is declining. In 2016, shootings spiked in Chicago. Since then, police have shifted tactics, intensifying their presence in certain neighborhoods, and relying on increasingly sophisticated technology for detecting crime. The last few years have felt quieter, Tshena said, and 2019 was the most peaceful of all."

Homicide is mentioned once, again well down in the story, and then to state that they have fallen. They have. They peaked at 756 in Obama's final year in office, and declined in each year under President Donald John Trump, dropping to 490 last year.

That's a 35% drop in just three years.

For all his blather, black lives did not matter to Obama.

Still, Escape Here said Chicago ranked Number 11 in big city crime last year.

It said, "Chicago has a notorious reputation when it comes to crime, but it’s actually not as bad as some smaller cities on this list like New Orleans, Newark, and Detroit. Chicago is the third largest city in the country and while it does have a higher murder rate than the two larger cities, Los Angeles and New York City, it’s still not the most dangerous city in the country. The latest data from 2017 shows that the murder rate in Chicago was 24 per 100,000 residents."

New York's rate was 7 murders per 100,000 residents.

But the murders and the crime in Chicago are mainly confined to the poor black sections of the town. It is mainly black-on-black crime. Police solve only 1 in 6 murders. No one protests. It's not murder; it's gun violence. The New York Times said so.

Chicago is the Democrat Model For Cities where the rich get The Magnificent Mile -- North Michigan Avenue -- with its shops, hotels, restaurants, and museums, and the poor get the slums, and the middle class get to leave.


  1. I've had a lot of tenants who escaped Chiraq. Crime was the reason. Sadly, they brought the crimes with them. Their teenage progeny are well indoctrinated into the culture, and they have brothers and uncles who leave because there is a price on their heads.
    The first drive by shooting we had here was a family from Chicago being shot at by vengeful rivals.

  2. Was working in Hammond In. For a while took the train to chitown once never been back.

  3. The times doesn't think blacks have the same values as whites. Raise your family in a safe environment. Escape if you can!

  4. Bloomie must be shocked.

    Black people don't do things white people do.

  5. In 1973 Z Z Top released Tres Hombres, which contained the classic “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” a tribute to McKinley Morganfield a/k/a Muddy Waters.

    40 plus years later...

    “The Black Jesus just left the District
    And he’s bound for Martha’s V...”

    Helluva long fall for American blacks. Still being told the old lies, and still being tossed free shite by the LibCommies to keep em happy down on the plantation. Raise them up, Lord, through Mr. T.

  6. I didn't see any mention of "taxes" there either.

  7. According to Hey Jackass (a more reliable source than CNN) there were 517 homicides last year.

    Murders are trending up this year. They had a really bloody January. Blame Kim Foxx and the courts for a lot of it.

  8. It is complicated, but the black people leaving Chicago believe (properly) that today they have opportunities in the suburbs or in the south and west. Nothing stands still.

    Also, street crime is entering the near north side. Every day there are smash and grabs in the tourist-rich Streeterville neighborhood. The local press isn't reporting the crime wave, and the Cook County State's Attorney is an incompetent who believes that property crime involving less than $900 shouldn't be prosecuted. Of course, that $900 is an elusive number. I had a friend who lost $150,000 in profits when a smash-and grab artist cleared out his crocodile bags in less than a minute at 2:00 am. He missed the whole Christmas season.

  9. I don't read the New Yawk Times. Wonder if the article stated the fact that many are leaving Chicago and returning to the south - Mississippi & Alabama. That would be a hard sentence for the Times to write.

  10. Second city cop is an excellent source for more info on Chicago.

    1. Even better are , and, for crime news, .

  11. The MURDER rate in NYC certainly isn't 7 per 100,000--300 murders for 8+ million residents gets you half that. Wikipedia says 3.39 using data from 2017.

    In Chicago, the MURDER rate is 24.

  12. one noted black chit ca ca go an and his wife moved to a big fancy place near the Kennedy's.

    let's ask him? or her?

    why'd you move?