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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Newspapers drop endorsements

In 2016, the Arizona Republic and Dallas Morning News attracted attention by breaking ranks from conservatives and endorsing Hillary, a Democrat. Voters in their states overwhelmingly ignored the advice, and went for Donald John Trump.

Now both newspapers have announced they will no longer make political endorsements.

The Republic said today, "Readers have made it clear: You want to be informed about elections but not told how to vote. We hear you."

The editorial said, "A lot of the feedback readers gave us was influenced by the changing nature of American politics. In our nation’s roughly 250-year history, we have had moments of deep division as intense as this one, but they are rare.

"In our focus groups, readers told us they’re 'tired of the discord,' the 'divisiveness' in a lot of opinion content."

Hmm. Focus groups. The Republic is bleeding readers and I suspect one reason is turning its back on conservatism. By endorsing Hillary, the newspaper was willing to flip the Supreme Court to the ACLU liberalism of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Ditto the Dallas Morning News, which said in 2016, "This newspaper has not recommended a Democrat for the nation’s highest office since World War II. But Donald Trump leaves us no choice."

The newspaper said, "Trump's values are hostile to conservatism" -- as if Hillary's were not.

The full quote was "Trump's values are hostile to conservatism. He plays on fear — exploiting base instincts of xenophobia, racism and misogyny — to bring out the worst in all of us, rather than the best. His serial shifts on fundamental issues reveal an astounding absence of preparedness. And his improvisational insults and midnight tweets exhibit a dangerous lack of judgment and impulse control."

Advocating border control is xenophobic. Calling out crimes by illegal aliens is racist. And running against a woman candidate is misogynist.

Readers know what happened. A conservative newspaper was taken over by a pack of liberal losers who detest their conservative readers.

Exactly 500 newspapers and magazines that endorsed Hillary. Only 28 endorsed President Donald John Trump. While many of these publications cater to supporters of the Clinton brand of communism, most showed they are out of touch with their communities.

95% of these publications were With Her. Only 48% of the voters were.

The Arizona Republic was unapologetic for backing a candidate 55% of the voters in its state rejected. In today's editorial, the newspaper said, "The Republic angered a lot of our readers with that endorsement, but we never backed down. We stand by it today. However, we also know we will never see the likes of that moment again. Our 2016 endorsement was astonishing because it broke with those 126 years of history and made us national and international news."

The newspaper just defined virtue signaling.

Instead of admitting they were wrong, the editors are taking their ball and going home.

Bu-bye. They should take the entire editorial page with them because no one needs their advice. I say that after writing editorials for 26 years. An editorial is as powerful as a feather, especially one by people who pretend to be conservative after endorsing the Saul Alinsky Susan of Wellesley College.

Frankly, I was happier and more useful as a feature writer covering fairs and festivals. People read them and enjoyed them, and they were fun to cover and a joy to write. Every weekend in West Virginia there is a fair or festival. Someday I will get to that Buckwheat Festival in Kingwood. (No, it is not a tribute to a Little Rascals character.) I suggest getting out and covering them instead of arguing for the eleventeenth time that we should end the dog racing "subsidy."

This of course is advice I won't take. But my purpose is not to change opinions; rather, I show supporters of Donald John Trump that they are not alone.

19th century newspaper mogul E.W. Scripps adopted the motto of "Give light and the people will find their own way." He did OK.

Oh, he had editorials but 142 years after he began his newspaper empire, the media has changed. Credibility is gold; editorials are fool's gold.

Witness the endorsements of Hillary by the Arizona Republic and Dallas Morning News.


  1. The AZ Republic is a sickeningly pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

  2. "But my purpose is not to change opinions; rather, I show supporters of Donald John Trump that they are not alone."

    That you do, Mr Surber, and have done so well. I will never forget in 2015 and early 2016, what a comfort and breath of fresh air blogs like yours were, when so many formerly "trusted" sites made themselves untrustworthy by basing their opinions on hearsay instead of factual experience. I DID forget those sites: I deleted my bookmarks and took them off my sidebar. But I will never forget the writers like you who stood tall at a time when it was difficult to do. Thank you for standing up for right and good and America and Deplorables and Donald John Trump. God bless you for it.

  3. Let's see if this will be contagious. My guess is that America's Orange Man Bad media do not want to endorse a commie.

  4. They won’t admit their mistake and endorse PDJT. And they don’t want to endorse a full blown commie or a blithering idiot and further enrage their readers.

    They won’t endorse anyone, but I bet their articles and editorials all slant hard left, leaving no doubt where they stand.

  5. Speaking of endorsements...

    “Putin wants you to win because Trump can beat you!”
    “Well, Putin is helping you because you’re a dwarf.”
    "No. Putin wants the pansy to win.”
    “Well, Putin wants you to win because you’re just a girl!”
    “Putin is afraid of me!”
    “No way. Putin is helping you because he wants another 20% of our uranium!”
    “I saw Putin at your wine cave!”
    “Well I saw Putin at your Geritol Cave!”
    “Putin told me to thank you for all the nice words about the KGB!”

    Prediction: the Democrat nominee: Vladimir Putin.

  6. It’s not a sure thing yet, but...we shall finally have a straight-up, no shullbit battle between the two dominant political philosophies of our time. I, like Big D, have a weird respect for Bernard because he doesn’t lie about his beliefs. Almost like I imagine it went down when John Wayne Gacy was busted, Breadline will confess to everything and apologize for nothing. I’m just wondering what my emotions will be like come that first Tuesday night in November: Quiet joy and thanks, or quotidian dread about how close the win actually was.

  7. My only complaint about Mr. Surber's posts is that I only found out about him last year! Look at all the wit and wisdom I missed in PRESIDENT TRUMP'S first two years!!

    1. There's always the Blog Archive on the right above the page view odometer; I once spent a couple of days when I was laid up sick going back to the start of the blog and reading all of them.

  8. Arizona, like most of the country, needs to get control of their universities and public schools. They just might be able to pull it off where most other states don't have a chance.

  9. The Manchester Union was one conservative paper that endorsed Hillary over Trump. So did their repub Senator Ayotte and the #neverTrump. That cost Trump NH and Ayotte her seat. Hopefully trump will win NH and MN this time around and maybe a few other dem states.

  10. They have a right to publish what they please. Of course I won't pay for useless, 2 day old news garbage.

  11. Was it in 2018 when all of these editorial boards got together and in lock step condemned Trump for suggesting their was political bias in the media news rooms? Talk about a blind spot.

  12. Ahead of the Republican Presidential Preference vote in AZ, the Republic's cartoonist portrayed an Alfred E. Newman type character with Trump and Cruz written on his front teeth. Editor Valdez claimed Trump had everything handed to him and then endorsed Clinton. When I tried to cancel my subscription by phone I was cut off repeatedly. Now they send me emails offering their stupid paper for $1 per month. And McClatchey is going bankrupt. Go figure.

  13. Rest assured, virtually every paper in the land will endorse Bernie after he secretly promises them the same federal bailout that Hillary did. Warren Buffett recently decided not to wait around and sold his newspaper chain at a major loss.

  14. Dallas morning news is a sh!T left wing rag not fit to wipe your a$$ with. I'll assume the one in Arizona is too.

  15. In other words they know the Democrats have no one running but don't want to be kicked off of the plantation.

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