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Friday, February 21, 2020

New York offers to give up its illegals to ICE

President Donald John Trump should name his next child after Andrew Cuomo because the Democrat governor of New York just offered the names and addresses of thousands of illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This is the result of Cuomo and his party being too clever by half.

Having finally wrested control of the state Senate, Democrats decided to give illegal aliens driver's licenses again. Republican Governor George Pataki ended the practice in 2001. Democrats said they would not share the information with ICE. The courts sided with Democrats.

President Trump said fine. Since we no longer know whether a New York driver's license belongs to a citizen or a terrorist who is in America illegally, New York no longer is in the trusted traveler program. The line starts over there to get approved to travel.

Cuomo ranted and raved. He called it extortion. But the law is on the president's side. Cuomo is saying, let's make a deal.

WBEN Radio reported, "Governor Andrew Cuomo said he is open to giving DMV data to the federal government as the ongoing issue between the state and feds continue over the Green Light Law.

"Cuomo told WAMC on Friday that he would give the federal government driver's license information but would not give them Social Security numbers."

We will see if President Trump settles for far less than ICE needs.

The story also said, "The comments by Governor Cuomo come a day after the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the Green Light Law could hinder officers from assisting in ongoing criminal investigation involving stolen or wanted vehicles. They said that the state's prohibition of DMV data to the federal government goes far beyond other states' measures."

What Cuomo has done in a bid to protect illegal aliens is register them for deportation. ICE could go through the list, identify the illegal aliens, and take them into custody for deportation.

Looks like Chris Cuomo no longer is the Fredo of the family.

UPDATE: The Social Security numbers are important because those listed without them would be outed as illegal aliens. 


  1. Why would illegal aliens have Social Security numbers?

    1. Many of the SSN's they use are stolen.

    2. Most don't have Social Security numbers, which means the ones on the registry without them would be illegal aliens.

  2. potus should hit Calif the same way.

    and a lot of loud mouth libs commute back and forth on studio biz.

    they can take the train.

    air travel is a privilege not a right. besides, gives them the chance to practice the green nude eel.


  3. MajMike,
    The SS numbers are ours.
    They've just "borrowed" them.

  4. Say good-bye to Andy, once stalking horse for the Ozark Mafia.

    Next stop on the Trump Train looks to be CA.

  5. And your President delivers another example to the 'conservative' leaders of the Anglosphere.
    Not everybody wants to be your friend, even if you want to be their friend. So choose your friends carefully and let the rest know where the line is drawn.

  6. I am helping a friend through the process of reobtaining a driver’s license after he got a “double dooey” several years ago. He did the time, paid his fines, etc, all by the book. Just thinking about the virtual ABSENCE of qualifications for a DL for illegals makes my fooking blood boil.

  7. Reality is a bitch, oh brother of Fredo.

    How nice to finally start seeing that laws mean something and liberals are not above the law.

  8. I was wondering what had become of last week's meeting. It seemed rather unusual for any Cuomo to agree to meet with Darth Trump. The MSM reporting on this has been incredibly quiet.

    I don't think POTUS is willing to accept half measures.


  9. Given that many illegals use fake SSN it is no big deal really. José works on a New York DL. When he is paid, the employer reports taxes. Since José is using a fake SSN the IRS knows. Now they have an address to pick him up at. This is better since many illegals work construction and arresting them at work means finding the job site on a particular day.
    Now all they need to do is visit his neighborhood on Stinko de Mayo.

  10. I have personally been hassled by the WV DMV because an illegal alien tried to get a driver's license using my SSN. Whether it was stolen somehow or just a lucky guess at making one up isn't known, but I had already had the same driver's license and number for thirty years when this happened. They put me through the wringer and I had to provide a lot of documentation to prove that I am who I am. Throughout the process I was treated like I was the identity thief, and when I proved who I am I received no apology. When I asked about what would happen to the illegal alien who caused all of the hassle - crickets. - Elric

    1. Yah....50+ years of residence, marriage, children, church membership, high-school and college records, yada.........makes no difference to the Pubic "Servants" who--frankly--are thinking of nothing except their next paycheck and--if they're cops--getting home safely.

      Well, fine. But two can play that game.