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Friday, February 14, 2020

McCabe walks, Lori Loughlin doesn't

This was a sobering Friday as Americans learned that even under Bill Barr, the Department of Justice is a sewer.

While Roger Stone faces 9 years in prison for a process crime, a real criminal won't face charges because the swamp protects its own.
Lori Loughlin is indicted for helping her kid get in college, while the retired No. 2 man in the FBI walks after trying to overturn the 2016 election. What a load of cowpies.

Also, isn't it odd that the bribed college officials walk free? This case is just judicial theater to make the public feel good about a Department of Justice that is out of control. This prosecution is feeding class resentment with this case, that's all. Dr. Dre bragged that his daughter got into USC on her own. He also gave the school $70 million. If getting your kid in USC is such a high crime, why was he not prosecuted?

Oh federal prosecutors get worthy convictions. Most of their work is solid. 1010 WINS radio reported, "Michael Avenatti found guilty on all counts in Nike extortion case, faces 42 years in prison."

But after Bill Barr let McCabe walk away with a big fat pension, I cannot feel Trumpenfreude over the Creepy Porn Lawyer this time.

Barr offered us a little hope. The New York Times reported, "Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, according to people familiar with the matter.

"The review is highly unusual and could trigger more accusations of political interference by top Justice Department officials into the work of career prosecutors.

"Mr. Barr has also installed a handful of outside prosecutors to broadly review the handling of other politically sensitive national-security cases in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the people said. The team includes at least one prosecutor from the office of the United States attorney in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, who is handling the Flynn matter, as well as prosecutors from the office of the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen."

That is nice. Certainly Flynn was railroaded.

But as McCabe's Get Out Of Jail card shows, reviews are worthless unless a few of these "career prosecutors" wind up in prison for abuse of office. I still resent the "career prosecutors" who got away with withholding exculpatory evidence that led to Ted Stevens losing his Senate seat.

Barr needs to treat guys like McCabe and company the way McCabe and company treated Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Lori Loughlin.


  1. No reason to detour from the rule of law. I'm not an attorney but it looks to me like those rats can be convicted without resorting to the underhanded practices of Mueller and his flying monkeys. Hell, most of their crimes are common knowledge. If Barr can't indict them, lets get someone in there that can.

    1. Yes, isn't it interesting that they need a herd of investigators to build cases when a lot of the evidence is in the public domain? And, why aren't we hearing about Senate hearings on a lot of these known crimes? As stated below, we really do seem to be on a path to the streets. - Gary B

  2. This is the type of chess-move that makes me start searching for what the heck is going on someplace else.

    1. Yeah, me too Dave. I heard McSnake on the radio this afternoon and he sounded very, uh, guarded. The Lord will have the ultimate say on his soul, but if Strozk and Page (at the absolute minimum) don’t spend some time in the pokey, I’ll be totally up for a drive down to DC.

  3. Please. Don't make us go in the streets and chant NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!
    Please. Because at that point it will really mean NO PEACE.

  4. McCabe should have been treated worse. Dirty cops and dirty judges should be held to a much higher standard.

    As if we are not fired up enough, my rage is now at 12.

    1. I'm there with you. I'm livid!

  5. Don, as you well know, there is absolutely no chance of convicting these bozos in DC (or the surrounding counties in MD/VA for that matter). The solution lies in taking a page from your previous Senator and move the FBI HQ from DC to the WV panhandle (Martinsburg comes to mind). Then, when miscreants are identified, the jury pool will draw from the local Mountaineers and justice will be done. Imagine a jury made up of Hatfields and McCoys!

    There is no freakin' reason why the FBI HQ needs to be in DC...a small branch office in the Eisenhower Office Building is all that is needed IMHO. Move'em out tout de suite! (certainly you must have an empty trailer park out there somewhere, which is all that is needed)

  6. Tom Paxton wrote the following so many years ago.

    Humankind has survived some disastrous plagues
    Like locusts and flash floods and flu.
    There's never a moment when we've been secure
    From the ills that our flesh is heir to.
    If it isn't a war, it's a gruesome disease.
    If it isn't disease then there's war.
    But there's worse still to come
    And I'm asking you please
    How the world's gonna take any more.
    In 10 years, we're gonna have one million lawyers,
    One million lawyers, one million lawyers,
    In 10 years, we're gonna have one million lawyers.
    How much can our poor nation stand?


  7. "But after Bill Barr let McCabe walk away with a big fat pension..." Not quite. Recall that McCabe was rather publicly fired one day before he qualified for a pension. It is a travesty he was not prosecuted, but he did pay a price, albeit far too small.


    2. He receives a pension. Just a little smaller than it would have been.

  8. No excitement without an indictment.
    .....I'm still waiting.

  9. Did you see FBI Lover Lisa Page's "Cheers, Andy" tweet?

    1. Page's shirt says: "I'm done being quiet."

      🇺🇸 Tiff 🇺🇸@LATiffani1
      Replying to @NatSecLisa
      “I’m done being quiet” - Lisa Page

      Was this before or after you banged half the FBI?
      3:47 PM · Feb 14, 2020

  10. Regarding Special Counsels, why don't they have to drop the "investigation" when they know it's bogus?
    I've read that Mueller knew pretty soon after showing up that there was no case.
    Patrick Fitzgerald knew shortly after starting that Valerie Plame was outed by Richard Armitage.
    Nonetheless, Fitzgerald "investigated" and got Libby on a process crime.

    Shouldn't the Spec Counsel rules be modified so that once you know whodunit (whether or not you plan to prosecute), stop the circus.

  11. Two-tiered justice. This harkens back to one of the straws the lead to the American Revolution, the British 1774 Administration of Justice Act.

  12. Assume Barr's whining about Trump's tweeting was a preemptive move to cover is big fat butt from his decision to let McCabe walk. He'd better deliver some huge fish soon, or Trump should fire him and find someone honest, if that's even possible in that swamp.

    1. Barr grew up in the swamp. I had high hopes for him, but he's dashed all of it.

      I'm sure you could find a real Lawyer out there that didn't grow up in the swamp. If they were ever employed in the bureaucracy, however, that is disqualifying.

  13. They're not prosecuting based on the specifically referenced OIG (Horowitz) report. John Durham is still active in the arena. I'm hoping the pass is so JD a clear path to bury this clown McCabe.

  14. Don't get ahead of your skiis Don. Pretty sure McCabe will get his. It will be for major crimes not a process charge. Trust the Trumpster. He hasn't let us down yet.

  15. I don't always comment but when I do I use dirty political tricks

    or an alternate title is... why have 2 Trump appointed Attorney Generals decided to go soft on the political opposition???

    This whole Ukraine business has gotten Angry thinking.
    Others have said "hey Ukraine is the same as Russiagate". What most people don't seem to realize is that Ukraine WAS Russiagate 2.0. Trump planned it that way.

    Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?
    - Trump is President because Comey re-opened the Hillary Email investigation
    - Comey re-opened the email investigation to be able to use that investigation's subpoena power to seize the Wiener laptop which had Hillary emails on it
    - Comey had to get that laptop because he was convinced that the laptop contained emails damaging to Hillary AND the NY FBI office would leak the emails. Therefore FBI HQ needed to secure that laptop.
    This is all well established history. But what we don't know is what was on the Hillary emails that was so damaging. AND we don't know what convinced Comey of the immediate urgency to GET THAT LAPTOP.
    Let's assume that Hillary had a major health issue. One that explains falling down airplane stairs and collapsing at a 9/11 event. Let's also assume that the Weiner laptop had emails that proved what that health issue was.
    Whatever was on that laptop WAS SO BAD that a Director of the FBI compromised an American Presidential election to GET IT!!!

    A good con does not work unless you plan it from the beginning.

    Trump as an international businessman would know that the first thing that happens in foreign countries is you are spied and tapped. We in the US take our privacy as a given. But in all but 5 countries in the world foreign governments spy actively for their citizens to have a competitive advantage against US businesses.
    So if that's the reality what do you do as a US Businessman? Answer - you beat the spies at their own game!
    IF you recall the 2012 election Romney was accused by Senator Harry Reid of not paying taxes. So it's a good bet that Trump (being savvy) would realize his privacy would be invaded. AND he might be spied on. For Trump that would be par for the course so to speak.
    So what to do if you KNOW your wires are tapped? Feed the opposition false information! That's what you do!
    And DID that false information pay off OR WHAT! Trump won the Presidency due to Comey being convinced that the NY FBI office would leak the Weiner Hillary emails!
    THIS is why BOTH Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr are not going after Comey, McCabe and the gang.
    Because savvy Trump made it LOOK like he did all the bad stuff prompting Comey to make the mistake of the century.
    Wonder why Comey was so aggressive about getting Trump. Yep, getting played will do that to you.
    So we all need to lay off Bill Barr guys, because even though Trump is awesome. Trump DID apparently make the FBI really really think he was up to no good. And Barr for one has decided NOT to put people in jail for being made to do foolish things.

    1. slight correction. it was nypd that had laptop. it was nypd that would have leaked. n.y. fbi was under control.


  16. He got away with one, but at least the bugger is out. Still plenty of swamp critters to get rid of.

  17. Barr is part of the Deep State. Perhaps naively so but he was instrumental in the Ruby Ridge Sniper being let off with no prosecution or even internal punishment. The sniper still works for the Gov't.

    I believe Barr was brought in as a fixer. A deal maker/broker who's goal is to be that Trump gets free of the continued Deep State attacks (and believe me they could keep this going for years with or without a Dem House) and the Deep State Conspirators go free.

    And so far that's what is happening. BTW go read a transcript of his interview and you find that he knew the guidelines were the 7-9. He was briefed and thus this is happening only because people got angry and Trump tweeted. Which is why Barr is mad about the tweets and made sure to go to the correct outlet to make that point.

    Barr is not going to review or reorganize a damn thing. He's going to deflect, deny and dissemble till after the election and then suddenly all the noise will go away if the Dems lose the House and Trump gets reelected.

    Stay tuned for more lies and BS even from the Trump Admin. He has to do it whether he wants to or not. They had him by the short hairs and promised more. Sessions got snookered so he brought in someone else but that person was to help cover it all up on both sides.

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  19. >>> I feel like I did after 2008, when nobody went to jail...They chased Dylan Ratigan off the air for voicing that no one on Wall St. went to jail. It is the only sliver of registered Dem. that is left (no pun intended) in me.
    I lost the pure joy I used to bring to my investment banking job every day. I have never felt the same about the industry since. ZBest

  20. Anyone up for pitchforks and torches? A lot of lamp posts need decorsting.

  21. ...Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn...

    An outside prosecutor who is of like mind, and that's how Barr will cover his posterior.

    1. The man assigned is a swamp creature. Trump should (and he can) order the charges dropped. If Barr refuses, then Barr goes out the door.

      Flynn was charged because he knew where a lot of bodies are buried in the FBI and CIA.

  22. My Reply disappeared. I’ll try it again without italics:

    From FBI Special Agent (retired) Mark Wauck:

    mark wauckFebruary 15, 2020 at 7:45 AM
    When they say "has dropped its investigation" they're only referring to ONE very specific investigation--the claim, which he denies, that when he spoke to reporters he was not authorized to do so. He says he WAS authorized, and DoJ has decided they can't prove a lack of authorization beyond a reasonable doubt.

    ALL other investigations remain on the table, especially the Durham investigations.

    Now, with the new Flynn "review" McCabe will once again be front and center.

    mark wauckFebruary 15, 2020 at 7:49 AM
    Of course McCabe's camp and the MSM want this to sound like some sorta major exoneration. It was nothing of the sort.

  23. We had hoped that Barr was not just another Swamp creature, but we were wrong.

  24. Honest question for you all. Why can't Trump appoint an attorney general that cleans this swamp? McCabe lied. Open and shut case. It's a fact. I am so pissed about this. Barr strikes me as just another swamper. Send him packing. There has to be an honest (as opposed to bought and paid for) AG that will do their job.