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Monday, February 24, 2020

Maybe Obama is cool with Bernie

Ex-presidents have extraordinarily little power. They are deflated balloons that were once large but are now shriveled and small. The Bushes handled it well, staying out of the public eye even when Jeb! was running.

Carter built homes for the poor, a community service as penance for his disappointing presidency.

Obama has not retired. He has a castle in Kalorama where he meets with people who are trying to make the presidency of Donald John Trump hell.

Publicly, Obama has stayed out of things. Maybe the presidential race will force him to break his public silence. If I were him, I would continue to stay on the sidelines -- publicly.

His deal with Hillary was she would support him in 2008, he would support her in 2016. Picking Biden as his running mate sealed the deal because no one thought 12 years ago that Democrats would be foolish enough to nominate him.

As Gomer Pyle would say, "Soo-prize, Soo-prize."

But Biden has gone from front-runner to back burner. Maybe the black vote in South Carolina can save him. Corn Pop and whoever arrested Biden in South Africa can campaign with him, alongside the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Jussie Smollett.

The impeachment kneecapped Biden by publicizing his extortion in Ukraine.

This boast had to rankle Obama because it soiled his legacy, which is all he cares about right now. Impeaching President Donald John Trump knocked out Biden, making it a two-fer.

Unfortunately for Obama, Democrats did not reckon with Republicans standing by their man. Impeachment has boosted his poll numbers and fundraising.

At the same time, Biden's fall led to Bernie's surge. The next man up is a communist. But then again, so was the last Democrat president. He just remained in the closet biding his time.

And for Democrats, how bad can Breadline Bernie be. He's for universal health/single-payer/Medicare for All/whatever. So are they. He is for ending capital punishment (except for babies in the womb). So are they. He is for $15 an hour minimum wage. So are they. He is for reparations. So are they. He is for open borders. So are they.

He did not join the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party joined him.

But his reputation is that of a wild madman who will turn America communist.

Some say this puts Democrats in a bind. I say not. They have nothing to lose. They can run Bernie, lose, and keep the House. If not, they can win back the House and the Senate in 2022. Surely there will be a recession by then.

If not, by 2024 when they run someone who will have Bernie's goals whom they can claim is a moderate.

And if he wins, well, Donald John Trump gets locked up, and communism finally comes out of the Democrat closet.

If not, 2028.

And Obama will be there for them, ready to take credit for if ever Democrats win again.


  1. Don - today I think I have never felt sorry for you more.

    "Carter built homes for the poor, a community service as penance for his disappointing presidency."

    Any way you look at this statement, whether an attempt to be funny - or a serious perspective on your part - you have greatly insulted a man (yes, a lousy president) who is honoring the Lord daily by living (not preaching) the Gospels with said community service and so much more. To mock a man who fears God is truly, truly sad. I feel sorry that you are living your final days (we all are if you think about) hell bent on ridiculing anyone who doesn't share your neo-con views. That your ridicule includes Christian men and women .... wow, how sad. I guess you can take solace in that God has already forgiven you and I'm guessing that a real Christan man like Carter would too.

    Fortunately, you can still provide a laugh with a truly delusional statement in "Obama has not retired. He has a castle in Kalorama where he meets with people who are trying to make the presidency of Donald John Trump hell."

    Never mind, you don't have an atom of proof such mularky even exits, except in your mind of course. Have a great week. Go Browns.

    1. I think you may want to research Mr. Carter and his “Christian” views a bit more. And, you may also want to consider the massive amounts of money his Carter Center has received from Arab anti-Israel sources that have led to the many indefensible position Mr. Carter has taken toward Israel. The Bible tells us not to judge lest we be judged, but it also tells us to discern and that we will “know them by their fruits”. Let’s make sure we are not naive in that regard.

    2. Depends which God you mean.
      Mr Carter greenlighted the Ayatollahs into Iran in '79, and has been an advocate for Hamas since.
      Christianity does not include the deification of men. If you're interested, you could consider becoming one.

    3. "such mularkey even exits.."

      michael Kenyon, spelling champion.


    4. If you're so proud of yourself why the Anonymous?

    5. Idaho - how much money does the Carter Center receive from Arab anti-Israel? Please give exact figures and specify by name these sources. Otherwise, no sense in purporting a lie just to make a (error-filled) statement.
      Random: Like your 1979 revisionist history which you obviously can't cite cause you would have if it was accurate. As for "Christianity does not include the deification of men." Not sure what this incoherent statement means. I do know that Christianity does not mean ridiculing a man - or woman - who does tireless, charitable deeds to glorify God. Surber ought to look into this but doubt he will. Again, God has forgiven him already. have a nice day.

    6. I worked for a defense contractor-as a Pilot during the tail end of the Carter era.
      He stripped our military, readiness was way down, and there was the hostage rescue attempt
      that failed miserably. All on Carter's watch. Then there was the return Iranian military to Iran that were greeted by firing squads. some 700
      +officers that had assurances from the Carter Administration that they would not be harmed..
      Carters is anti-Israel. and has done much to "Harm the Apple of God's eye.."

    7. Well, Mr. Anonymous, you are both bold in your charges and ignorant. It remains to be seen whether your ignorance is willful or not. First, to address the issue of where Carter’s money comes from, here are three articles that will enlighten you if you wish to eliminate the “willful ignorance” possibility...

      As to Mr. Carter’s Christian beliefs, I will leave that to you to research, but it is not difficult and they are controversial. But, in my opinion, it will be between him and God. In any case, the next time you accuse someone of lying, check your facts first lest you make a fool of yourself as you did this time.

    8. C - those articles are more than 10 years old, written by far right writers who very much cherry pick its findings about the Carter Center. Yes, one founding contributor to the Carter Center was the King Fahd of Saudi Arabia who gave it gobs of money. Other Middle East contributors are also from Saudi Arabia. Does that alone mean it's an anti-Israel organization? I see no anti-Israel advocacy coming from the Carter Center. If the Carter Center was so anti-Israel, why do a half dozen or so other countries also contribute to it, including the U.S., Ireland, UK and Canada? Why is it that major U.S. corp executives sit on the board including the outgoing chair, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A. Why do thousands of individuals and corporations, some with right-wing leanings also contribute? As for the Saudis contributing money to the Carter Center - back in pre-2001 days - ask Surber what he thinks of the Saudis. He used to criticize them mightily when they (disgustingly) funneled millions to the Clinton Foundation (they don't anymore though) but Surber does not criticize them now when they funnel hundreds of millions to Trump owned properties and don't even occupy said lavish reservations. Surber thinks it's great Trump does sword dancing with Saudi officials.

      So by your reasoning, Trump and Surber are also anti-Israel. Interesting.

      Jimmy Carter believes Christ shed His blood for all men (and women) regardless of race, color, ethnicity, etc., not just white Anglo-Saxons. That doesn't seem so bad to me but I can see were that bothers people like you.

      As to your final point, who did I accuse of lying.

    9. Visited Emory on college tours - remember the 20% jewish undergrad school was so proud of the Jimmie Carter Middle East Center.....told our kid he could not attend that college.....if they were too stupid to know Jimmah Carter hated Zionists in Israel, absolutely no way we would spend money to attend....

    10. Ok, so we know... it is willful ignorance. The articles are that old because that was the point it was well covered in the news including Carter Center’s entire Board resigning. Nuff said. And, you said “purporting a lie”. That is clear enough. I will not try to push this rope any further. Good luck and when that Nigerian calls about the $20M, don’t go for it.

    11. Looks like snow in the high country this afternoon.

    12. I spent two years working for Jimmy C. He was a lousy President. He owes his election to Watergate. But like Obama, he was so bad we elected someone to replace him who never would have had a chance any other year. The two worst Presidents in our history produced two of our greatest Presidents. Three if you count Buchanan and Lincoln.

      Carter may be the last Democrat in Washington DC who's net worth did not increase dramatically during and after his term in office.

      Trump is the only POTUS in recent history who's net worth went down while he was in office.

  2. 16 years are needed to clean out the swamp, and that requires an heir apparent for Trump who is a true swamp-cleaning conservative. Haley is a bit of a globalist economically, and no swamp-slayer. I'd nominate Ric Grenell. A gay republican president would make democrat heads explode, and I personally couldn't care less what anyone who isn't myself or my wife does with that part of their body.

    1. Democratsa are searching for the perfect candidate to replace Trump in 2024. They are looking for a transwoman lesbian Latina Muslim who is a socialist, a decorated veteran, and who brags about her seven abortions.

  3. Lighten up, Francis. Carter has come down on the left side of many things since. He is not lacking in the politic, and he is no genius.

  4. It seems to me that the Dem Club is putting on the full-court press now to support Big Bucks Bloomberg despite the many foibles that his competitors were so happy to point out last week. So, Bernie is leading, but will he end up with more houses while Bloomy gets the nomination?

  5. The few Doomberg commercials I've had the misfortune to see always show Ovomit front and center. I tell my husband, "I never listened to that SOB when he was president, and I'm damn sure not going to listen to him now!"

    So he mutes the idiot-box, and I wonder to myself, "As unpopular as the Halfrican was by the end of his two terms, HOW can running him in an ad be a winning strategy?"

    Answer: It's not! But, hey, Doomie can still buy the election cuz, you know, he's got millions and it's up for sale.

    G. Covey

  6. I remain convinced that The Black Jesus was the first truly figurehead POTUS in American history, lost without a teleprompter but with those razor-sharp creased pants. He did the bidding of his white masters, who were intent on dragging the U.S. onto the ash heap of history. If he did ONE favor for George Soros, he did a THOUSAND of them. The people I feel sorriest for are those who actually paid full price for The Lie, including truly clueless beetches like Peggy Noonan. Poor unfortunate souls. The biggest decision Bay-Rack made in his 8 years was what brand to serve at The Beer Summit.

  7. If I remember my history, the Demos' twin disasters of '68 and '72 led to a quarter century in the wilderness.

    Anybody thinking '28 is off by a dozen years or so, if history is cyclical.

    And it seems to be.

    PS He just remained in the closet bidding his time.

    I think you meant biding.

  8. If Crazy Bernie is the dinglecrap pick, not one of their loaded muckey mucks will campaign for him--but, in the privacy of the voting booth they will all pull the handle for Trump.

  9. Damn right Obama is cool with Bernie. Obama knows Bernie would ruin the USA.

  10. Carter was a much better ex President, than President.

    The US is still dealing with the fallout from his Iran actions. How many people died due to that?

  11. If the Dems run Bernie they *keep* the House? Huh??? If they run Bernie, it will be a landslide that will make Dukakis proud.

  12. Carter was a dour hypocrite who only got worse when America showed him the door.

    Good riddance. B.S.G.

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