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Monday, February 03, 2020

Impeachment was political suicide

Democrats should drop blue as their color in favor of maroon because that is what they are: maroons.

As I write this, the Iowa caucuses have not begun, but it is clear that the impeachment has boomeranged in two ways.

One, it was a failure that showed -- no, proved -- Democrats are petty incompetents who only want to bring down the president who made America great again. Democrats wanted to ruin President Donald John Trump's re-election chances. This fiasco strengthened his hand.

Two, impeachment mortally wounded the DNC's favored candidate, Joe Biden. Suddenly people knew he was the head of a political crime machine. Adam Schiff and his whistle blowers inadvertently became President Trump's oppo research team.

Kneecapping Biden made Bernie the Last Red Diaper Baby their front runner. The impeachment kept Sanders in Washington. He sent into Iowa his surrogates: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michael Moore, and a bunch of celebrities. That made the oldest man in the race the freshest. Bear in mind that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the now soul of the Democrat Party.

With the senators in the race locked up in DC for the impeachment trial, Biden had an uninterrupted chance to show Iowans who he really is. Big mistake.

Byron York went to Iowa in May 2015 and told readers Donald John Trump was making waves -- a month before he entered the race.

Today, York tweeted, "A few notes on Joe Biden in Des Moines Sunday, last rally before caucus. 1) Seems open question whether he has vigor required for long, hard campaign. 2) His contemporary surrogates, like Chris Dodd and John Kerry, underscore that he is a man of the past.

"3) Biden did not electrify anyone from the stage. Spent first several minutes recognizing guests. 4) Important: He never got anywhere near Democrats' most important issues. In 20+ minutes, no mention of healthcare...

"In 20+ minutes, Biden made no mention of climate change. No mention of gun violence. No mention of jobs. No mention of education. One vague reference to strengthening middle class. Spent most time meandering around how bad Trump is.

"5) Biden displayed absolutely zero vision for future beyond bringing things back to how they were when Joe Biden was in office. Is that who Democrats pick for their nominee? End."

The 1970s called. They want their court jester back.

Biden finished fifth in Iowa in 2008. He may do better this year. May.

Things are so bad that Andy Kroll of Rolling Stone reported, "Are the Democrats Completely Screwing This Up?"

He wrote, "Instead of writing the 5,000th story trying to predict the outcome in Iowa or New Hampshire, Rolling Stone asked dozens of people — campaign staffers, volunteers, activists, pollsters, party officials, voters — to reflect on the campaign so far. We wanted to know: What happened? Why did the Democratic primary get so white? Why have known brands and familiar faces led the pack? Why are so many Democratic voters undecided after a year of campaigning? Did the Democratic National Committee screw this up? Or is this what the voters wanted?"

Hmm, the impeachment may be one long suicide note.

He wrote, "Voters are also burned out by the events of the past three years." By voters, he meant Democrats. Trump supporters are in no way tired. Bring it on, Democrats. Bring it on.

Kroll wrote, "In a larger sense, the Democratic Party still feels trapped in 2016: the revolutionary left against Obama-era liberalism, wooing the white working class versus turning out loyal voters of color, and so on. Has the endless primary of 2020 — and the choices made to shape that primary — made it difficult if not impossible for a candidate to build the multiracial movement needed to defeat Trump and send hate back into hiding? Is this the best way to produce their nominee who can heal the country, an aspiration that feels more essential and imperative than ever?

"Maybe it’s not the role of the endless primary to produce such a candidate. It should be."

Democrats stopped the clock on 8 NOV 16. Until they get over that election, they cannot move forward.

Donald Trump wakes up every morning as president. Democrats wake up every morning as Martha Raddatz on the verge of tears as she realizes he won. Impeachment did not remove him. It re-elected him.


  1. You 'get' OurGodEmperorTrump better than anyone I know but for myself, sir; perhaps better than myself, sir.

    So many seem unaware that this 'brat' has been studying the course of our political and societal decay since @ 1980

    Reagan win as first non-pol President in generations got Trumps'attention, you betcha.

    Suddenly it seemed actually possible for Trump to use his personal skills and his business savvy to win the Presidency, and to use his deep and broad love for America to reverse the slide toward Sodom and Gomorrah which began in his own HS years

    (Just imagine how personally repugnant the entire pageant of social depravity was, and is, to a tea-totaling self-described 'germaphobe' who eschews handshakes as much as possible.)

    It would not surprise me at all if impeachment was, from before he announced in '15, his plan to ensure re-election.

    Just look at how he plays all opposition, personal and institutional, from Pelosi et al, to msm, to foreign 'leaders' such as Macron and Trudeau,(Quebecois or Francais,Frogs gonna Frog), to globalism, Iran and on and on; so much winning!

    Seems a pretty well managed process, imho.

    With an even larger and solidly supportive base electing him to undeniable mandates for: The Wall; keep walking tall with a big stick on the world stage; and his domestic enemies in complete disarray as young pups like AOC et al depose the old white boomer DemocRat leadership, he will most likely make the Republican Party his in every way.

    That will prompt enough Kristols to join with what few sane DemocRats remain.

    Those remnants will coalesce as a sad 3rd party of 'moderates', which will fade within a generation to nothing.

    Bloomberg is even now buying the DemocRat Party.

    Power-sharing with Clinton Cabal or Arkanciding the Arkancide Twins politically or homicidally is as yet undecided...

    1. Don’t know that he planned impeachment, but he sure didn’t give a rip about it - except for assembling a great legal team.

    2. Where was he going to find a sane dimocrat?

    3. I figure you're being sarcastic but we need to urge the sane democrats, such as Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law School Alan Dershowitz,to join us. Many good conservatives started as Democrats, grasped reality, and became conservatives. There's flat-out evil in the Democrat party, but theirs some good pro-life people too.

  2. As Scott Adams has said, these people are watching a different movie than most of us:

    "Has the endless primary of 2020 — and the choices made to shape that primary — made it difficult if not impossible for a candidate to build the multiracial movement needed to defeat Trump and send hate back into hiding?"

    Considering race relations are better now than when Obama was President, how do they come up with these ideas? With Democrats, it's always projection.

    1. Democrat hate is as pure as snow.

    2. Democrat hate is as black as Hillary Clinton's heart!

    3. Democrat hate is as green as Mini Mike’s envy.

    4. Democrat hate is as brown as, oops, I'll get back with you!

    5. Black as what? Are you saying it does not exist?????

  3. "movement needed to re-elect Trump and send hate back into hiding?"

    There, FIFY

  4. Rent-free living! As expected of a developer!

  5. Paraphrasing a comment quoted at Instapundit: I am not looking for a prom date. I want a President who gets things done. I like most of what Trump has done.

  6. I'm just loving every minute of this mess the Dems have created for themselves. It's gift that keeps on giving.
    Way better than the jelly of the month club.

  7. That "turning out loyal voters of color" isn't working as well as usual.

    That's what's really going to bite the Dems bad. Won't see that in Iowa but when they get to the NE after NewHampshire we'll see some differences. Lower turn out for the primary will be the clue in the southern states and the NY/CT/MD/NJ/MA corridor.

    Watch and see the lower numbers. No one wants to vote for socialism this close to almost being there 4 years ago. We've just gotten back on our feet the last 2 years and the money rolling in. Who wants to let the Dems throw that all away plus take more from you? Not the Black folks I think.