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Friday, February 07, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Hill reported, "President Trump on Thursday confirmed the death of an al-Qaeda leader in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen.

Trump said the U.S. carried out a successful counter terrorism operation that killed Qasim al-Rimi, the founder and leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), an affiliate of the terrorist group. The strike also killed a deputy of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, though the White House did not specify who."

Donald Trump. Helping terrorists collect their virgins since 2017.

ITEM 2: Wolf Richter reported, "The biggest standout in the US trade data released today by the Commerce Department is China (I combined the data for China and Hong Kong because a lot of merchandise is transshipped and/or invoiced via Hong Kong): The US trade deficit with China plunged by 18% from a record of $388 billion in 2018 to $320 billion in 2019, which was where it had been in 2016.

 "US exports to China fell by $20 billion (to $137 billion) but US imports from China plunged by $89 billion, to $457 billion, the lowest since 2013. This 16% plunge in imports was a result of the threatened and actual US tariffs imposed on imports from China. In response, Corporate America rerouted its supply chains through other countries. In percentage terms, it was the biggest plunge in imports from China in at least three decades. In dollar terms, it was the steepest plunge in US-China trade history."

The trade deficit -- loss -- is still too big but President Trump is making progress.

ITEM 3: CNBC reported, "China on Thursday announced that it will halve tariffs on hundreds of U.S. goods worth about $75 billion.

"Retaliatory tariffs on some U.S. goods will be cut from 10% to 5%, and from 5% to 2.5% on others, according to a statement from China’s Ministry of Finance. The adjustments will take effect from 1:01 p.m on Feb. 14, it said, without specifying which time zone it was referring to.

"The cuts apply to about $75 billion worth of imports from the U.S. that was slapped with tariffs on Sept. 1, 2019, according to a separate statement on the ministry’s website.

"After the cut, duties on U.S. crude will be reduced to 2.5%, from 5%, and the tariff on soybeans will be trimmed by 2.5%."

They need us more than we need them.

ITEM 4: OAN News reported, "Court Filing Shows Hunter Biden Earned $156 Million From Ukraine Corruption."

It is a video report.

Now do John Kerry's stepson. Chelsea. Democrats have a pay-to-play foreign policy. Ukraine may have laundered the kickbacks from Obama giving Iran $150 billion.

ITEM 5The Los Angeles Times reported, "Following a series of sweeping actions to expand access to voting in recent years, a California lawmaker is pushing to require voters to cast a ballot in future elections.

"The proposal, introduced in the state Assembly on Tuesday, would be unprecedented and probably challenged in court should it ultimately become law. It would place the burden for determining the civil penalty and the ultimate punishment on the secretary of state, California’s chief elections officer."

Forcing people to vote is what Saddam Hussein did. It is a favorite tactic of dictators.

ITEM 6: Miranda Devine wrote, "Only a mutual loathing of Donald Trump preserved a façade of unity and purpose for Democrats during impeachment.

"But all that did was deliver the president record high approval ratings and unite Republicans around him, reborn as street brawlers.

"Even Republicans skeptical of Trump’s tweets and combative tone now see clearly what he’s been up against."

Nancy has united Republicans and divided Democrats. Great job, Botox Lady.

ITEM 7: Newsweek reported, "Support for former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg among Democratic and Independent voters in New Hampshire is gaining as the 2020 field gears up for the state's primary next week, the latest polling data shows."

The story also said, "Wednesday's figures put Sanders at 31%, Buttigieg at 21%, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren tied at 12%, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar at 11%."

Gay is the new black.

ITEM 8: Yahoo News reported, "The Treasury Department has complied with Republican senators’ requests for highly sensitive and closely held financial records about Hunter Biden and his associates and has turned over 'evidence of questionable origin' to them, according to a leading Democrat on one of the committees conducting the investigation.

"For months, while the impeachment controversy raged, powerful committee chairmen in the Republican-controlled Senate have been quietly but openly pursuing an inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business affairs and Ukrainian officials’ alleged interventions in the 2016 election, the same matters that President Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani unsuccessfully tried to coerce Ukraine’s government to investigate."

Money laundering is the allegation. Democrats have their pants around their ankles right now. This is the third act of the impeachment.

ITEM 9: National Review reported, "Attorney General William Barr has issued a memo requiring the FBI to obtain approval from Barr himself before conducting any investigation into any 2020 presidential election candidate.

"'In certain cases, the existence of a federal criminal or counterintelligence investigation, if it becomes known to the public, may have unintended effects on our elections,' Barr wrote in the memo, which was obtained by the New York Times. The attorney general went on to emphasize that 'we also must be sensitive to safeguarding the department’s reputation for fairness, neutrality and nonpartisanship.'

"The memo establishes certain requirements for the FBI and other agencies under the purview of the Justice Department to meet before opening a 'politically sensitive' criminal or counterintelligence investigation against candidates or donors. Barr must personally give approval for investigations into presidential and vice presidential candidates, as well as their respective senior staffs."

The era of the FBI as the KGB is through. Democrats hardest hit.

ITEM 10: The Constitution requires the president to hand in a report each year. The law requires the speaker to preserve the House copy.
The people will hold Democrats accountable for not firing her.

ITEM 11: Guess Adam Schiff ain't the only one in the No One Knows Zone.
Just a reminder that Wolf Blitzer lost on Jeopardy, baby.

ITEM 12: Business Insider reported on the Harvey Weinstein trial that his lawyer, Donna Rotunno, cross-examined Jessica Mann.

ROTUNNO: You told the jury the threesome was horrifying because it was something you didn't want to do. I would like you to read the note from your phone to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

MANN: Do I have to?

The story said, "After a long pause, Mann began reading the years-old post, describing a threesome with an unnamed 'older man' and an Italian woman, seemingly the same one she mentioned in her testimony.

"Loaded with jokes, expletives, and erotic descriptions of the woman's body, the written version characterized the encounter as exciting, not upsetting. At one point it compared Mann to a '14-year-old boy about to lose his virginity.'"

Weinstein may be a creep but that does not make him a rapist. The presumption of innocence was a marvelous discovery. Let's not lose it to the mob.

ITEM 13: The Daily Caller reported, "The Department of Interior finalized a rule Thursday expanding drilling rights in Utah two years after President Donald Trump reduced the size of a pair of national monuments in the area.

"Trump cut the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments in 2017, which created a firestorm of criticism from activists who said the president’s decision hurt Native American communities.

"Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase contain vast amounts of oil, gas and coal, as well as grazing land local ranchers hope to use for cattle.

"The areas excluded from monuments are protected by federal environmental laws, acting DOI assistant secretary Casey Hammond said in a statement."

Ah, the work that gets done when everyone is arguing over a telephone call to Kiev.

ITEM 14: Breadline Bernie learns the truth about socialism.

Democrats simply taxed the delegate rich.

ITEM 15: The Wall Street Journal (no links for pay sites) reported, "Why, when women earn the majority of college degrees and make up roughly half the workforce, do so few occupy the chief executive job?

"Women today lead 167 of the country’s top 3,000 companies. That’s more than double the share a decade ago, but still under 6%.

"For many, the barrier isn’t only a glass ceiling at the very top, but also an invisible wall that sidelines them from the kinds of roles that have been traditional stepping stones to the CEO position."

Enough of this nonsense.


Men and women are treated equally in the workplace. That has been the law for nearly 60 years. The numbers show women can become CEOs. That they don't is a matter of their choices, usually to have children. How many women have founded a Fortune 500 company?

That so "few"women are CEOs is not a societal problem.

ITEM 16: I am convinced J.B. White was the model for Scott Evil.
He cut to the chase like he was directing Bullitt or Fast and Furious.

ITEM 17: Fox News reported, "Two of President Trump's biggest allies on Capitol Hill have been selected for top GOP roles on a pair of committees.

"The House GOP Steering Committee met Thursday and recommended that Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan serve as ranking member of the powerful House Judiciary Committee effective March 12, and that North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows take Jordan's spot as Oversight Committee ranking member for the remainder of this Congress, Fox News has confirmed.

"The full conference now has to ratify the recommendation, which was first reported by The Hill. Current House Judiciary Committee Chairman Doug Collins, R-Ga., will step down from that post as he pursues a Senate seat."

Setting things up for a good and productive second term.

ITEM 18: No Q Report reported, "FiveThirtyEight projects Bernie Sanders to win EVERY remaining primary. Then again, they also gave Hillary Clinton a 71.4% chance of winning the general election in 2016, so take their projections with a grain of salt."

I am hardly a fan of N8 Ag, but I agree with Nate Silver on this one. Democrat voters are too impatient for incremental socialism now. They want to go full communist and that would be Bernie.

ITEM 19: The Intercept reported, "“Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign plagiarized portions of its plans for maternal health, LGBTQ equality, the economy, tax policy, infrastructure, and mental health from research publications, media outlets, and a number of nonprofit, educational, and policy groups.

"The Intercept found that exact passages from at least eight Bloomberg plans or accompanying fact sheets were direct copies of material from media outlets including CNN, Time, and CBS, a research center at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the American Medical Association, Everytown for Gun Safety, Building America’s Future Educational Fund, and other organizations."

You would think that with $50 billion to spend he could do better than this.


  1. There was no Iowa caucus. It didn’t happen. Back to work, comrades!

    1. Democrats blamed Trump supporters for flooding the Iowa caucus hotline that some dummy posted online.

  2. 1 - have the liberals learned a lesson? I heard no complaining over the killing of a terrorist.

    10 - Besides impeachment, of all the Democrat’s mistakes, Pelosi’s performance at the SOTU address may have been the biggest.

    11 - Blitzer got blitzed on Jeopardy. The biggest loser.

  3. #19 “plagiarized ... Everytown for Gun Safety”

    How can you plagiarize your own work? I want the guy to fail, but I laugh at this criticism. It’s just other campaigns sniping jealously because they don’t have access to $49 billion.

    Besides, all Democrats just copy their plans from approved socialist playbooks. If they don’t - they get banned from the Party for original thinking (see: Gabbard, Tulsi)

    Why take the risk of an original thought banning? Best to just copy previously-approved Party newspeak.

    When every Democrat plagiarizes, none plagiarize.

    (Only Republicans can be accused of such a crime).

  4. #17. Isn't Mark Meadows stepping down from his congressional seat? Hopefully, he'll stay engaged in the second term of Trump.

    1. No, it's Mark Walker (NC-6) who is not running for re-election.

    2. Mark Walker will likely run for the Senate seat supposedly being vacated by Richard Burr. Walker will be a MUCH better Senator than Burr has been.

    3. Yes, you are correct. Mark Meadows is stepping down at the end of his term:


  5. You know, it doesn't seem like very long ago the odometer over on the right said 7 million pageviews; Don's readership is doing better than the Dow Jones!

  6. #18 is something I never considered until reading your take. I think Bernie will run the table in the primaries. President Trump's economy will depress democrat turnout, leaving the decision up to the foaming-at-the-mouth leftards.

    #19 Heinlein had Jubal Harshaw deliver a line in Time Enough for Love that has served me well over the years. He deliberately left a scansion error in a poem he he was writing for pay. When his steno called him on it, he said to leave it in since once the editor pisses in the work, he will like the taste better and will be more inclined to buy it. How flattered would a news outlet be to see a candidate pick up its pet platform planks verbatim and run with them?

    1. Per your #19 comment: Someone I used to work with called this the "hairy arm syndrome." If I'm remembering the story correctly, artists who painted portraits of royals would paint everything as perfectly as they could--except for one arm, which they intentionally made too hairy. When the royals saw the finished work, they felt a need to criticize something (no matter how perfect it was), so they would, of course, complain about the overly hairy arm. Then the artist would go fix his intentional mistake, and the royals were happy.


  7. If Donald Trump is my president, then he should act like it.

    1. Yes I agree. The treasonous scum who launched a coup against a sitting president should be tried and hanged.


    2. President Trump doesn't need to act like anyone or any thing.

      On the other hand, Democrats should act like Americans, but they never will.

    3. Donald Trump IS your president. And he IS acting like a president.

      I think of him as a 21st century version of Cyrano de Bergerac:

      "But what would I have to do? Cover myself with the protection of some powerful patron? Imitate the ivy that licks the bark of a tall tree while entwining itself around its trunk, and make my way upward by guile, rather than climbing by my own strength? No, thank you.
      Swallow insults every day? Crawl till the skin of my belly is rubbed raw? Dirty my knees and make my spine as supple as an eel's? No, thank you.
      Develop the art of sitting on both sides of a fence at once? Pay for an ounce of favor with a ton of flattery? No, thank you, no, thank you, and again, no, thank you.

      I prefer to lead a different kind of life. I sing, dream, laugh, and go where I please, alone and free. My eyes see clearly and my voice is strong. I'm quarrelsome or benign as it suits my pleasure, always ready to fight a duel or write a poem at the drop of a hat. I dream of flying to the moon but give no thought to fame or fortune. I write only what comes out of myself, and I make it my modest rule to be satisfied with whatever flowers, fruit, or even leaves I gather, as long as they are from my own garden. Then if I should happen to gain some small success I'm not obliged to render any of it unto Caesar. In short, I scorn to be like parasitic ivy, even though I'm not an oak. I may not rise very high, but I'll climb alone!"

  8. Item 10

    President Snowflake bestows avowed racist Rush Limbaugh with a Medal of Freedom award while 100-year Tuskegee airman sits nearby. AWM everyone stand and cheer.

    1. So racist one of his top people Bo Snerdly who is black has worked for him 25+ years.



    2. Citation of his racism, please. I'll wait.

    3. I will admit that the optics are off in that, while Nancy started rips on the speech during the SOTU, she waited until after the speech to finally tear it up... but this video is still very powerful.

    4. President Trump made Democrats attend a ceremony that honored Rush. How cool was that?!

    5. Hey Unknown:
      To quote Surber, do your own research but here you go. And this does not include his numerous anti-Latino, anti-women, anti-gay statements. But check out his last statement on smoking and enjoy the Trumpenfreud.

      “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

      “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.”

      “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.”

      “Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

      “You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray. We miss you, James. Godspeed.”

      “Right. So you go into Darfur and you go into South Africa, you get rid of the white government there. You put sanctions on them. You stand behind Nelson Mandela — who was bankrolled by communists for a time, had the support of certain communist leaders. You go to Ethiopia. You do the same thing.”

      George Steinbrenner Was A “Cracker Who Made African-Americans Millionaires”

      Obama & Oprah Are Only Successful Because They’re Black

      "I think it's time to get rid of this whole National Basketball Association. Call it the TBA, the Thug Basketball Association, and stop calling them teams. Call 'em gangs."

      Drumroll please ....
      "That is a myth. That has been disproven at the World Health Organization and the report was suppressed. There is no fatality whatsoever. There's no even major sickness component associated with secondhand smoke. It may irritate you, and you may not like it, but it will not make you sick, and it will not kill you...Firsthand smoke takes 50 years to kill people, if it does. Not everybody that smokes gets cancer. Now, it's true that everybody who smokes dies, but so does everyone who eats carrots ... I would like a medal for smoking cigars, is what I'm saying."

    6. So? If he's been smoking for 50 years, it took that long, he says. And he's not dying from secondhand smoke. And he did get a medal for smoking.

    7. Speaking of doing your own research, you definitely need some help if you think any of this is true. It took me about 2 minutes to find the Snopes edit on all of this - and they decline to call any of it true because there's no source. Looks like you can make shit up with the other losers in your basement.

    8. "It's true! I know it's true...'cause I saw it on TV"---John Fogerty, Centerfield.

  9. Elizabeth Warren came in fifth in Pocahontas County.

    However, after the results were run through the Clinton/Booty-Boy App, she came in 1,024th.

  10. #7: Dems choose their candidates in back rooms and then act like their constituents voting matters. They chose Hillary long before the caucus in 2016 and had to do some serious manipulation to make sure she "won" over Bernie. Their choices always lean toward how they are going to spin the election so to win via some social justice facade. They have had to change tracks a few times, but I see them trying to front-run and manipulate it so that the gay-man is their candidate so they can try to use social justice as their platform....again. 2008 it was vote Obama or you're a racist. in 2016 it was vote Hillary or you're a sexist. If Pete gets the Dem mafia's nod to run, it'll be vote Pete or your a homophobe.

    1. Super delegates are not democratic. That's another reason why I left the Democrat Party in 2008.

  11. Re#7>>> The hypocrisy of Buttigieg is bald-face evident...If anyone notices, his declarative love for his husband Chastain(sp?) [saw a few minutes of CNN Townhall last night with Buttigieg speaking adoringly of his spouse to the audience there, and the TV viewers tuning in...] is strangely devoid of photo ops, of his domestic life; a case in point, that his spouse did not join him on stage at his Monday night caucus victory speech.
    The media is also complicit, no Vanity Fair spreads (e.g. Beto O'Rourke) of his lifestyle at home. It appears we're being subjected to a reporting blackout, à la FDR in the wheelchair.
    It is probable that the lib media knows that the hiding of Buttigieg's alternative lifestyle, increases the likelihood of an easier acceptance of him as a candidate. Make no mistake, Buttigieg understands this as well and is the 'omission' to the media's 'commission'. Zbest

  12. Possible that if Bernie looks like he's going to be the candidate that he has ANOTHER heart attack. That's how they roll.

  13. "Forcing people to vote is what Saddam Hussein did. It is a favorite tactic of dictators."

    The darnedest places also have compulsory voting:

  14. Miranda Devine's dad Frank made a lot of sense in his day, and so does she now.,25197,25727311-601,00.html

  15. "Just a reminder that Wolf Blitzer lost on Jeopardy, baby."

    "That's right, you lost.
    And let me tell you what you didn't win
    A twenty column set of the Encyclopedia International,
    A case of Turtle Wax, and a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni,
    The San Francisco Treat.
    But that's not all.
    You also made yourself look like a jerk in front of millions of people.
    You brought shame and disgrace to your family name for generations to come.
    You don't get to come back tomorrow.
    You don't even get a lousy copy of our home game. You're a complete loser!"

  16. You really have to admire the stable genius and giant gonads of PDJT.

    He made all the attending Demorats at the SOTU attend Rush Limbauh's awards ceremony.

    I'd bet not one commie lib saw that coming.

  17. I can't help but think that perhaps this Iowa kerfuffle was PLANNED. Follow me here, but for how long have people complained about Iowa being first? What is now at risk? I think there needs to be a WHOLE lotta questions asked about this. I fail to believe this is just a "bad" app episode. I will not accept the fake news narrative.

    1. The Iowa democrat party would not willingly participate. There is a prestige factor. They got state delegations punished for jumping line.

  18. #5

    This may redound to the republicans’ advantage. Many don’t vote now in places like nyc because it’s pointless. Same with disappointed democrats. Maybe if they had to vote they might find that there are many more of them than they thought.

    1. Could be someone forced to vote that had somewhere else to be decides to vote the a-holes out of office.