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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Obama Era in Democrat Politics ended in Iowa on Monday, where it began. In 2008, voters in the overwhelmingly white heartland state accepted him, meaning it was time for a black president.

Obama's failure to lead led to the disastrous stimulus in 2009, which sent unemployment to double digits for the first time in decades. Obamacare was a miserable failure. His foreign policy saw him withdrawing from Iraq too soon, and the rise of ISIS, while he bombed Libya for no reason.

His incompetence led to the election of Donald John Trump as our president. For that, I am grateful.

But Obama's party is wrecked. In the last 12 years, voters decimated the Democrat Party costing it  thousands of elected offices at the local, state, and federal level.

NBC reported, "Just 172,000 Democrats participated in the caucuses in 2016, which was way down from the record set in 2008, when 239,000 turned out."

That is a 29% drop.

The party in Iowa dehydrated. What is left is crusty communists and corrupt apparatchiks. The state party failed to report the votes in the caucus in a timely manner. Maybe the Russians hacked them. After going through a three-hour ordeal, Iowans left without knowing whether their votes counted. Who will bother to vote Democrat in November? No one trusts the Democrats. No one should.

That this coincides with CNN and the Des Moines Register refusing to release the results of their final poll tells us the fix is in.

ITEM 2: Axios reported, "President Trump often says he's the smartest person in the room on virtually every topic. Now, after taking several risks on what he privately calls big sh** and avoiding catastrophe, Trump and his entire inner circle convey supreme self-confidence, bordering on a sense of invincibility.

"The state of play: Three years into Trump's presidency, their view is the naysayers are always wrong. They point to Iran, impeachment, Middle East peace. Every day, Trump grows more confident in his gut and less deterrable. Over the last month, 10 senior administration officials have described this sentiment to me. Most of them share it."

He believes he is invulnerable because he is.

I warned them that a failed Mueller report would do this. On top of that, they impeached him. They are sissy boys who cry wolf.

ITEM 3Zero Hedge reported, "Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh announced on his Monday show that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

"Limbaugh first noticed something was wrong during the second week in January, and was confirmed to be cancer by two medical institutions on January 20th."

Pray for him.

Pray for those who celebrate his pain. They are the really ill people.

ITEM 4: HuffPost reported, "Staffers Say Sexism Runs Deep At The Washington Post."

The story said, "The Washington Post doesn’t value women and men in the same way, these people said. This appears literally true when it comes to pay: Women in the newsroom are paid less than men, according to a report published last year by the union that represents employees. (The paper disputed the findings at the time.) One former Post contractor told HuffPost she was let go after asking for a raise.

"The disparity courses through the culture and is borne out in the paper’s coverage, where stories of sexual harassment have sometimes been held to a higher standard than other coverage, some staffers said.

"Crucially, the gender imbalance is clear in the masthead. Three of the four top editors at the Post are men. Only four of 17 department heads are women."

The Don Surber blog pays everyone the same regardless of sex, race, religion, or favorite football team.

ITEM 5: WION reported, "Thailand's health ministry claims that a Chinese woman infected with the new coronavirus showed dramatic improvement after getting treated by a cocktail of anti-viral used to treat flu and HIV."


The conspiracy theorists say the virus strain was embedded with HIV.

Whatever, it seems more like the flu. Deadly, true, but seasonal.

ITEM 6: The New York Times (I don't link pay sites) reported, "Just beyond the windows of Satsuki Kanno’s apartment overlooking Tokyo Bay, a behemoth from a bygone era will soon rise: a coal-burning power plant, part of a buildup of coal power that is unheard-of for an advanced economy.

"It is one unintended consequence of the Fukushima nuclear disaster almost a decade ago, which forced Japan to all but close its nuclear power program. Japan now plans to build as many as 22 new coal-burning power plants — one of the dirtiest sources of electricity — at 17 different sites in the next five years, just at a time when the world needs to slash carbon dioxide emissions to fight global warming."

"'Why coal, why now?' said Ms. Kanno, a homemaker in Yokosuka, the site for two of the coal-burning units that will be built just several hundred feet from her home. 'It’s the worst possible thing they could build.'"

West Virginia has plenty of coal to sell, and that carbon dioxide will make the plants grow better.

ITEM 7: The Associated Press reported, "The pastor of a Rhode Island church issued a flier which said that every state legislator who voted last year to preserve the right to an abortion in state law would be denied communion.

"Father Richard Bucci distributed the fliers last week at Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick, the Providence Journal reported on Saturday. He also mailed them to the homes of several lawmakers."

Good for him.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Rep. Elise Stefanik — the upstate lawmaker who became an overnight GOP superstar with her performance in the impeachment inquiry — raised a whopping $3.2 million in campaign contributions over the last quarter of 2019, beating out Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager, raked in $2.5 million, while Democratic-Socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez collected $1.9 million in the same period.

"Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) shot to stardom in November thanks to her aggressive questioning of witnesses who testified before the House Intelligence Committee about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine."

She and AOC can battle for Schumer's Senate seat in 2022.

ITEM 9: Legal Insurrection reported, "Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigns as an environmental activist, supporting the completely insane Green New Deal and stating that she will ban fracking on her first day in office.

"As is often the case with Warren, what she says and what she does are very different things. The Wall Street Journal reports that Warren received income from oil and gas royalties in Oklahoma and that she transferred her holdings to her children before announcing her run for the Senate."

Too bad she did not transfer better values.

ITEM 10: People's Pundit Daily reported, "The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index (PMI) came in at 50.9 in January, indicating expansion and beating the consensus forecast.

"Forecasts ranged from a low of 46.0 to a high of 50.0. The consensus forecast was 48.7, up slightly from the 47.2 in December.

"The New Orders Index came in at 52%, up 4.4 percentage points from 47.6% in December. The Production Index rose 9.5 percentage points to 54.3%."

Anything above 50 is considered positive for the economy.

ITEM 11: Salena Zito reported, "PEWAUKEE, Wis. — Katrina Goetz is fully invested in her community. A wife, mother of three and volunteer, she is also an executive overseeing 65 employees at TLX Technologies in suburban Milwaukee. And yet, in 2016, she did something she’d never done before in her adult life: She refused to vote for president."

But now.

Zito wrote, "Goetz, 40, has gradually moved from Never Trump to Probably Trump for two reasons: 1) She says she likes the results of the president’s economic policies, which have resulted in Wisconsin’s low unemployment rate at 3.3 percent; and 2) She says the current field of Democratic presidential candidates hasn’t persuaded her to choose any of them."

Capitalism versus communism. It should be no contest.

ITEM 12: The Tampa Bay Times reported, "Florida voters won’t get a chance to vote this fall on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban assault weapons after the initiative failed to get enough signatures.

"Instead, the organizers behind Ban Assault Weapons Now say they’ll focus on getting the amendment on the ballot in 2022.

"Chairwoman Gail Schwartz said in a statement that they’ll continue gathering signatures 'despite the best efforts of the NRA and politicians in Tallahassee.'"

Dang. That would have ginned up more President Trump supporters to vote the thing down.

ITEM 13: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, "The two top officials overseeing Milwaukee's host committee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention were sidelined Monday amid allegations of a toxic work culture.

"In a letter to staff obtained by the Journal Sentinel, the board said it had retained an attorney to investigate 'concerns about the work environment' for the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee.

"During the investigation, Liz Gilbert, president of the host committee, will not be in the office and 'will not have direct contact with staff,' the letter says. Adam Alonso, the chief of staff for the group, has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the probe."

Toxic work environment?

Who is in charge?


ITEM 14Jonathan Turley reported, "There have been suggestions that the White House defense team could be brought up on bar charges for their arguments in the Senate. I have previously written that such statements by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others are vindictive and ill-informed.

"The White House team were effective advocates for their clients and we do not disbar lawyers for making arguments or defending individuals that we do not like.

"I was surprised and disappointed therefore that my fellow witness from the Trump impeachment hearing, North Carolina Law Professor and CNN Legal Analyst Michael Gerhardt joined this dubious argument on CNN yesterday. The call for ethics charges seems dangerously close to the view of Lawrence O’Donnell that Trump defenders are barred from his MSNBC program because they are all 'liars.'"

Democrats and the media want to destroy all opposition. I don't care if it is your next-door neighbor running for city councilman, never vote for a Democrat. It may be suicide.

ITEM 15: I said Joe will vote to acquit.
But I do wonder if they are putting Epipens in all the Trump resorts and hotels.

ITEM 16: So much for the presumption of innocence.
Thank goodness dead white men wrote the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the 13th, 14th, and 19th Amendments. I don't think Polly Purebred understands how trials work.

ITEM 17: Cue Queen's Another One Bites the Dust.
Amazing what happens when U.S. intelligence spies on the bad guys instead of spying on The Donald.

ITEM 18: How they plan to turn Texas blue.
Voter ID. Now.

ITEM 19: We know Obama had the FBI lie to spy on Donald John Trump.
Now we know the proof is there.

ITEM 20: Duh.
Maybe Sam Watkins can invite Richard Sherman to be his guest to make up for burning him so bad. That 10-point blown lead in the 4th quarter deserves a double shot of Trumpenfreude.

ITEM 21: Democrats, proudly leading the way into the new century...
...the 19th century.
The programmers may not have known what they were doing, but they were diverse.


  1. The last time I voted for a Democrat was in the 2008 primary. My vote counted, but not for the candidate I voted for.

    They literally stole my vote and gave it to Obama.

    1. Ya got woked, IQ, good and hard. Congrats for switching!

    2. Yep. I have not regretted leaving the Democrats after 28 years in 2008. I registered as a Democrat this year to write in "Donald J. Trump" on the presidential primary ballot. (Oregon is a closed primary state.) I also like telling people I'm a registered Democrat who is voting for President Trump again.

    3. Thanks lyn5. I'll do the same. I registered Demoncrat in '08 in order to vote for the hildebeast in the primary--part of Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos". It didn't mean anything in the long run, but I haven't seen any reason to change the registration since, voting consistently as a stealth "R". The "R" side of the uniparty is no more attractive, but as we proceed with PDJT's transformation, it may yet revive as a real Republican party. Drain the Swamp! Destroy the deep state! MAGA!

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  2. #4 Remove sex/gender from consideration; for the sake of argument, pretend that all hires are taken from one sex and one sex only.

    But say there are two groups of employees. One group gets special leave privileges allowing them to miss work for months at a time and still get paid; the other group doesn't. These privileges are cast in law; the employer must grant them or they will be sued or prosecuted.

    The employer cannot predict when members of this special group will request said leave, only that they must grant it (and keep paying) when it is requested.

    You're the employer. Every penny spent was once yours.

    All things being equal, which group of employees are you going to prefer, generally?

    1. Not sure where that comes from. FMLA is generally unpaid unless you have sick time.

      Even the Pregnancy Discrimination Act states leave can be unpaid amongst other things.

      I used FMLA when my son had open heart surgery at 5mos old.

      So, what's your beef again?

    2. My beef is that the Federal Government should have ZERO say in Family leave, Insurance etc. Those 'benefits' should be between the employer and employee; Period!!! If one employer offers it and another doesn't, let the 'market' decide where the best and brightest choose to work.

    3. OK To, but there is no reason to make things up.

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  3. There once was an Iowa caucus
    Apparently things got quite raucous
    The Bernie Bros raged
    As they got tossed in a cage
    In the end they picked fookin Dukakis

  4. Commemorative pens inscribed with “Don’t Dump on Trump” will be issued to Mitt and all Dems tonight at the SOTU.

  5. #21 I suppose it's just a coincidence that Tom Perez looks like Lenin.

    1. I noticed that years ago. What is this fascination Leftists have with mass murderers? Maybe because they 'get things done'. I'm still waiting for my omelette too.

      Recall Saddam Hussein's moustache. Very much like Stalin's.


  6. Item 5: Viruses are extremely difficult to get rid of without causing great harm to the rest of the system. That's why there are flu has vaccines to build the body's immunity to keep a virus from invading healthy cells but there is no flu cure to eradicate the virus as there is with bacteria caused illnesses

    Remember herpes the common cold sore? Why is it forever? It's caused by a virus.

    That there's an ant-AIDS treatment means that they've found a way to disrupt the HIV causing virus without killing every healthy cell in the body. That's good news for all virus borne illnesses - including this coronavirus outbreak. Says nothing about the virus coming from the AIDS strain.

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  7. #4 regarding you paying everyone the same. Sounds like the old communist adage. They pretend to work, and you pretend to pay them. Especially on Sundays.
    Great Blog!!!

  8. #21 - was it a bunch of Trump supporters that wrote the Iowa caucus app, you think?

    1. No, today it came out some of Hillary's people wrote it, kind of funny isn't it?


  9. "He believes he is invulnerable because he is."

    Nobody is invulnerable (hello, kryptonite), and it's dangerous to think they are. POTUS seems too smart to get caught up in that trap.

  10. Item 5:
    Even if it only makes people sick, the coronavirus could still put a strain on available medical facilities, potentially create breakdowns in socio-economic structures (if the guys who drive state to state with fuel and foodstuffs can't or won't go from point A to point B, localized shortages can occur, with all the ugly consequences that entails), and could well disrupt workplaces both critical and otherwise. Even if we "have nothing to fear but fear, itself," that's plenty of good reason to be cautious, and to make at least some preparations.

    Finally, let's think about what year this is. 2020 is the BIG election year in the US. To whose benefit might it be to spread either disease itself, or the fear of it at this time? The Chinese have no love of President Trump, and the domestic terror organization known as the Democrat party would happily capitalize on the kinds of issues I posit above, real or fabricated.

    Be sure you have stocked in anything you couldn't do without for at least a coupla weeks (including your own prescription meds), keep your gas tank topped up, and pay attention to the news. If there are reports (true or not) of outbreaks or fatalities anywhere in your region, be aware that other people's panic could affect you. ='[.]'=

    1. Excellent-- thank you. You are exactly right, we should stock up and be prepared. The more people who are prepared, the less frantic things would get. I think it was Gordon Chang on Tucker Carlson that said this flu-like virus would be diminishing by April or May? Do you (or commentor Poopsie) know if there is a seasonal angle to this coronavirus? That would be great if there is.

    2. One should always at a minimum be prepared for a short term weather or economic problem. Just add to your stockpile now. Don't forget your home heating oil for the northern part of the country. And prepare for loss of electrical power. Everything cascades through the economic system and recovery under the best of times is slow. In normal disasters the rest of the country's infrastructure ensures a fairly quick recovery. In Clancy's book "Executive Orders", about a biological attack by Iran into the US, does a very good job on detailing the impact on our country.  

  11. Just when I didn't think I could enjoy Trumpenfreude more than I do....BAM, the Iowa Caucus Disaster!

  12. #21 "If you like the Iowa caucuses, you're gonna Love government healthcare!"

    1. A reminder, China has government healthcare to, although I understand it is for party members only but if so it isn't working very well at all.


  13. Central Bankers. Flooding the world with money. You are just kidding yourself if you think that equals great economy.

    The US is going down the tubes. The stock market is absolutely not acting irrational. It quite rationally understands that the worse everything gets, the more fiat currencies are going to be thrown at everything. And that equals higher asset prices.

    And, once again. don't be ignorant and think that's positive for the U S of A.

    The USA is in the final stages of going down the tubes.

  14. Re: #3
    "...And tonight when you hit your knees, please ask G-d to love him." [@1:31 min.]

  15. This Presidential election is beginning to shape up to be a re-run of the 1972 election.

    Nixon barely won in 1968, and was despised by half the country. He was still known as "Tricky Dick" in 1972. Despite that, he won one of the most lopsided electoral hauls ever.

    I don't see Trump doing the electoral vote sweep Nixon did, but Trump will handily win the electoral college and the popular vote.

  16. ITEM 16: Dimwit Demnings knows full well she is spreading misinformation and propaganda. All Pelousi had to do was take a full House vote, and the subpoenas they issued would have had full judicial backing, instead of correctly being ignored as suggestions, by the WH.

    I am so sick of this shizzle. If only there existed a press that had real journalists, instead of the paid hacks they have, journalists who would ask the right, and hard questions, then all of the shenanigans of the left would be exposed. Thankfully, those of us who want the truth have blogs like this and others on the internet.


  17. #3 - Yehi ratzon milfaneicha HaShem Elokeinu v'Elokei avoteinu shetiten refuah shleima umehera leRush ben Mildred.

    May it be God's will to grant a complete and speedy recovery to Rush the son of Mildred.

    (Jewish custom when praying for someone's health is to mention them as So-and-so the [son or daughter] of [their mother].)

  18. Got that "delete" button going today, eh Donnie? Don't like facts exposing hypocrisy do you? After taking time off, glad that I am owning this blog again, if only for a day.

    1. Your fevered imagination owns nothing. Ever.

  19. There is no evidence at all that the virus is under control.

    The mkt took off like a rocket overnight the second that the Chinese govt threw 72 billion dollars at it.

    Printing money is fools gold. It does not prosper. It destroys.

    Too bad the American public are going to learn the hard way.

  20. 20 - The White House will have massive cheeseburgers to celebrate the Chiefs victory visit.

    21 - Diversity is more important than competence. At everything. For liberals.

  21. Libya was Hillary's debacle, Obama wanted no part of it.

    It was Sid Blumenthal's idea.

    It was going to be Hillary's legacy, and her ticket to the WH. Turned out to be her legacy for a very different reason.

    Obama only allowed the US to get involved when it turned out that all of NATO, minus the US, ran out of bombs in a *very* limited bombing campaign after only three days.

    Remember "leading from behind"? That's what that was all about. It was her adventure, not his, he got dragged in to bail her out.

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