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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Corona Virus proves Trump is correct

On January 31, as the Corona Virus began making the news, Joe Biden said, “We have, right now, a crisis with the Corona Virus. This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia -- hysterical xenophobia -- and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science.”

President Donald John Trump had just imposed travel restrictions on Red China, including the quarantining of travelers returning home.

Closing the border made sense, which of course is why Biden and the rest of his party oppose it. Their hatred of the president has made them dumber than a kid eating a bag of lead chips.

The stock market has had a few bad days because of the Corona Virus. If so many of our top companies did not rely on Red China for parts and components, this strain of flu would be Red China's problem, not ours. But globalism means we no longer control our economic destiny.

The day before President Trump placed common sense restrictions on travel, the New York Times reported, "While officials scramble to contain the crisis — the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency and the State Department issued a 'do not travel' to China advisory — fears over the dangerous outbreak have fueled xenophobia. And the wave of spreading panic has, at times, far outstripped practical concerns."

Thus the Times was more worried about xenophobia than it was about thousands of people dying from a communicable disease. That is the Times track record. In the 1980s it was more worried about homophobia than it was about AIDS; after 9/11 its main concern was Islamophobia.

This reflects the problem with government health organizations because they become politicized. They serve the politicians, not the public. How can we have confidence in Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Her brother is Rod Rosenstein, the fellow who authorized the Mueller attempt to overthrow the president.

Nevertheless, this is the world we live in. The United States was able to close off Red China as being surrounded by oceans on two sides serves as a barrier against a virus. Our Mexican and Canadian borders are a concern. The wall along the southern border cannot be built fast enough.

Europe is a mess. Open borders among the 27 EU nations are a catastrophe after the Corona Virus hit Italy.

CNN reported, "Italy has confirmed 322 cases of the virus, the Italian civil protection agency said Tuesday. That's the highest number of Corona Virus infections outside Asia.

"The cases are heavily concentrated in the region of Lombardy where 212 infections have been confirmed. The authorities said Tuesday evening that 11 people have so far died from the virus in the country."

When reporters asked Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte what went wrong, he said, "This is not the time for controversy."

Maybe he can pencil in July 24 from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. as the time for controversy.

Some people (including Mike Cernovich) want to portray this as President Trump's Katrina. That is true if they mean blaming him for the screwups of local officials such as New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. By the way, he is serving 10 years in federal prison for being a crook following a conviction under the Obama administration in 2014.

But Hurricane Maria already is President Trump's Katrina, and once again the local officials who screwed it up seem headed to federal prison because they never distributed the relief supplies the Trump administration sent.

Corporations shipped jobs overseas to avoid environmental laws and high labor costs. CEOs generations later now deal with the problems that brought.

Shutting the borders to Red China is not xenophobia. It is self-preservation. Having a self-described germophobe as president turned out to be prudent.


  1. Cheap stuff is not worth it. BUY AMERICAN. You will be surprised how difficult that is to do but my family is committed. No more china.

    1. I remember buying cheaply-made cars, back when the Big Three dominated auto sales in America ... and how the Big Three made much better cars, shortly after foreigners started taking their business.

      Legitimate foreign competition keeps American firms honest and on their game. There is an optimum operating point other than reflexively "Buying American".

      That being said, it is quite imprudent to put all our eggs in the basket of the Peking Duck.

    2. its all about getting trump out of the wh to me its the flu and people want to fly sick go shopping sick i hear someone coughing i walk out i stay home as dad use to say stay home...its a crazy world people are panicking and the chinese are doing it so trump will be out the market is crashing and the politicians are putting salt on the ....remem ber aids reagan was president and it was a big deal finally he came out and said stop what you are doing and it got wrse
      i have a neighbor with aids i do not feel bad for him he asked for it god is in charge and people get what they put out....its the flu i refuse to watch tv or listen to the politicians bernie sanders will not be president period or bloomberg

  2. Long term, the Corona Virus will be most helpful to the US of A.

    As usual, PDJT is five steps ahead of the his critics.

    1. Not if the outbreak brings down Big Don in November, courtesy of a New York Times driven panic.

      If you insist on playing with hand grenades, at least keep them pressed up against your lard so the rest of us have some protection

    2. this not gonna be bernie winning because of this flu this 79 year old men with heart condition he will be exausted if he wins he will run out of gas trump will win the elections

  3. The only closed borders that are bad are the ones in the mind.

  4. In this morning's Highlights (item 12) Don says: "President Trump told them in August to find new suppliers."
    I think Trump made it clear in November 2017 in that outstanding speech to ASEAN that it was time to start getting OUT of China. Fair warning for those bright enough to get the message.

  5. "Shutting the borders to Red China is not xenophobia. It is self-preservation."

    Yup. Check out this minute long video on YouTube, showing the spread of the Black Death.

    See that huge white spot where Poland is?
    (near the end of the 1.11 long video)
    They controlled their borders. :)


    1. Poland's border control helped, but they still lost up to 25% of their population. It also helped that Poland by Medieval standards was fairly well isolated from the rest of Europe.

      Milan did what China was doing; walling up the infected families in their own homes until they recovered or died. Their death rate was estimated at 15%. The Duchy of Milan afterwards became one of the great powers of northern Italy.


  6. When I go for P T they always ask me if I'd been to China\,or come in contact with someone kown to have the Virus.The woman who asks me is this very lovely Asian woman. She always giggles and says something to the effect:I'd rather be here than in Seoul right now.." Most every on ethere agrees with Trump including the Korean lady..

  7. biden has been stupid for a long, long, long time before PDJT became president.

    1. Paraphrasing the Duke... 'Life's hard but its harder if you're from Delaware.'

  8. Chinese Organisms Very Invasive and Deadly

  9. Corporations shipped jobs overseas to avoid unnecessary environmental laws and high labor costs resulting from union-driven politics and nanny-state interventions. CEOs generations later now deal with the problems that brought.

    Edited for accuracy. Blaming only the CEOs is no more accurate than blaming only the "banksters" for the Great Recession.

    1. chuck u shummer wants to have the majority come nov. he will not trump will win they will lose everything is political with this creep

  10. Another Instalaunch! Congrats, Don, you are tearing it up.

    I see Josh Hawley is sponsoring an amendment to give the gubmint more oversight over medical supply lines. I wish Congress would go much further, and simply ban all importation of Chinese manufactured pharmaceuticals.
    They can't even get dog food right, WTF should we use critical drugs made there?