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Monday, February 10, 2020

Answering a fool's question

Jonah Goldberg wrote, "All of these gibbons and poltroons yammering on about how Romney was disloyal never seem to dwell on the question of why President Trump should demand his loyalty in the first place?"

Let me list the top 10 reasons.

1. In 2012, Mitt begged Donald John Trump for his endorsement for president. The Donald gave him his blessing. Mitt repaid this 4 years later by blasting Donald Trump as a fraud and a charlatan. After Republicans nominated Donald Trump, Mitt failed to support him.

2. Nevertheless, President Trump endorsed Mitt for the Senate in 2018, before the primary. Mitt repaid this by voting to throw out the election results from 2016 and to invalidate the Trump presidency.

3. The Trump administration has rolled back thousands of obsolete and unproductive regulations.

4. The Senate has confirmed 187 judges nominated by Donald Trump. Every one of them had the blessing of the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society.

5. President Trump and a Republican Congress cut corporate and personal income taxes.

6. President Trump has ended the mandate that people buy health insurance, gutting Obamacare, which Romney at least said he opposes. Of course, he gave Massachusetts Romneycare, which was the role model for Obamacare.

7. President Trump has negotiated new trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, Red China, Japan and South Korea.

8. President Trump has added 479,000 manufacturing jobs in 3 years. Obama subtracted 372,000 manufacturing jobs in 8 years. This is the best economy in 50 years.

9. President Trump has taken on opioids. Overdose deaths are down from Obama's record highs. After shrinking under Obama, the life expectancy of Americans is increasing again.

10. I can cite dozens more reasons. MAGAPILL has a list. The point is President Trump has done more for conservatives than any president in my lifetime.

I do not question the conservatism of Mitt or Goldberg because they aren't conservatives. They are the frauds they said Donald Trump was.


  1. Mr.Surber,

    Thank you for this!
    It is very helpful to have the list in a single place, calmly spread before us.

    Also, thank you for the heads-up on the MAGAPill site! This is the 1st I've heard of it.

    1. Another one is:

  2. You are a very patient man to attempt to answer Jonah Goldberg's question. It is also good to have the reasons compiled.

  3. How about something as simple as not giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the republican party? Its not that complicated.

  4. Here's another reason: Politics is a team sport. When you run for office as a Republican there is an implied covenant of support for the GOP in partisan matters. The voters in Utah voted for the Republican candidate.

  5. Goldberg can’t help But continue to insult us. Coming from him, I take it as a compliment.

  6. #11 Because there were no legal or behavioral or statutory violations cited in the Articles of Impeachment. President Trump did nothing wrong. In fact, he fulfilled a treaty obligation.
    #12 Because Romney professes to be a Republican.

  7. Mitt's vote wasn't just directed at DJT. He took aim at all the other Republican Senators. They're the real casualty here. Mitt's vote gives their opponents ammo to use against them in the next election cycle.

  8. Makes me ashamed that I voted for Willard.

  9. For years I've been trying to figure out what it is that these faux conservatives find so offensive about Donald Trump.

    Is it something as simple as extreme envy because he's an actual man with an incredibly beautiful wife?

    Is it because he shines a light on how tedious and dull their particular brand of faux intellectualism is making them appear like the mediocrities they actually are?

    Or is it really not about Trump at all. Maybe it's really about how much their self esteem depends on the notion that they are morally and intellectually superior to normal Americans. After all, what else do they have but a carefully constructed fantasy?

    They're so greedy. They had a good run pretending to speak for real conservatives. For goodness sake, get over it ladies. Just admit you're liberals and move on.

    1. Your fourth paragraph is the answer. Goldberg is about as fake intellectually as Adam Shit. I'm glad Don reads him - I quit 4 or 5 years ago. Don keeps us kinda updated. Thanks Don.

    2. I think the media are globalist with offices around the world. They can talk down about American nationalism because America's constitution allows it and it makes them look good in their E.U., Asian and middle east market without being called out for pandering. The RINOs want to protect the uniparty (deep state) and both sides of the aisle are scared of being caught in their corruption. Apparently, nothing scares con-men more than an honest man with brains and power.

  10. Here's a reason: you don't vote to convict an innocent man so you can preen and lecture voters.

    Tens of millions of those voters voted for both Romney and President Trump. I did. What about loyalty to them? They were loyal when Willard needed them. And he repays them by trying to overthrow their vote?

    What a piece of shit. Goldberg, too.

  11. Question: For each of the Trump triumps which required a Senate vote, how many times did Romney support Trump? Judges? Budget? Whatever? Romney is a self-righteous RINO of course but he was there for Kavanaugh, wasn't he? Rigid doctrinaire expectations are what the Left imposes. We should be better than that.

  12. Democrat crowds are cheering for Mitt Romney. That's all you need to know.