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Thursday, January 23, 2020

The impeachment we need

The Babylon Bee and Ann Coulter are at odds over the impeachment trial.

Coulter argues that the Senate could be doing better things such as:
  • Repairing our highways, bridges and border with a major infrastructure bill.
  • Ensuring that all Americans can get jobs by cutting off the deluge of cheap foreign labor.
  • Providing the public with quality services by not inviting the rest of the world to come partake of government benefits meant for Americans.
  • Fixing the disaster of Obamacare, so that all Americans have access to quality health care (by activating the same mechanisms that give them quality food, housing and iPhones: the free market, contract law, and occasional government subsidies).
  • Passing a bill to defund all the pointless, expensive military deployments around the globe, so we can FINALLY address the hellfires in our own hemisphere.
  • Ending the opioid crisis by declaring war on Mexican drug cartels and building a wall.
That is a sensible list.

The Bee argues that this keeps the Senate distracted from doing its usual to make the lives of Americans miserable.

I agree with both, and disagree with both.

What we really need is for Congress to take a sober and unflinching review of Obama's Spygate, in which an American president used the FBI to spy on a political opponent. To get that power, the FBI lied 17 times to a federal judge. Not only that, but the FBI tried to entrap Donald John Trump's son and his son-in-law at Trump Tower in June 2016. Not only that but when Devin Nunes later informed the judge the FBI lied, she ignored it.

This is the constitutional crisis we need to address because if we fail to put in place strict penalties for using the FBI to spy, the next Democrat president will do even worse.

To be sure, John Durham is investigating but he's a Department of Justice lifer. He was supposed to start indicting in June. I am tired of waiting. I give up on him. He is the bus that will never arrive. I may as well start walking.

Watergate was amateur hour. Obama's Spygate is Big Brother done by professionals. I would like to say that they almost got away with it, but because there has been no public outcry, I must tell the truth.

They got away with it.

But I am cheered when I realize that the one constant in my life is that Good eventually triumphs over Evil. When things are at their darkest, that is when the sun begins to rise. Perhaps in a second term, enough of the guilty will be punished to protect our republic from a repeat of this treachery.


  1. The President said "I caught them all."

    Don't doubt him. I learned that from you.

    1. I agree with the Gipper... Donald John Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp. Half drained swamps smell a lot. Remember he looked up at one of his buildings and had the balcony redone because it was a 1/4 inch (more or less) out of alignment, and shouldn't have been.

    2. I don’t doubt PDJT. I doubt many of those who are supposed to be helping him drain the swamp.

  2. How many Trump Judges will not be confirmed as this trial drags on? That I would like to know.
    The D battle plan for the next assault on Planet Trump has already been approved. The people's business will not be moved forward a millimeter until Trump retakes the House, if ever. Shithead already made that clear in his Senate well rant yesterday. It will be Banzai Banzai everyday against the wire.
    The Senate should not participate in the hysteria but concentrate on preserving its own integrity by bowing to Trump's influence. He is going to win big time and many of them will need to run in his draft to overcome rivals well financed by bitter short billionaires who hate him.

    1. The Senate is confirming judges in the morning. The trial is in the afternoon and evening. - GOC

  3. In other news, it's great for us stock traders...yeah, baby.

    Losers make THINGS. Winners make cap gains. That's where the money is. Thanks fed reserve. Without you i'd probably be one of life's losers making things.

    1. Joe and Hunter BidenJanuary 23, 2020 at 10:58 AM

      Nah,, Real winners get super-special appointed to board jobs. Prove us wrong.

    2. defend LIFE. Like what Mr. T will be doing tomorrow along with a half million others. “What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”


    3. I pitty da fool!

    4. And, semi-winners get cushy office jobs, e.g. counting the beans racked up by the top winners.
      Losers make things, truck things to retail stores, dig ditches, stand at check-out cash registers, stock shelves, etc.

  4. "Perhaps in a second term, enough of the guilty will be punished to protect our republic from a repeat of this treachery."

    From your keyboard to God's ear...

  5. What we need is people arrested for sedition. B.S.G.

  6. Lock them up! I must admit I'm as skeptical of American justice as I am of global warming.

  7. With luck the Senate will find Nadless not guilty by reason of insanity, Shiff for brains not mentally competent to stand trial and Nancy P Lousy to be suffering from alcohol poisoning, then send all three to a mental institution.

    1. Maybe get Jack Kervorkian for the House physician?

  8. "But I am cheered when I realize that the one constant in my life is that Good eventually triumphs over Evil. When things are at their darkest, that is when the sun begins to rise."

    Sorry, but the dems are desperate and will never give up, so platitudes like the above are useless to fall back on. Its a bit naïve (and you are definitely not the naïve type) to think good will eventually triumph over evil.

  9. About a month ago I commented about Bill Bar having the unique opportunity of not only being known as the best Attorney General in this nation's history, but the best and most consequential of any nation in all of history. To be that he only need perform his job in a steady, fair-minded manner, following the law and ignoring any outside noise and not worrying himself over useless concepts like "protecting the image" of the DOJ, FBI, etc... or the other one: "preserving the institutions".

    The image of the FBI, DOJ, FISC court etc... is lower than garbage and will not improve with cover-ups.

    Mr. Barr doesn't have to be heroic to be a hero...just fair. The criminality of the previous administration is so massive and breathtaking that it's all there just sitting right in front of him like a big red button. Pressing that button requires moral courage because everybody knows the stuff's going to hit the fan when it gets pushed, but nobody knows how the chaos will unfold.

    I agree it's not looking good at this point.

    Eric W.

  10. One good way to drain the swamp is to decentralize the federal government and start relocating the bureaucracy out of Washington D.C. Move enough of them out and Virginia will flip back to red.

    Move IRS headquaters to Pt. Barrow, Alaska, and put the FBI in Fargo, ND. Barstow seems like a lovely place for all those CIA analysts, and Wichita or Topeka for the State Dept. Last but not least, send the Department of Education to Guam.

  11. "That is a sensible list."
    No, it's not. A "sensible list" would begin with supporting our duly elected President. That's something the GOPe refuse to do. Coulter's no better. She excoriates our President because he doesn't walk on water.
    You're right about one thing. We shouldn't be wasting our time on this trial unless we're serious about stopping the rot. Otherwise all of Trump's achievements would have been for naught.