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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The 7 Snow Whites and Yang

Cory Booker's departure from the presidential race leaves Andrew Yang as the only non-white remaining in the Democrat presidential field.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez correctly blamed voters. Only white people and Yang had enough electoral and financial support among Democrats to qualify for the next debate.

Perez said, "If you want to make sure that a candidate of color makes the debate stage, when a pollster calls you, make sure you make that preference felt, because that is how you move the polling needle and, again, the voters are the ones who are making these decisions."

Black voters overwhelmingly rejected Booker and Kamala Harris. A poll commissioned by The Hill in September found only 13% support among black voters for the two black senators.

This reflects on Obama's presidency. His failure to deliver any positive change for black Americans in 2 terms stands in stark contrast with President Donald John Trump overseeing an economy that dropped black unemployment to an all-time low while raising black wages to an all-time high.

There also is the inexperience factor. Obama's only accomplishment when he was nominated was writing two memoirs. Black people had to settle for him and overall, I believe most black people are still pleased and proud of him.

They just want something better the second time around. They want someone more experienced and more in tune with black people.

Also, Harris and Booker were terrible campaigners -- wet matches trying to catch fire.

The high black support for Joe Biden reflects well on Obama. Biden has absolutely nothing going for him except his association with Obama. But like Hubert H. Humphrey and Fritz Mondale before him, Biden is the dutiful ex-vice president willing to saddle up and lead a party in distress. Humphrey almost pulled it off in 1968.

Democrats fielded a pretty lousy set of candidates this year, the worst since 1988 when they called them the Seven Dwarfs.

This year's crew is the Seven Snow Whites. (Mini Mike, Quid Pro Joe, Pocahontas, Bernie, Amy the Snow Woman, Tom Steyer, and Alfred E. Neuman)

And Yang.

UPDATE: People have pointed out Deval Patrick is still in the race. I was going by those who made the debate cut. I should have been clearer. I apologize.


  1. By the end of his Maladministration, blacks were calling Barry halfa cracka.

    I think they were tired of him.

    1. I wait, I thought you meant Wang was still in it. Nevermind.

  2. Don - Deval Patrick is still in the race. Yeah, I know, I was surprised to find that out. - GOC

    1. Q: If a Deval falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

  3. Welp ~cracks knuckles~ Looks like it's time for me to step in and save the day...


  4. You are forgetting that Michael Bennet is still in the race

  5. Hey what about Fauxahontas! she's more Native than my Maltipoo!
    Although she might be 1/1025th coyote..

    1. Given that most folks of "white European" ancestry carry something like 4% Neanderthal DNA... maybe she should try running as a Neanderthal.

    2. Me good wit dat .
      Actually the Neaderthal gene are quite interesting. I remember a PBS documentary in which there were a group of
      college students who had been tested for Neanderthal DNA- out of the mixed group there were three with above 3% One Asian, the others Northern European. One young ( and quite attractive) woman had a bit over 4%
      she was complaining on how arm the room was and everyone else had sweaters and hoodies on..

  6. Do the evil central bankers now have another plan? Are they up to another no good that few people realize?

    There is no question that they had planned to tighten into the mid term and then into the 2020 general, all in the hopes of putting 'their side' back into power. And Trump decided to lambast them into easing and get the stock mkt rolling, thinking that is his key to victory.

    But there is a change afoot. Trump doesn't point out every new high in the mkt like he used to, and that's a recognition that things may be changing. The public is catching on that pumping money into the liquidity pool is making the rich filthy richier. And it isn't doing much for them.
    So is the fed purposefully going full printing money crazy, ramming the stock mkt higher, and for everyone to see and understand, in order to make the one percent so filthy rich that everyone will demand a socialist like sanders or warren gets to be president?

    In that last three months of election season after the dems have their nominee, i predict the dems will go full crazy mode over the rich getting richer, all at the behest of donald trump egging on the federal reserve to cause it. And guess what? They have a point?
    And this just may be the way the dems get into the white house.

    Pushing shit for brains economics, like debasing the currency, just might be trump's undoing.

    1. The stupid hypocritical dishonest troll dumps more diarrhea:

      "And this just may be the way the dems get into the white house."

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  7. He isn't black or hispanic, so per the D's own rules, he's white - on the pecking order of diversity privilege.

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  9. Since the DNC have rules of having enough donors to be in the debates, Mini- Mike didn't qualify. He only has one donor, HIMSELF, trying to buy an election. Candidates are waiting for him to drop out so that they can get his money and his staff

  10. Don, still waiting on your opinion on Huber's investigation of the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

    Jersey Jim