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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Stop being goofy, Senator Warren

In writing a post, I start with a headline and an image. They are subject to change and usually do. But they set the tone. In writing about Elizabeth Warren, I was struck by the difficulty in getting a GIF that shows her as a serious grownup.

Campaigning requires one to be entertaining. It is all salesmanship. I look at her GIFs and wonder why they do not put her on some medication.

If we had a red flag law for politicians, she would still be teaching law at Harvard.

Her goofiness is unattractive.

Her face and head are in constant motion making her seem like a 2-year-old.

She may think of herself as spontaneous and energized, but she comes off as being unhinged.

Of course, her actions reflect her politics. Not much thought goes into paying reparations, eating $1.6 trillion in student debt, and expanding Medicare to cover everybody. Because if she did think these things through, she would realize how dumb they are.

A huge part of her problem is she has all the fashion sense of a warthog. She needs to dress for success. She wears the same black outfit with a sweater-jacket hanging over it every single day. Chairman Mao showed more variety.

 And she needs to learn makeup. She is pasty, as if they let her out only at night.

Like Hillary before her, Warren approaches being the first woman president as an entitlement. Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher were serious players. They showed a competence that was better than their opponents. Their argument was not that they were entitled to lead their nations because they were women, but that they were the best person for the job.

And once elected, they proved they were.


  1. I still can't believe that someone married her.

  2. Warren has four "witnesses"--well, they weren't there, but they say she told them about Bernie at the time. Our parents told the four of us about Santa, but we never saw him either.

    This is the same old Warren game--using phony identity politics to help her career.

    Hillary is a Congenital Liar. Warren is a Genital Con-Liar.

  3. You might as well tell a fish to quit drinking water.

  4. Meh,, Warrens' going down. Just imagine me on Huma, that's how hard and fast...


  5. Whenever I see her in her dumb yoga outfits, waving her arms around and trying so hard to display Energy, Youth, With-Itness, I think “and they said Donald John Trump was not ‘presidential’”...

  6. I can hardly wait for Warren's next gig: Dancing with the Stars.

    1. She can have a dance off with Elaine Nardo (from Seinfeld).

  7. Love this post! Laughter does the heart good.

  8. Sane people vote for what a candidate stands for, not what or who they are.

    Even Pakistan has had a female Prime Minister. PAKISTAN!!!

    Liawatha is simply unelectable. The way she speaks and answers questions is grating.

  9. My wife says she reminds her of a certain type of Teacher in Grade school that wanted to be very kid's "friend" and as a result- Chaos in the the classroom.
    That type usually had problems relating to adults..
    Wearing the same outfits as in a whole closet full
    is another...
    I haven't forgiven her action about being Cherokee.
    Wife, before her stroke, was in the process of finalizing her membership on the Cherokee nation..
    She is an embarrassment to those of us who really have,documented family and ancestors who have Native blood. some of whom fought and died for the
    "love it or give it back."

  10. Why is the left blaming Trump for killing that iranian general? The missile did it. We need common sense missile controls.

    1. We need common sense missile control


  11. "And she needs to learn makeup. She is pasty, as if they let her out only at night." Remember she said in an interview she doesn't wash her face. And why would someone do that! Hey, I bet Trump washes his hair.

  12. If I have any quibbles about Mr. T’s performance thus far, it would have to be in the area of shrinking government agencies - especially the useless ones. The CFPB is a not-so-shining example. The bastards have 35 job openings as of five minutes ago, STARTING at $110K. Former Jeopardy champ Dick Cordray (before he Dicks you) got the sack and was replaced with a supposed Trump guy, but dammit, WHY IS HE STILL HIRING? They haven’t done nuthin, they reported to no one, and they occupy a nearly brand new building. SHUT THESE EFFERS DOWN, MR. T!!

    1. Shutting down federal agencies requires the cooperation of Congress. DJT has that cooperation only on judicial nominations, because only the Senate is needed. The House is run by elderly loonies who have no control over their looniest members. Give DJT majorities in both houses of Congress, and you'll get what you seek.

  13. I think her lack of any concern about her looks is very intentional. If she were to try and make herself look nice, that would be showing RESPECT to male voters in the same way you dress nicely for a job interview to show respect for yourself and the company you are applying at. She intentionally does not want to show any respect to male voters because that would betray her radical feminist views, which holds all men in contempt.

    If she were to win the nomination, I would imagine she will try to improve her appearance, which will be just more awkwardness coming from her.

    Eric W.