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Monday, January 06, 2020

Pelosi should ignore the press on Iran

As the press spins the death of Qassim Suleimani via a Reaper missile, Democrats would be advised to ignore the reports.

Most Americans are.

We are glad the sumbidge is in the past tense. Iran's mullahs attacked our embassy. We took out their consigliere who ordered the attack.

No one wants a war. Taking out Iran's top general decreases the chance of a war.

But the press wants President Donald John Trump gone. The press wants to turn a retaliation into a war crime. In a 1,650+ word piece -- "Iran Uncertainty Grips Congress as Impeachment Looms" -- the New York Times did not even mention the embassy.

Instead it said, "President Trump’s abrupt decision to kill Iran’s top security commander has reshuffled the already fraught political dynamic around impeachment and thrust matters of war and peace into the middle of an election-year debate over whether to remove Mr. Trump from office."

The Times would have you believe that President Trump was bored by eating junk food and watching Gorilla TV, so he decided to send Suleimani to collect his virgins.

But Iran attacked us in Iraq. We returned fire. Democrats want to spin that into a war crime. They have the disadvantage of leaping on the embassy attack and labelling it President Trump's Benghazi. This painted them in a corner because they demanded he do something and he did.

His decisive retaliation watered down an already weak impeachment case.

House Republican Leader McCarthy tweeted, "While Democrats are trying to remove President Trump from office, the President is focused on removing terrorists from the face of the earth."

The Times wrote in response, "Democratic leaders insisted the two issues must not be interwoven, and said that lawmakers were obligated to follow through with the impeachment process even as they debated the way forward on Iran. Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday evening told Democratic lawmakers in a letter that the House would act swiftly and vote later in the week on a resolution to limit the scope of the president’s war-making powers in Iran."

Sarah Sanders gave her own response. She tweeted, "How many of you are thinking that Qassem Soleimani was the Democrats bag man in Iran? Are Democrats getting some kickbacks (a la Ukraine) from that $150 billion Obama, so generously gave to the Mullahs? Is this why the Congressional Democrats are so mad?"

She may be onto something. John Kerry was the secretary of state when we gave Iran the money. In May 2018, he met with Suleimani in Paris.

Democrat Senator Mark Warner was the point man for Democrats on NBC's Sunday talk show. He juggled impeachment and Iran poorly.

He said, "Congress has to do both of our constitutional responsibilities. One, to protect the American people and be a coequal branch of government with the administration to make sure that we keep Americans safe.

"Secondly, we also have to take on the responsibility of what’s going to come over at some point from the House, and that’s to conduct a full and fair trial."

Democrats have not impeached the president. They voted to, but until Nancy sends the resolution to the Senate, he is not impeached.

The Times acknowledged this.

It said, "Lawmakers and aides close to Ms. Pelosi say she has not yet made up her mind on how or when to proceed, and said foreign policy would not affect her thinking. A decision could come as soon as this week, when House lawmakers reconvene on Tuesday and the speaker holds a series of meetings with her leadership team."

Impeachment is suicide for Democrats. The press has spun asking about a legitimate investigation into Biden's corruption as asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden, but everyone knows that isn't true.

After 50 years -- maybe more -- of having the press in its hip pocket, Democrats now have the press dangling around its neck like an albatross. The alternative reality the press created is like the pool of water that showed Narcissus his reflection. He was so enamored of himself that when he leaned to kiss his reflection, he fell in the pool and drowned.

Democrats are leaning to kiss the reflection. Pelosi should pull them back.


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  2. " he fell in the pool and drowned"

    As Kellyanne would say, he provided an "alternative" mythology. Did Sean Hannity write a text replacing Bulfinch? I'm sure Narcissus "fell in the pool and drowned" in that version.

    Kudos on keeping up the projection by invoking Narcissus. Trumpy the clown's sad narcissism is always relevant.

    1. LOL funny! Yep this site is the echo chamber of alternative facts that are never linked just presumed to be true. Iran is the great satan cause a few Jews say so. Its the pot calling the kettle black for sure.

  3. It's amazing how Democrats can collude with our enemies and get away with it.

  4. I don't think, Don, at this point she can rein in the far left crazies.

  5. This from July 20, 2015 is making the recommendations. Seems Obama had a man-crush on Suliemani for being, well, so manly:

    Obama Strikes a Deal--With Qassem Suleimani
    Lee Smith

    "According to the terms of the Iran deal announced in Vienna on Tuesday, U.N. Security Council sanctions regarding nuclear-related issues will be lifted on a number of entities and individuals—from Iranian banks to Lebanese assassins, like Anis Nacacche. The name that most sticks out is IRGC-Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani. Administration officials counsel calm, and explain that Suleimani is still on the U.S. terror list and will remain on the terror list. But that’s irrelevant. The reality is that Suleimani is the key to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action."

    1. Obama must have had the leg tingle. LOL.

  6. Netflix sells streaming subscriptions in Iran. See here.

    The mullahs strictly censor what Netflix is allowed to stream.

    Internet service in Iran averages about two megabits per second, which is marginal for video streaming.

    Since Iran does not enforce international copyrights, pirated DVDs and thumbdrives are readily available for cheap.

    It makes no sense for Iranians to spend a tenth or more of their discretionary money on a streaming service with very little content that probably spends more time buffering than actually playing.

    Netflix hired Obama for fifty million dollars to produce content.

    The only way it makes sense for Netflix to offer streaming service in Iran is if the mullahs pay for fake subscriptions to get kickbacks to Obama.

    Netflix is publicly traded, so Sarbanes-Oxley makes whoever is signing to falsified filings at Netflix personally responsible for that fraud.

    1. We ditched Netflix because of the laundering money to Zero, but my friend keeps sending me Netflix gift cards. Sigh.

  7. In response to Obamahole Ben Rhodes's Twitter meltdown:

    Cliff Sims Verified account @Cliff_Sims

    Cliff Sims Retweeted Ben Rhodes

    The Obama Bros’ meltdown right now is really something to behold.

    You guys gave billions to the Iranians. They spend billions funding militias that kill Americans and generally spread terror around the region.

    Your Iran “policy” was appeasement.

    And @SecPompeo is correct.

    1. Ben Rhodes Verified account @brhodes

      This is a lie, offensive, obscene and an absolute disgrace. This man and his boss have destroyed America’s reputation and made a shambles of Iran policy in part because of their pathetic obsession with Barack Obama who they will never, ever measure up to.

      Pompeo: "In 2015, the Obama-Biden administration essentially handed power to the Iranian leadership, and acted as a quasi-ally of theirs, by underwriting them, underwriting the very militias that killed Americans."

  8. Nope. We need to let Democrats drown.


    Leighton Woodhouse Verified account @lwoodhouse

    "There was a moment in the early 2000s when, at the highest levels, Iran was considering a wholesale reversal of its enmity with the United States. That historic opportunity was lost so that David Frum could have his stupid pet phrase in Bush's SOTU speech."

    The phrase? Axis of Evil.

  10. It was a three scoop day for PDJT. The liberal tears are the sprinkles .

  11. Have to wonder about the Democrats. Accounting for Trump derangement syndrome their reactions are very odd. Historically Carter may have had a second term if Iran hadn’t held the hostages until Reagan took office. Could just be the Democrats know they don’t have a chance to win in November with Trump in office.

  12. Iran's mullahs attacked our embassy.

    Says who? You? You were there? Where's the evidence?

    as usual

    Neocons don't need evidence their word is gospel.

  13. This blogger is a real riot right out of neocon grad school! Another Max Bootie boy for sure.

    Hours ago he's rooting for regime change. Now he says nobody wants a war!

    Like a liberal he wants it both ways.

  14. LOL! Iran says

    We don't want a war! So let's kill an American general to prevent one!!!!!

    As the cliche goes ya can't make this stuff up

  15. I know! The Keystone Kops are in charge.

    First we're leaving Iraq....hours later we're told that letter about leaving was only a draft. A draft?

    Amazing how this 4D chess resembles chaos huh. Must be Sun Tzu stuff! Didn't he play chess?

  16. Trump says he did it to stop a war not start one. Oh. Another 4D chess move! Kool.

    And the South fired on Fort Sumter to stop a war too.

    1. Trump is messaging Iran from a position of power, not the position of shame Obama was famous for.

  17. Iran attacked our embassy in Tehran in 1979 and falsely imprisoned the staff for 444 days. According to international law, embassy property is the sovereign soil of the operating power. Iran invaded the U.S. in 1979 and have been attacking U.S. citizens ever since.

    I know History is as tough for LibCong trolls as Math is for Barbie, but facts are stubborn things. Iran has been conducting acts of aggression against the U.S, for 40 years. We are justified to retaliate as opportunities present themselves.

    1. Poor Mike he's ignorant of history. Iran had a DEMOCRATIC government in 1953 until the CIA pulled a coup on them and installed a dictator.

      So in 79 they took revenge. I don't blame them a bit.

      Meanwhile in Aleppo the Christians there held a service in honor of the slain General

      The pastor quoted Jesus....

      Blessed are you when they revile you and persecute you....

      So go ahead and celebrate his death all ya want fools.

    2. Hey Nonny, who was the leader of Iran prior to 1953? The same Shah who was the leader in 1973.

    3. Hey, Nonny. Your Mom just left to go home and warm up your Hot Pockets. Check the microwave.

  18. After 50 years -- maybe more -- of having the press in its hip pocket, Democrats now have the press dangling around its neck like an albatross.

    More like 80.

    Water, water, everywhere, and they'll all only sink.


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