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Saturday, January 11, 2020

One missile. One Iranian regime change

The death of Qasem Soleimani (aka General سم سلیمانی‎, in Persian) may have done more than lop the head off Iran's terrorism forces. The regime change foreshadowed by a trucker's strike last June may come to fruition.

The Jerusalem Post reported, "A group of Iranian protesters demanded Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei step down on Saturday after Tehran said that its military had mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people on board.

"'Commander-in-chief [Khamenei] resign, resign,' videos posted on Twitter showed hundreds of people chanting in front of Tehran's Amir Kabir university.

"This is the first protest since the assassination of IRGC Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani. Last November, hundreds were killed in protests in multiple cities across the Islamic Republic.

"In videos circulating on social media in November, demonstrators in western Iran and in the republic's capital were seen chanting 'Death to Khamenei!'

"Iranian authorities shut off the Internet across the country, blocking communications in preparation for expected protests."

Iran shut down the Internet upon General سم سلیمانی‎, 's departure from this Earth.

Apparently the general headed a faction in the Iranian regime that wanted to spread its influence into Arabia through terrorism.

But the Arab states and Israel are fighting back. Just as the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s bled both countries, so the recently concluded Yemen war cost Iran dearly. Forces led by the Saudis won.

With terrorism and the pursuit of nukes leading to crushing economic sanctions, which led to that trucker's strike and protests in November, my guess is many in the regime thank God and drone shot he's gone. Sure they threw General سم سلیمانی‎, a huge funeral. But that was for show.

Which leads us to the downing of the Ukraine plane with 140 Iranians aboard. Who were aboard? Were some allies of General سم سلیمانی‎, fleeing? Why were they flying to Kiev? Would that be a safe haven for those loyal to General سم سلیمانی‎, ? Were the bribes paid in Ukraine related to money given Iran by Obama?

Those are questions to bear in mind as events reveal themselves. To be sure, John Kerry was friends with General سم سلیمانی‎, . The two met quite publicly in Paris in May 2018. There may have been other meetings, but we cannot assume that Iran had Kerry on the take. We can only go by what we know: his stepson raked in a lot of money when Kerry was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and when he was secretary of state.

In the meantime, the rise of rebels in Iran is the immediate fallout from killing General سم سلیمانی‎,. I believe that President Donald John Trump expected that.

I also suspect he acted on intelligence from the Israelis, the Saudis, and other Gulf States in addition to our own because those nations kept their lips sealed. Also, the British backed President Trump immediately.

Regardless of which side prevails, the domestic issues within Iran work to our advantage. Iran needs money, having spent all its Obama loot (the release of its frozen assets plus interest we paid). President Trump can lift economic sanctions if Iran gives up its nuclear program.

By the way, I am still wondering what gift Kim Jong Un gave President Trump for Christmas. Red China agreed to a deal. We shall see if that involves allowing Chairman Kim and President Trump to cut a deal.


  1. Which leads us to the downing of the Ukraine plane with 140 Iranians aboard. Who were aboard? Were some allies of General سم سلیمانی‎, fleeing? Why were they flying to Kiev? Would that be a safe haven for those loyal to General سم سلیمانی‎, ? Were the bribes paid in Ukraine related to money given Iran by Obama?

    And it gets better.

    Wonder why the mullahs are sweeping up the crash site? It could be they didn't make a mistake; evidence is starting to point that way.

    Also, a lot of سم سلیمانی's buds, to the tune of about 90, have since been arrested, so it looks like something was up and another something is going down.

    If I were a Democrat, I'd keep my mouth shut until all this shakes out, especially if I had any Presidential aspirations.

    If all this turns out the way it's looking (سم سلیمانی was Iran's Heydrich, etc.), a lot of Democrats will have to kiss their aspirations a fond farewell.

    1. I wish, but Deep State Media props up Democrats who have caca for brains.

    2. Probably a lot of the arrests are the Iranis trying to find the agents that ratted the General out. That took a lot of intel at various levels. When he left Lebanon, what plane he took and when it would land and where he would disembark, and his route out of the airport. Also not being mentioned is that he had an entourage which is now toast. Some 4 other generals and top planners were with him which is one reason why the Iranis had to reach down to get someone to nominally take his place.

      And i've wondered about who else was on that plane that the Iranis didn't want to get away. Iran was quite okay with zapping a few Canadians and few Brits to stop someone they really really didn't want to get away. The Ukrainians were probably a bonus in their view as the Ukrainians have been part of their supply line and could easily be part of the intel feed to the Israelis and the US.

      And as is mentioned elsewhere; now the top guys in gov't have to start assessing whether pulling some sh!t on the US is worth getting zapped themselves. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

  2. As Wictor pointed out, it was no mistake. That was the 7th plane to fly over that spot in the 3 1/2 hours since the drone strike. When radar locks on a unique aircraft # is displayed signifying military or non military. All but 4 of the "Canadians" had mid-eastern names (the 4 had all the same name). One faction or another did it on purpose. Princess Justine of Canada won't say a bad thing about Iran. Who were those "Canadians" trying to escape?

    1. As a Canadian and NOT one of his fans, I must correct the error that PM Trudeau "will not say a bad thing about Iran." The PM is on record well before the news was confirmed saying that it appeared that Iran had shot down the jet.

  3. The general's buddy in Yemen was supposedly missed from getting snuffed the same day as the general was. Iran is NOT just a Persian country: It is diverse with non-Persians supposedly the majority in their oilfield area. Persians account for 61% of the population, followed by Kurds (10%), Lurs (6%), and Balochs (2%). Other ethnicities account for the remaining 21%, including the Azerbaijanis (16%), Arabs (2%), Turkmens and Turkic tribes (2%), as well as Armenians, Assyrians, and Georgians.
    Also reports out of Iran are that resistance cells are being formed across the country. Who knows but the Iranian people are demonstrably disarmed which
    since during the Green Revolution in 2009 and in November 2019 the Revolutionary Guard picked demonstrators off at will. Another reason to point out the need for our 2nd Amendment. No 2nd and then no 1st.

  4. With John Fraud Kerry being friendly with General سم سلیمانی‎ and providing advice to the Iranian Mad Mullahs, I would love to see Lurch fully implicated in the evil that has gone on, and will soon be revealed.

    1. If the doj cannot find evil hillary doing the dirty, there is no hope for any dem or derp state retribution. The doj recommends 6 months for Flynn having a poor memory and mccabe gets off with an apology for multiple purposeful lies.

  5. The Dems and the MSM need to stop Kerrying water for the Iranians.

  6. The President was wrong to do it,
    to take out a Persian poet.
    Kahil Gibran
    didn't deserve this bomb
    And that was all he wrote.


  7. Mollie Verified account @MZHemingway

    Interesting read that raises role of Jimmy Carter in eventual neoconservative intervention strategy in Middle East, and Trump's potential repudiation of both.


    2. Thanks for the link.

  8. General سم سلیمانی‎'s friends were all going to Canada to live, wearing blackface makeup because the Canadian media says it's quite all right to do so.

  9. I enjoy your columns. Bugs Moran died in prison of lung cancer. He was not killed during the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

  10. When will these idiots realize all the crap coming down on them from the U S and other nations and from their own citizens is all because they keep doing stupid things that piss everyone off? Be nice, stop the insane direction you are heading into and maybe get a life of ease and prosperity. If you don't you may see a nuke free nation because of a nuke powered nation may just wipe your butts off the face of the face of the earth earth.