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Monday, January 13, 2020

Media misses the big story

It is the story of their lifetimes, and the journalists are blowing it -- bigly.

A billionaire playboy comes down from his three-story penthouse apartment overlooking Manhattan to enter the presidential race. He is a world figure, best-selling author, TV star, and ladies man. He offers himself as a tonic to the national morass, and an alternative to selecting another President Bush or Clinton.

That is a fantastic story. America replaced an affirmative action hire with a competent businessman. While our real-life Batman may have been born a millionaire, he worked to expand his fortune 1,000-fold -- just like the Bruce Wayne of fiction.

How did the leading "conservative" periodical play it? "Witless Ape Rides Escalator" read the National Review headline. And media coverage after that was all downhill. The part of the country that still believes in the media is convinced that it is run by a bumbling Hitler who just got lucky on the economy and on avoiding World War 3 three or four times now.

Among the ever-shrinking minority of Americans who believe what they see on TV, President Donald John Trump is an impulsive, juvenile puppet of Vlad Putin who is "in bed by 6.30 pm, watching his three televisions, eating a cheeseburger and making telephone calls to friends and confidants."

How did we get such a president? The TV believers say this was the work of those deplorable white people without a college degree who elected him.

But if he is so unqualified, how could we have the best economy in 50 years? The TV believers credit Obama. They never quite explain why Obama did not achieve this while he was president.

However, reality is stranger than the talking point fiction. Obama turned the FBI into a KGB that spied on Donald Trump and his campaign. This was Watergate on steroids -- and likely modus operandi for Obama.

Sara Carter reported, "Was President Donald Trump’s short term campaign foreign policy volunteer Carter Page set up by an FBI informant or the informant’s handler at the FBI?

Also said. "Page became the target of some of very corrupted officials within the agencies he had assisted in the past. They did this to target President Donald Trump."

The media deliberately ignores the largest scandal in American history in part because their multi-national conglomerate owners fear retribution once Democrats regain power. To be a journalist in Washington often requires one to lie.

Despite Obama throwing the intelligence community at Donald Trump, Batman beat the Joker, aka Hillary. And he did so despite her spending twice as much money. His was a small band of rebels who took on the establishment.

Tearing down empires is the story of President Trump. He vanquished and converted the Republican Party to suit his purposes. He is doing the same against the Democrat Party, and he also is taking on the media.

This is a man of derring do who would, if necessary, row across a frozen Delaware River on Christmas night to attack a drunk and sleeping enemy. In a later time, I could see him leading 16 bombers with a range of 1,300 miles on a 2,400 mile excursion over Japan. I certainly have seen him approve sending a dog to chase the top terrorist leader in the world down a rathole where he killed himself and his children.

Americans are said to lack the discipline to be soldiers, but what Americans lack in spit and polish, they make up in grit and daring.

Is there a more American president? He is trying to end wars, to cut trade deals, and to make America great again -- for everyone, not just the elitists.

These are the best years the United States has had since Ronald Wilson Reagan was president, and if you were dumb enough to believe everything that you see on TV, you would think we were in an economic collapse and on the brink of war.

Maybe if the media stopped sucking up to Democrats long enough, they would notice that we are making America great again.


  1. that was no miss. like the black Sox of old, the media takes the money to fix the game at the behest of rich powerful gamblers.

    as zappa said often, "it can't happen here!"


  2. He is our modern day U S Grant. It may be ugly, it may be dirty, but somehow he finds a way to win. And win for all his countrymen.


  3. The big story for me is how anyone can believe their bs any longer. Certainly a willful suspension of reality.

    1. Those who use CNN as their main news source are special. LOL.

  4. "Maybe if the media stopped sucking up to Democrats long enough..."

    Reminds me of my childhood:

    If wishes were horses beggars would ride. If turnips were watches I'd wear one by my side.

    I won't hold my breath.

    1. The media are Democrats bought and paid for by George Soros.


  5. I read his direct comments everyday in awe of his intelligence and courage. He moves the cheese and within seconds it is devoured only to be spit out with claims of attempted poison. The rats in their own stupidity are starving. The rest of us are enjoying the cheese with a glass of wine. Cheers.

  6. When it comes to Batman’s foes, replace the Joker with Two Face. We’re seeing the ugly side.

  7. The self proclaimed "king of debt" would show us if he were successful. You watched too many episodes of the Apprentice.

    1. And how much is in your bank account? Do you have a bank account? No? Shaddup

  8. We are winning. My own take is the obvious in Iran
    By Torching the Bad Man Soleimani, We have decapetate the leadership Kameneh is old and possiby sick, the
    Youth have taken to the streets this is real.
    Trumps Faarsi Tweet hold the record for the most read.. The Dems and the Mdeia side with the Murdering Bastards. Makes you wonder what they really want to do to us Deplorables? doesn'r it...

    1. No wondering about it! "They" either want you enslaved in a re-education camp or terminated with a bullet in the base of your skull....even the "nice ones" you consider your friends!

  9. All the Iranian people need are “small” arms and ammunition. Can you imagine Trump now that the mullahs are shooting protestors, giving such an ultimatum. Unfortunately, shooting a gun requires training much less doing asymmetric warfare. That’s the role of the Green Berets though.

    1. Hey! The Iranians don't need to be able to field strip their weapons in the dark. All they need are the basics in firearms operations and cleaning.

      And if you're worried about cleaning send 'em Glocks! Glock owners rave about dropping their weapons in the mud, then shooting them after a simple wipe-down! (We Sig owners prefer NOT to drop our weapons in such careless fashion.)

  10. The dems and the media know full well what is happening and it TERRIFIES them! They know their end is near. They are desperately trying to delay or deny the TRUTH from being used against them. They never thought she would lose!!

  11. Never thougth I would see a more courageous president than Ronald Reagan, but after the broken promises of Bush and the broken laws by Obama, 5 years ago the fixes proposed by candidate Donald J Trump have been implemented in a Bigly Way........boy has this been GREAAAAAT......G-D bless you and your family didn't have to step up, but you did. You and your longtime ideas about how to FIX THINGS has benefited everyone willing to work in the US. May your hard work increase your Senate majority and give you control of the current do-nothing House (and curses to you Paul Ryan and John pothead Boehner).

  12. trumpizdaresistance
    he needs to start a trump army to attack the leftists on the streets, i would join his army in a minute for the civil war. we need an abort a politician day.

  13. If we lack the discipline to be good soldiers, how come we keep kicking every army on the planet? Yes, we have problems now in shitholeistan, they are called ROE or rules of engagement. Our enemies are cowards who wear no uniforms and plant bombs. Nuff said.

  14. Not only would our President be courageous enough to row across the frozen river on Christmas Eve, our clever President would have sent them cases of liquor ahead of time.

  15. Deep State Media never will recover. Thank God for the internet.

  16. And Sotero tried to give the internet away too.

  17. "... He vanquished and converted the Republican Party to suit his purposes. He is doing the same against the Democrat Party, and he also is taking on the media."
    It is most assuredly a work in progress, and there's a very long way to go. But as the Dims no longer even try to hide their true intentions, we need only to keep handing them the rope to hang themselves. As for transforming the other half of the Uniparty, that too will take awhile. But the RINO's are fleeing in droves as they see the endgame in sight. As much as we'd like to see perp walks and orange jumpsuits heading toward military tribunals, I recognize that the swamp is still very dangerous, very deep and powerful. It will take every bit of Sun Tzu mastery to bring about the demise of our unelected gummint.

  18. I like to look back at what Charles Murray wrote at AEIdeas on May 13, 2016.

    "Without getting into the comparative defects of Clinton and Trump (disclosure: I’m #NeverTrump), I think it’s useful to remind everyone of the ways in which having a Republican president hasn’t made all that much difference for the last fifty years, with Ronald Reagan as the one exception."

    --A reality check about Republican presidents, Charles Murray

    Trump is making a difference, a much bigger difference.

  19. CNN even went so far as to give Hillary the questions to the debate they hosted a day or 2 before the debate. Trump still cleaned her clock. That's the one where Hillary said she would be terrified if a candidate didn't accept the election results. Trump said she'd be in jail if he was president. It was hilarious.

    I think communist encourage one another to become journalist/politicians/teachers based upon their aptitude.

    It looks to me like the MSM journalist are each others audience, the commie politicians always watch each others backs and the Red for Ed protests are a marxist front.

  20. Like most of you, I love what President Trump has done so far. But the test has yet to come: will the judges he appoints have the guts to overturn large swathes of grossly unConstitutional Fed laws/regs/agencies? If not, Trumps term(s) will have been a brief pause in the relentless march to serfdom We the People have inflicted on ourselves. If the progs can keep themselves from an all-out Fed level gun grab (a big 'if', I know), then all too soon we will find ourselves sitting in the cold and dark, every small and medium-sized business shut down or absorbed by a mega-corp, every Bible-believing church shuttered because the Gospel is 'hate speech', clinging to our AR-15's and saying, "But at least we have our guns!"

  21. The professional media class' fascination with itself has pretty much caused them to miss what historians are likely to point to as the distinguishing, and rather remarkable achievements of their stylized construction outside their bubble of self import.

    On the International stage, it looks like he showed up to kick some figurative ass and chew gum, and he's out of gum.

    He's extricated us from the ultimately 20th Century Soviet inspired train wreck commonly called Syria, and effectively dumped that mess back into Russian laps, from whence it originated lo many years ago. Which was followed by the elimination of the renegade self styled caliphate of ISIS, and it has sorta come out that he got the same Shia mililtias funded and directed by Sulemani to be the grunts on the ground with US Air Support, such that, well, they were basically killing each other for us. Then, with ISIS out of the way, and the militia's returning to the long term strategic goal of their Iranian paymasters of fighting the US as proxies, we eliminate the puppet master pretty close to the center of the web. One could wonder, if there was a window into Khameini's mind, if in addition to the panic at having lost the brains of the outfit, if there isn't also the possibility of a sense of quiet relief at the removal of one potentially very dangerous serpent, right in his midst, eyeing him, and the other Clerics, hungrily. . .and in the meantime, getting the Iraqis to formally make the request that we leave, which I somehow, at this point, Trump is going to have an opportunity to do just that, sooner, rather than later. Afghanistan as well.

    Which would cascade into a lot of pressure on a certain fellow with some primo beachfront property on the Sea of Japan to take the most excellent offer to survive, and even flourish when his good friend Don gets back to him.

    Ya gotta admit his landlord tendencies are showing up nicely - calling out the Euro trash to pay their bar tabs for NATO, which just happens to be very timely for the suggestion that they actually use their new toys for their own benefit.

    His domestic political strategy is both ballsy, and brilliant. He used the first 2 years to rankle all of the flotsam/jettson/deadwood squishy Republicans to self eject, or get voted out. This turned the reins firmly over to the Dems, who he dutifully and consistently encouraged to fly their freak flags proudly and loudly, to make the best impression possible.

    With a likely trajectory that the Dem primary process will offer up a figurative human sacrifice, that the down ticket support for R Congressional candidates will begin to be seen in the ongoing Trump road trips and rallies to talk to his constituents directly.

    Which seems highly possible to produce a landslide Trump, and a solidly Republican Congress, in both Houses, as the Dems flying their freak flags loud and proud makes for excellent material for their opponents.

    Looking at the spectrum of the entire picture, with the various moving pieces, all I really have to say at this point is. . .

    Trump, you magnificent bastard.

    And as always, I guess we'll just see what happens.

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  23. I think you mean "Batman beat Harley Clinquinn."


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