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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Politico reported, "A divided federal appeals court has lifted a lower court’s order blocking $3.6 billion in military construction funds that President Donald Trump planned to use to finance an expanded and improved border wall.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a brief order on Wednesday granting the Trump administration’s request to stay the injunction that U.S. District Court Judge David Briones, based in El Paso, Texas, issued last month."

Briones is a Clinton judge.

Andrew Oldham, an appointee of President Trump, and Edith Jones, an appointee of President Ronald Reagan, overturned Briones. Stephen Higginson, an Obama judge, dissented.

ITEM 2: The Hill reported, "The Trump Organization reportedly plans to cut off bids on its Washington, D.C., hotel on Jan. 23.

"The Trump Organization leased the property, within the Old Post Office building, from the federal government, and, with extensions, the lease lasts almost 100 years. A new lease owner could adjust the branding and managing of the building.

"President Trump’s real estate business hopes to get more than $500 million for the lease rights, amounting to about $2 million per room, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal. But buyers have recoiled at that price, which hotel brokers say would be a record for the city.

"The organization is reportedly willing to negotiate on price and other terms."

If it sells for a half-billion that would be triple what renovations cost Trump.

ITEM 3: General قاسم سلیمانی  is still dead.
I no longer believe the intelligence community, but I am glad he has gone where the goblins go.

ITEM 4: Shahram Akbarzadeh of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote, "Donald Trump has a free pass in Iran. Russia and China won't stop him."

The president knew going in that they would not stop him.

ITEM 5: Variety reported, "With media and entertainment sectors continuing to be whipped by winds of digital disruption, many industry execs believe they need to change the ways they’ve done business — or see their companies perish.

"About 50% of M&E executives said their company cannot rely on traditional business models to survive the shifting landscapes, according to a new survey by consulting and professional services firm EY. Indeed, 34% of those surveyed indicated that their company will no longer exist in five years unless their business undergoes reinvention.

"The survey identified three key factors driving change across M&E industry subsectors: responding to a new competitive landscape; struggling to keep pace with technology as businesses evaluate digital innovations, such as artificial intelligence and 5G; and dealing with challenges associated with changing customer expectations. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of execs embarking on change say optimizing the operating model will be truly transformational – but at the same time, 28% said they don’t know what steps to prioritize in pursuing such a strategy, according to the EY survey."

Media and entertainment have survived and thrived on new technology, and certainly the entertainment industry has hit another golden era thanks to streaming services.

But the news media is in the porcelain facility with the water swirling because the media frittered away its credibility in defending Obama for 8 years and attacking President Trump for 3 more. When you write off half your audience as deplorable, people turn elsewhere for news. The loss of objectivity means the loss of credibility which means the loss of your business.

ITEM 6: Politico reported, "President Donald Trump's Twitter broadsides and military threats are creating more than just headaches for U.S. commanders: They are stoking fears the Pentagon is losing its prized credibility.

"In the past three months, Trump has ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria without notice, outraging their Kurdish partners. He's bucked the military brass by granting clemency to troops accused or convicted of war crimes. He's threatened to seize oil from Syria, and most recently warned he might illegally bomb cultural sites in Iran before being forced to backtrack.

"In all those instances, top military leaders have had to cover for the president, in some cases dodging direct responses to Trump’s comments and in others pretending Trump didn’t say what he said."

What part of commander in chief do these people not understand?

But these are Obama generals and bureaucrats, the people who thought it was peachy keen to give Iran $150 billion.

ITEM 7: Gallup reported, "In 2019, on average, 47% of U.S. adults identified politically as Democrats or said they were independents who leaned toward the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, 42% identified as Republicans or were Republican-leaning independents.

"Americans' political leanings have been quite stable since 2016, the year Donald Trump was elected president. The Democratic figure has not changed in the past four years, and the Republican figure has been 41% or 42% each year since 2012."

How many does not matter as much as where they are does.

By the way, if these figures are relevant to the presidential popular vote, Hillary was only 1 point ahead of the percentage of Democrats out there, while President Trump was 4 points over the percentage of Republicans overall.

Rallies matter.

ITEM 8: The American Cancer Society announced, "The death rate from cancer in the US declined by 29% from 1991 to 2017, including a 2.2% drop from 2016 to 2017, the largest single-year drop ever recorded, according to annual statistics reporting from the American Cancer Society. The decline in deaths from lung cancer drove the record drop. Deaths fell from about 3% per year from 2008 - 2013 to 5% from 2013 - 2017 in men and from 2% to almost 4% in women. However, lung cancer is still the leading cause of cancer death.

"The decline in the death rate over the past 26 years has been steady. Overall cancer death rates dropped by an average of 1.5% per year between 2008 and 2017. This translates to more than 2.9 million deaths avoided since 1991, when rates were at their highest. A total of 1,806,590 new cancer cases and 606,520 deaths are expected in the US in 2020, which is about 4,950 new cases and more than 1,600 deaths each day."

If we get three new cases for every death, does that mean cancer kills only 1 in 3 victims?

As for lung cancer, smoking does not always lead to it, but why take chances?

ITEM 9: Too busy to do her job.
After Vice President Mike Pence, she is next in line for the presidency.

ITEM 10Stephen McBride, editor of RiskHedge Report, wrote, "Walmart Has Made A Genius Move To Beat Amazon."

His story said, "For a long time, no one dared to stand up to Amazon. But have you seen Walmart lately?

"The nation’s biggest grocery chain is charging headfirst into online retail. Since 2016, Walmart’s online sales are up 78%. And get this, Walmart’s online sales are now growing twice as fast as Amazon’s.

"Walmart is already the world’s third-largest online store. And since last March, Walmart stock beat Amazon’s return by 30%."

Amazon has to pay shipping from the warehouse to the customer, which is getting expensive as demand for shipping rises.

Walmart has you pick it up from the store. You buy it online, pick it up, and go home. Other brick and mortar retailers are following suit. What was once a disadvantage -- having physical stores -- is now an asset. Well played.

ITEM 11: The Hill reported, "Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is limiting U.S. diplomats’ contact with Iranian opposition groups, according to a cable sent to all U.S. diplomatic outposts Tuesday.

"Pompeo’s order says diplomats should not meet with Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) or five other groups because it could damage the United States' chances to negotiate with Iran, the cable obtained by Bloomberg said."

The story also said, "The Trump administration has wanted to get Iran back to the negotiating table after withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, but it has also imposed sanctions on the country and killed Soleimani.

"This order comes as the State Department seems to be trying to balance the desire for a 'maximum pressure' campaign with allowing room for potential discussions."

This president is in charge of the State Department, not the other way around.

ITEM 12: Hack hacked.

He says.

ITEM 13: The Tampa Bay Times reported, "A Pasco County middle school teacher faces felony charges after sheriff’s deputies said a Best Buy employee found child pornography on the 69-year-old educator’s laptop.

William Crawford was arrested Tuesday afternoon at John Long Middle School, where he taught, according to a report from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. He resigned from the job the same afternoon, prior to his arrest, a district spokeswoman said."

No word on whether Qanon was involved.

ITEM 14: Oops.
It was all Soviet propaganda by the Obama regime.

No apology. No criticism in the media. No one held accountable. Just move on to the next Big Lie about how we must cripple America to save the world.

ITEM 15: Electric car leaves one huge carbon footprint.
Bloomberg News did not mention the electric car until Paragraph 5. I am surprised it mentioned this at all.

ITEM 16: Bloomberg News reported, "Senate Democrats are pressuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to end her standoff over the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump as it’s become increasingly clear there’s little chance of winning concessions from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

While most House Democrats on Wednesday continued to support Pelosi holding back the articles of impeachment they adopted last month until McConnell sets out his rules for the trial, several Democratic senators suggested the battle was over."

Today marks 22 days since the House voted to impeach. It still hasn't.

ITEM 17Reuters reported, "German industrial orders fell unexpectedly in November on weak foreign demand and a lack of major contracts, data showed on Wednesday, suggesting that a manufacturing slump will continue to curtail growth in Europe’s largest economy.

"Germany’s export-dependent manufacturers are struggling with sluggish demand from abroad as well as business uncertainty linked to trade disputes and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union."

The story also said, "The German economy probably grew 0.5% in 2019, down from 1.5% in 2018. The statistics office releases preliminary gross domestic product growth data on Jan. 15."

Maybe they should try a tax cut.

ITEM 18PJ Media reported, "One day after news broke that CNN settled a defamation lawsuit on behalf of Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann, Robert Barnes announced he had sued author, producer, and show host Reza Aslan for Aslan's tweet describing Sandmann's face as punchable. The lawsuit, which Barnes provided to PJ Media, would slap Aslan with a minimum of $135,000 in damages.

"When video of Sandmann supposedly smirking at a Native American man outside the March for Life went viral last year, Aslan infamously tweeted, 'Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid's?'

"Nearly exactly one year after posting the tweet, Aslan had finally deleted it on Wednesday."

Aslan was a host on CNN, which obviously settled with Sandmann to avoid discovery.

ITEM 19: Never give up.
And clean up your own messes.

ITEM 20: The Scots don't give a darning needle.
Scotland is so backward they still have comedy shows.


  1. 12&13 - Maybe Krugman hacked William Crawford’s computer.

  2. #6 ""In the past three months, Trump has ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria without notice, outraging their Kurdish partners. He's bucked the military brass by granting clemency to troops accused or convicted of war crimes."

    How many Electoral College votes did the Kurds and the military brass get in 2016?

    #7 "Rally?" asked Katherine Hepburn?

    #8 Sometimes smoking leads to emphysema. I think I'd rather die of cancer.

    #17 "Unexpectedly!"

  3. Maxine Waters' HairJanuary 9, 2020 at 7:24 AM

    # 6.


  4. #17: The decline. I'd like to see the numbers on German autos. Every time I see another Tesla in my area I think, there's another Mercedes/BMW/Audi that didn't get bought. Couldn't happen to a nicer woman (Angela).

  5. 14 those signs were placed there by the Clinton Administration,Back in '96- I was a Co-pilot on a DC-7 airtanker that year. and was subject to two expensive useless photo ops by then Sec. of the Interior Bruce Babbit. Those were in the south west
    Aircraft, fire crews and news media belching CO2 at
    a catastrophic rate.. When we were based in Billings, Mt Babbit showed up at Glacier blaming us deplorables for global warming. SUV drivers in particular. One of the Tanker Captians figgured out
    that he could run his Dodge Pickup for oh 200 years with all the fuel wasyed on Bruce's photo ops in
    Arizona and New Mexico..

  6. it was peachy keen to give Iran $150 billion

    You mean return not give that money. Are you that ignorant or just lying who knows. Perhaps you lie because you are a journalist and to spread hatred you must build on lies like that.

    I no longer believe the intelligence community, but I am glad he has gone where the goblins go.

    Of course you believe them since your happy he's dead. Killing Gadaffi really worked out huh. Killing Saddam worked great too!

    How do you jokers know it was Iran behind the embassy protests? From intelligence? Or because it justifies taking revenge.

    How do you know Iran killed the American contractor? Cause Trump said so? How does he know? He can't say but he relies on intelligence he wasn't there.

    How do you know it wasn't a false flag? You don't. The default position of neocons is to blame the most convenient group that justifies more war and killing.

    Here we are but weeks past the news about all the lies in Afghanistan. Trump has known all that for years. But he won't leave. He hasn't left Syria. He hasn't left anywhere! In fact he's sent in thousands more. He risks being seen as a liar.

    Most voters thought we'd left Iraq. Now thanks to killing the general they know we're still there. And now they know we still have bases there since Iran bombed them.

    Trump has put the election this year at great risk. The people who voted for him because he said he'd get out of the ME wars just might stay home this time.

    If that is but 10% of his base he will lose because, although he won 30 states, the Rust Belt wins were razor thin margins. That is where this election will be decided.

    All he had to do was hold off the neocons just one more year and he had the election in the bag. Even worse every single soldier over there is now watching their back

    Meanwhile the fastest growing veterans group in the nation had its origin in WV of all places

    “I introduced a bill in Charleston that would prohibit our state’s National Guard units from being sent overseas into combat without an official declaration of war from Congress. …Like-minded lawmakers in other states have now joined me and, in a coordinated manner, will bring this same legislation to their own state capitols across the country to uphold this constitutional principle and to support this effort to Bring Our Troops Home.”
    Del. Pat McGeehan, R-Hancock, West Virginia House of Delegates

    Its now spread to 20 states already. I don't think they'll trust Trump with another 4 years unless he really changes direction asap. But how can he after re-igniting more conflict in Iraq.

    1. The stupid hypocritical dishonest troll needs to STFU, as it is a pathetic loser. You read that troll? L-O-S-E-R!

      No one reads what a pathetic lonely loser posts anymore.


    2. Anon makes me laugh. Who are people going to vote for? Crazy Bernie? Lying grey beaver with plans to spend 50 trillion? Maybe fudgepacker pete?

      No thanks. Get out loser.


    3. My condolences for your loss.

      -Mikey NTH

    4. Why does this guy talk about stuff that did not happen under Trump? Why doesn't he provide links to the evidence he appears to think he has? I leave the answers up to the readers.

    5. The pallets of money story is a myth the Trump cult tells themselves over and over. It's not that they believe it, but they've become complicit in distributing disinformation. Unfreezing frozen assets is an abstraction. Pallets of money is a visual that the morons can wrap their brains around.

    6. OK, Boomer...

    7. Big Red Sez:

      Look, guys, it is -worse than - useless to try to argue with/convince a troll - they ONLY want your attention - do not give the attention by replying: Do.Not.Feed. the Troll !! STARVE the idiot.

      Even some of the lovely put-downs are lost on a troll who ONLY wants attention:

      Don't feed the troll !!

    8. I'm sure that the pallets of money story is fake since it's a CNN aka fake news story.
      Then again maybe, just maybe, the blind squirrel found a nut.
      Nonny, none of us are as dumb as you imagine, and none are anywhere near as dumb as you.

    9. Big Red, we ain't arguing with the fool, just rebutting his BS for the benefit of the lazy uninformed.
      Anyone who DDG's his claims learns that he is a liar on par with Goebbels, only dumber.

    10. Gamma really is ashamed of Obama's bribes to Iran, isn't he? I'd tell you to go start your own blog and to quit trying to attach yourself to your betters but we all know you're not man enough to do that, are you? Life's gammas never are.

    11. Yes, Virginia, Iran had a Santa Claus.

      "In his address to the nation this morning, Donald Trump asserted that the ballistic missiles that targeted the al-Assad and Erbil bases in Iraq yesterday were paid for using “funds made available by the last administration.” Few things irritate media fact checkers more than Trump’s accusation that Obama helped fund the Iranian regime and its terror apparatus. Probably because it’s completely true.

      "Now, we don’t really know that Obama’s ransom payments to Iran in 2016 subsidized those specific ballistic missiles, but we do know that money is fungible — especially when you have access to small denominations of European cash — and that the military, IRGC, and Hezbollah were the major beneficiaries of the replenished coffers of the Iranian state. Distinctions over the details of the exact allocation of funds would be completely irrelevant in any conversation not involving Donald Trump. Yet Andrea Mitchell and CNN, and all the usual suspects, immediately rallied to Obama’s defense to also explain that actually Trump is talking about money we owed Iran."

  7. Bwhahahaha! LOLGF at the stupid hypocritical dishonest troll. The posters are seeing how desperate it is for the unrequited attention of this blog's author. And how it needs to shut its mummy's computer off, go upstairs, and repair its relationship with her so the lonely idiot loser can start to grow the flux up. The stupid numnuts should heed the advice, as it will do the DA troll way better than sitting on the computer watching porn, while waiting for Don's next blog post so the pathetic loser can troll for attention.


  8. Another outstanding update, Big D! Tempted to ask what your methodology/process is for finding all this great shite (haha), but would rather just sit back and enjoy it. The world doesn’t to hear the labor pains etc etc. Well done, mate!

    1. I, too, am amazed at the scope of your research, Don. You're almost like singlehandedly publishing a newspaper here. Just loaded with substantive content.

    2. Thanks. I am having the time of my life

  9. The Trump property in DC is a laundromat for emoluments. The only way Trumpy the Clown will turn a profit on selling it if the Saudis or Russians bail him out again. Best money they've ever spent.

    1. Emoluments!

      It's like that old joke about the reporter covering a comedian's convention. He hears one person shout out a number, and the whole place cracks up. Someone else shouts out a different number, and again everyone laughs. This happens again and again, until he finally (remember, this is a reporter, anyone else would have done their research going in) asks what's going on. He's told that they all know the jokes so well, they just have to call out a number and everyone knows what it is, so they laugh.
      So the reporter yells out, "44!"
      Nobody laughs.
      He asks, "What happened? Why isn't anyone laughing?"
      He's told, "Obama was such a bad joke, we can't even laugh."
      (And to stave off your predictable witty reply, we laugh with 45, not at him.)

  10. The anonymous knucklehead is reminding me more of those people called "outside artists". Untaught and untalented, yet capable of a kind of focused/circumscribed scribbling that goes on and on...achieving a sort of interesting result. Or think of Jack Nicholson and his typewriter in The Shining. "Neocon, neocon, neocon, neocon, neocon..."

  11. Item 5: shouldn't objective be objectivity in "The loss of objective means the loss of credibility which means the loss of your business."

  12. Terrific post.
    Germany has the most expensive energy costs in the world, which is surely affecting its exports.

  13. Did Trump have a stroke? What's with the slurring of words? Can adderall do that to someone? Why all the sniffing?

    1. Why? Was he seen being tossed into the back of a black van? B.S.G.

    2. Now this is funny:

      Fuzzy Chimp @fuzzychimpcom

      I’d definitely vote for #SniffyMcAdderall over #SniffyMyTwelveYearOld.

    3. P.S. Trump is too chubby to be addicted to Adderall. On the other hand, Obama is sickly skinny. LOL.

  14. #19. Hard to imagine him once being a mere mortal. GOD, bless Chuck Yeager.

  15. Raman Ghavami @Raman_Ghavami

    Iran is in deep crisis at home. An MP’s office in Tabriz was attacked, commanders loyal to Soleimani getting arrested, people ask the regime to end its 40 years of hostilities against US and regional countries, and now the regime has started detaining its own journalists.

  16. Raman Ghavami @Raman_Ghavami

    Soleimani was famous for operating alone, based on his personal relations with forces loyal to him and his financial networks inside and outside of Iran.Thus,he has no real successor,and this poses a real threat to Iran’s influence.

    1. The story:

      "Furthermore, Soleimani was Iran’s most important commander, even more central than the commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iranian army. He was Khamenei’s most trusted ally and Iran’s most vital strategist in terms of confronting America, Israel, and Gulf countries. The regime has not seen such a loss in its history, and Soleimani’s death has caused an immense shock and panic among the Iranian establishment.
      "Hence the Iranian officials’ attempts to galvanize support inside the country for "revenge" against the U.S. However, ordinary Iranians have a very different view than the regime on the death of Soleimani. The Iranian people have suffered because of his diversion of much-needed resources for domestic issues to fomenting instability in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria instead."

    2. When Soleimani was hit-it wasn't from an emotional response. Carefully planned with
      intel, and positioning of resources. Like we did in WW2 with Yamamoto. Thanks to Soleimani
      soloing, he never had a sucessor-likely no one was very close-except,maybe the others vaporized with him...
      Thy Iranians are scrambling...

    3. The Iranian mullahs are scrambled eggs.

      What goes with scrambled eggs?

  17. "Maybe they should try a tax cut."

    Their energy costs are the highest in the world. That more than anything is strangling their economy.

    1. Austin, TX went as green as possible on energy and the progressives commenting in the local media were shocked, shocked I say, over the cost increase for electricity. Did they think it was free?

  18. #19 The State oughtta change its name to "Yeager" [WV's favourite Son] and finalize the divorce from that 2nd Amendment nightmare to its south and east. ZB

    1. Maybe the 2A sanctuary counties need to secede from VA and form the new state of Middle Virginia. Let Northam tyrannize the rump.


  19. ITEM 4: Shahram Akbarzadeh of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote, "Donald Trump has a free pass in Iran. Russia and China won't stop him."

    Putin, for one, is grateful that Trump notified him of a dangerous terror plot in St Petersburg.
    And China needs oil, doesn't want Iranian oil fields wrecked, hopes the conflict stays limited.


  20. Iran supported those who terrorized portions of Russia but apparently Russia likes Iran because they cause us problems. I often think that if Russia, China and the US could work together on world wide actual terrorism, it could be destroyed as was done during WWII to defeat Germany. But lacking that solidarity, we have to do what we have to do.
    The real test will be when Iran has an actual nuclear weapon, even if it is not deliverable by missiles, it can be delivered by other means in international commerce. A horrible thought, but if the leaders of Iran fear destruction of their nuclear facilities, as is seemly promised once we know they have an operational bomb and they truly believe world wide chaos is needed for the return of the 12th Imam, they would do it. A lot of “what ifs” but who would have believed that in the war with Iraq, Iran would spearhead its attacks on Iraqi tanks with two young people on motorcycles with the passenger having an anti-tank weapon.
    Their thinking is beyond our imagination and culturally we have difficulty combating such warfare, as with their terrorism. We had to learn how to fight our Japanese enemy in WWII, which when seeing some of the charges against our military members in recent years, that reality has been forgotten. The Russian, Chinese and Iranian ROE certainly is much less limited. Having our troops patrol, NOT locked and loaded to limit possible "collateral damage", has been part of some of our ROE in the past as documented by journalist Michael Yon, a former special ops member.
    My late brother-in-law, who was in special ops, told me how they operated in the early days. We took out the leadership. Delta and the SAS should now be charged with eliminating the Iranian proxy's armies leadership. They have been doing that to us since 1979 and we just arrest them when caught. All one has to do is look at who is in GITMO to see that terrorists, who under international law have no POW rights, can wait us out for a trade of prisoners or worse

  21. Regarding #7:

    This is based on zero data, just my gut, but my gut is bigger than it should be, so there's that. But, my impression is that there is a solid core of Democrats who love love love President Trump, but neither like nor trust the Republican Party of the Bushes, the Romney, the Rynos, and D.C. Establishment. This group is highly concentrated in the Great Lakes region, especially those states of the Big Blue Wall that Trump penetrated in 2016 (PA, MI, WI) and will penetrate in 2020 (MN, NH, the rest of ME). This accounts for the difference in Republican performance in 2016 and 2018. The Republicans did not under-perform in the 2018 mid-terms because of the presence of Trump, but because of the absence of Trump.

    The statistics say Trump over-performed by about three or four percent the percentage of the electorate that is Republican. That sounds about right for the percentage that are Trump-loving, Republican-distrusting voters.

    1. It's politicians.

      It's professional, aka as a means of getting paid, politicians.

      Feeding off of my earnings by taxation.

      I work, I earn, they take by taxing me.

      For what?

      They, pro politicians, say for the good of all.

      They, pro politicians, are liars.

      MAGA, aka President Trump, is not politician.

      I still gotta pay taxes.

      But for now, my taken in taxes are being used for good.

      The politicians, with all of their methods, means and minions, still remain, still doing what they always do, lie to me.

      Not President Trump.

      The politicians got a lot of explaining to do.

      And, like Lucy, can only do the wah wah waaaaaaah.

      Someone once said to me, Words lie.

      I replied, No, words do not lie. People use words to deceive. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and words will not deceive.

      Politicians are duplicity incarnated.

      MAGA is calling a spade a spade.

      Fuck political party shit.

      The republicans who are MAGA are the same as the democrats who are MAGA.

      All MAGA, all the time, all Americans.

      Time for the politicians to fuck off.

  22. Item 10: Wal-Mart's Store Pick-Up is still a WIP. My wife uses it quite a bit, but they frequently mess up either availability (indicating by text that the goods are there, when they aren't) or having goods actually physically scanned in somehow become lost before pick-up. Wal-Mart is only as good as its people, and they are not uniformly skilled or diligent, it seems. Much rather e-mail a fulfillment company about a package than stand in line for most of an hour to be told that a "delivery confirmed" order isn't really there. ='[.]'=

  23. Mr. Suber, I love your wit and WISDOM, but can't you do something about the obvious Soros troll? We ALL know he/she/it is not a rational human, but a leftwing propagandist! We've all read some of his crap and it's always "Trump is wrong or liar". Those two brothers were finally banned from the twat thing so it should be ok to ban the anonymous nitwit!