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Friday, January 24, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Legal Insurrection reported, "British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is set to become law after both houses of parliament approved the EU Withdrawal Agreement on Wednesday.

"The bill was cleared 342 to 254 in the Lower House after legislators rejected all amendments suggested by the House of Lords, including guarantees for accepting minor migrants from the continent.

"Wednesday’s vote paves the way for the UK to leave the EU on 31 January, awaiting formal permission from Her Majesty The Queen."'

The Queen rubber-stamped it.

While a Democrat House putzes around with impeachment, real business gets done in Westminster, but only after a previous Parliament putzed around. Voters threw them out. That December 12 election should have informed Nancy of her precarious position. She went with impeachment anyway.

Oh well, it is not as if they were not warned.

ITEM 2: Politico reported, "President Donald Trump on Thursday said his administration planned to release its long-awaited blueprint for Middle East peace ahead of a meeting at the White House next week with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and the country’s opposition leader, Benny Gantz.

"The White House has continually teased its forthcoming peace plan, a huge undertaking spearheaded over the past few years by Jared Kushner, the president’s adviser and son-in-law. Trump has preemptively christened it the deal of the century.

"Its unveiling, however, has repeatedly been delayed because of domestic issues both in the U.S. and Israel, which is in the throes of its third election in less than a year with Netanyahu and Gantz vying to form a government."

Sending Qasem Soleimani to meet his maker helped make the deal possible. That stopped Iranian funding, which dries up the anti-Israel terrorism, which makes peace possible.

ITEM 3: The Daily Mail reported, "Prince Charles avoided shaking hands with Mike Pence, the U.S. vice president. at an Auschwitz memorial event in Jerusalem Thursday -- but then smiled as he greeted Vladimir Putin.

"A video clip of the Prince of Wales greeting officials in Israel shows him walking along the front row of seats, shaking hands with world and Jewish leaders.

"When he came to Pence, the vice president had his hand extended in apparent expectation of a handshake. But the heir to the British throne merely looked him in the eye before moving on to shake hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country's President Reuven Rivlin."

He politicized the Holocaust memorial.

Chucky Windsor has no class at all.

UPDATE: Much as I dislike the prince, he was smeared by the press. It turned out the two already shook hands.
I should have given the old boy the benefit of the doubt. While you cannot apply the 24 Hour Rule to everything, if it looks too good to be true, it is.

I apologize to Prince Charles. He was not being Chucky Windsor.

Hat tip to readers in comments and PJ Media.

ITEM 4: The Independent reported, "Al Gore has urged governments and the global elite to take stronger action in tackling the climate crisis, comparing it to some of the greatest military actions in history–and the 9/11 terror attacks. The former US vice president made the comparisons during a panel session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, which was attended by teenage activist Greta Thunberg, Prince Charles, and Donald Trump.

"He said: 'The burden to act on the shoulders of the generation of the people alive today is a challenge to our moral imagination. This is Thermopylae. This is Agincourt. This is the Battle of the Bulge."

This is our Chucky Windsor.

ITEM 5: Lara M. Brown is director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University.

She wrote in The Hill, "while the Republican majority in the Senate may reject removing Trump from office, they cannot remove the still-metastasizing scandal that surrounds his actions with regard to Ukraine. The Senate can ignore, but it cannot remove, the damning facts and testimony from the public record, which show that Trump asked a foreign leader to investigate a potential 2020 rival and illegally withheld military assistance in an effort to gain leverage."

For pity's sake. None of this has been alleged, much less proved. What we do know is Joe  Biden boasted that he withheld $1 billion in aid until Ukrainian officials fired the prosecutor that was investigating his cocaine-addled, worthless son.

Brown's hatred of President Trump -- her 3-year temper tantrum to protest our daring to elect him -- has turned her into a Nowhere Man who just sees what she wants to see.

Her numbers are legion and they run the universities, media, and government with a zombie-like devotion to bringing the Orange Man down.

ITEM 6Reuters reported, "About 8.9 million TV viewers watched the U.S. Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, the first day Democrats laid out their case against the president, marking a significant drop from the roughly 11 million viewers who watched on Tuesday, according to Nielsen ratings data."

I would rather watch a Medicare infomercial.

ITEM 7: The Lid reported, "A West Virginia state senator has invited the embattled National Rifle Association to relocate to his state in the aftermath of this week’s massive peaceful gun rights rally in Richmond, which one Virginia politician said had terrorized the city."

The NRA is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, due to its proximity to the capital. But maybe West Virginia can annex Fairfax and kick its liberal residents out.

ITEM 8: Bankrate announced, "Bankrate’s January Financial Security Index survey reveals that just four in 10 U.S. adults (41%) would cover the cost of a $1,000 car repair or emergency room visit using savings. The findings echo what previous Bankrate studies and others — including the Federal Reserve and the Pew Charitable Trusts — have found about Americans’ lack of rainy-day savings."


They all have credit cards. In case of an emergency, you put in on plastic.

But people who should know better keep running stories like this in the hope that they will get a Matt Drudge link. He rewards them. One month from now, they will post another story just like it.

ITEM 9: Washington Times reported, "The Doomsday Clock has moved 20 seconds closer to midnight, meaning the world is just 100 seconds away from complete destruction. In a live announcement Thursday morning, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists made the striking announcement that the world is symbolically within two minutes to the end of the world. The 2020 time is the closest the Clock has been to midnight since 1953, when both the U.S. and the Soviet Union were testing hydrogen bombs. Rachel Bronson, president and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, cited worsening nuclear and climate crises as the causes to inch the time forward."

This PR contraption has been around as long as I have. This is the only broken clock that is not right twice a day or even once in a lifetime.

ITEM 10: The Guardian reported, "More than 30% of inmates in Canadian prisons are Indigenous – even though aboriginal people make up just 5% of the country’s population, according to new figures released by a federal watchdog. In a scathing report published on Tuesday, the correctional investigator of Canada, Dr. Ivan Zinger, described Indigenous overrepresentation in the country’s jails and prisons as 'nothing short of a national travesty.'

"The figure is highest in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, where Indigenous people make up 54% of the prison population."

The story also said, "Indigenous inmates also serve more of their sentence before being granted parole – and re-offend at much higher levels than non-indigenous inmates."

The tragedy is people will blame The System and not the dysfunctional tribes that produce 6 times as many criminals per capita as the rest of the population does.

ITEM 11: The Daily Wire reported, "Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in South Carolina contacted law enforcement officials on Thursday after undercover journalists with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas pressed the campaign to answer questions about violent remarks made by a paid Sanders campaign staffer.

"The move by the Sanders campaign to call the police on reporters for asking them tough questions comes after Project Veritas released video earlier this week that allegedly showed Sanders field organizer Martin Weissgerber saying he wanted to kill wealthy people and throw Republicans into camps."

And the rest of the press corps was silent once again because they fail to understand they will be next.

ITEM 12: Fox News reported, "CNN's Chris Cuomo rips 'Trumpers' for attacking 'kid' Greta Thunberg, critics remind him of Sandmann settlement."

Fredo is having a rough day. Week. Month. Year. Decade. Century.

ITEM 13: KPIX reported, "Following a unanimous vote by the city council Tuesday night, Oakland has now become the first city in California to ban criminal background checks on potential renters.

"'Indescribable emotions and feelings,' said John Jones III of Oakland, who got out of prison in 2012 and struggled to find a place to live in Oakland despite his well-paying job as an aviation mechanic.

"Jones said he’s among the many who left prison only to end up on the streets, contributing to Oakland’s homeless crisis. That’s why he’s been lobbying hard for the Oakland City Council to pass the Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, which says landlords will no longer be allowed to turn down potential renters because of criminal convictions."

The report contained the six words urban residents in California never want to hear about their town: "The first city in California to..."

ITEM 14: Axios reported, "To beat President Trump, Mike Bloomberg wants to be candidate Trump.

"The state of play: Axios visited Bloomberg's new campaign HQ in Times Square yesterday, and we were struck by how much his 1,000+-person team is learning from — while trying to surpass — the Trump campaigns of 2016 and 2020.

"The big picture: Bloomberg is no Trump, but is trying to beat the president at his own game."

How cute. Mini Mike really is trying to be like The Donald.

When Mini Mike gets 100 requests for tickets to a rally he will be 0.1% as good as President Trump.

ITEM 15: Zero Hedge reported, "Millions of Americans who lived through the financial crisis probably recall that not a single executive of a major investment bank was jailed in the aftermath, despite running organizations seemingly dedicated to perpetuating a criminal fraud on nearly every counterparty and client.

"But when Americans look back at the opioid crisis, they'll remember that at least one executive of a major opioid manufacturer and distributor was sentenced to a fairly weighty sentence - five-and-a-half years (66 months) in federal prison - for an illegal kickback scheme that effectively involved bribing doctors to prescribe potentially lethal doses of fentanyl. That's right: Packaged under the name brand Subsys, Insys sold a painkiller made from the same ultra-powerful synthetic opioid responsible for tens of thousands of deaths across America.

"According to the FT, which, in partnership with PBS's Frontline, is producing a documentary on the opioid crisis, John Kapoor, the founder of Insys, was sentenced to prison time on Thursday after being prosecuted under the RICO act - a law adopted decades ago to help the DoJ prosecute the mafia."

We were a banana republic under Obama where crooked CEOs did no time. Their companies just paid a fine, and the money went to some Democrat charity.

President Donald John Trump is returning us to our greatness. Crooked CEOs do their time again, just as they did under Bush 43.

ITEM 16: Vicky Spratt wrote, "The Dangerous Rise Of Men Who Won’t Date 'Woke' Women."

My body, my choice.

ITEM 17: The White House announced, "President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action to End Birth Tourism, Protect National Security, and Curb the Abuse of Public Resources."

Uncle Sam has stopped being a sucker.

ITEM 18: Whose list is better?
If you can tie your shoes, can read an analog clock, can give the correct change back from a $20 for a $4.85 purchase, understand the lyrics of "Return to Sender" including "Special D," and bought a fifth legally on your 18th birthday, you are not a millennial.


  1. ITEM #3: Chucky Windsor has no class at all.

    Talk about no class... Chuckles wrote love letters to Camilla -- I want to live inside your trousers -- while he was married to Princes Diana and she was married to Parker Bowles.

    1. Wait till the DNA tests prove Harry is James Hewitt's son.

    2. Didn't he tell Camilla he wanted to be her tampon? I remember Mick Jagger portraying Chucky in a SNL skit that crossed Chucky with a tampon, ala The Fly. Anyone remember that?

    3. Harry certainly behaves like Charles' natural son!
      I pray for the Queen to live & be well long enough that Charles never gets the throne.

    4. @Sue: There are things we deliberately try to forget, and that's one of them.

    5. Meh. Who really wants to shake hands with Prince Tampon, anyway? =9[.]9=

  2. Item 8: Personal savings rate has averaged 8% per year - the highest annual rate in 25 years. Does Bankrate have an agenda?

    1. ...Not doubting the stat. Bush 43 and Obama wrecked the economy for a generation of former homeowners, and those still trying to recover equity. ZB

  3. Item 9: The news has its hair on fire over the Corona virus that is here right now. Doomsday clock says nothing about it. I guess the steps to minimize the Coronavirus won't enrich enough elites by destroying the middle class.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I think the defense may not have enough time. They can lay down ALL of the actions since the escalator into the impeachment record which will last for eternity. They also will not have time to repeat themselves incessantly and will keep people riveted.

    1. Bad move by McConnell to allow an extra day for proceedings. This puts the defense to begin on Saturday, a great TV wasteland.
      Hey Don. Any progress on that report about Huber's investigation of the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One?

    2. Is anyone really watching the hearings?

    3. Defense first day has been moved to Monday. Schumer objected. Vote was 53-47.


  5. 4 - Al Gorge is our Chunky Windsor.

    5 - No doubt PDJT’s team will show the video of Biden bragging. CNN, msnbc, cbs, nbc and abc will cut to commercial, if they are even showing the republican’s rebuttal.

    13 - Unexpectedly, no new rental properties have been built in Oakland since 2020. Several that existed have been converted to condos. Government Officials cannot explain this phenomenon.

    18 - I also knew how to adjust the horizontal and vertical controls on a tv. A black and white tv. That didn’t have a remote. That had three stations.

    1. I grew up in a one channel town. If it wasn't on NBC, we didn't see it. Except at Grandma's house. She was in range of the Portland metro area and got FIVE channels! And color TV? I'll never forget how shocked I was to discover that Huckleberry Hound was BLUE!

    2. .. and move the rabbit ears!!


  6. # 14.


  7. Item 18 I bought my first fifth legally on my 21st birthday in Vietnam which makes me an OK Boomer

  8. #4 Charles always was a fool, the sooner William shoves him aside the better.

    #8 If you cant set aside 10% of your pay every week for emergencies who is the fool? Not I.

    #10 stop breaking the law assholes!


    1. I think it's Liz that shoves him aside.

    2. William and Kate far better to rule than chuck. B.S.G.

  9. 10. Comparing local statistics to national percentages is bad statistics.
    I am a boomer. I actually know what the Declaration of Independence and the constitution say. Abortion was not necessarily legal until I was 19 years old!

  10. #4.

    I've got the climate change HOTS for Al Gore

    1. Oh, no!

      Greta, didn't you know Al Gore is a "crazed sex poodle"?

      And he's 55 years OLDER than you?

  11. 4- I'm still waiting for man-bear-pig to denounce axial tilt as the cause of climate change.

    7- Nahh, the NRA needs to stay in Fairfax and be that annoying itch that governor blackface can't scratch.

    8- Further illustrates how poorly educated people are to function in the real world.

    9- A little heavy handed perhaps, but it would solve the problem of item 8.

    12- HOW DARE YOU! (Ahh, c'mon! Someone had to say it.)

    14- I specifically asked for sharks with lasers!

    16- Roflmao!

  12. Venezuela is stone cold broke.

    But their stock mkt has gone to the moon.

    Keep that in mind, Americans.

    Our so called 'leadership' is heading their and so many self proclaimed conservatives are cheering on the fed flooding the mkt with fiat dollars.

    Trump said during campaign he wanted to make the dollar as good as gold. Now he wants the fed to print dollars like their's no tomorrow.

    As bad as having all those crooks in the doj/fbi is, an insane central bank is even worse. And the avg bloke doesn't understand that.

    This country is going down the tubes all while we claim it's making american great again.

    Building huge debts and central bankers printing money to pay for it is "HOW EMPIRES DIE".

    1. is heading their?
      like their's no tomorrow?

      some sort of moron?


    2. I will forego criticizing nonny's typos.

      (Too subtle?)

    3. And what's with the "avg bloke" -- who's writing this, "Prints" Charles?


  13. Has anyone but me been surprised that there’s been no lib pressure for McDonald’s to change its name?

    1. They are afraid it would be changed to McTrump's, so they aren't pushing it.

  14. bought a fifth legally on your 18th birthday


    I drank 18 fifths on my last birthday...


  15. ITEM 8: "The findings echo what previous Bankrate studies and others — including the Federal Reserve and the Pew Charitable Trusts — have found about Americans’ lack of rainy-day savings."

    I am with Don on this. So TFW. Aren't these the same idiots that cheer on what the FED has done, which resulted in savings accounts, and other bank savings methods to pay out little to no interest? While at the same time pushing Americans to invest in stocks so they could capitalize on it? That is where most of America's savings are, in stocks and mutual funds. These idiots cheered on Americans being herded into that direction, and NOW they want to push the alarms about the lack of savings? So, color me unconcerned about the latest crisis hey are trying hard to gin up. Instead, these idiots should just GFThemselves.


  16. Item 3:

    It looks like someone is playing a game of "Let's you and him fight."

    Both Pence and Prince Charles claim there was no snub - you just have to back up the cameras a few minutes.

  17. Actually, #3 was debunked by VP Pence himself (see link below). The widely circulated video showing the supposed snub was carefully edited to make something of a big, fat nothingburger.

    (Sometimes it's best to follow the 24-hour rule--even for stupid stuff like this.)

    You're welcome,


    1. I agree. I should have known better. Too easy. I apologize.

  18. Item 6: "I would rather watch a Medicare infomercial."

    Better even:

  19. 1. If England had dumped the pound, there would be no Brexit. Wise choise.
    2. Iran has a peace plan too. It’s called nuke Israel ‘til it glows. The Twelfth Imam will make all right.
    3. Pence has issued a press statement with video showing interactions with Charles on a friendly basis afterwards. Don’t know which Press Release to believe. Tempest in a thimble.
    4. May 2020 be your Manzikert, Al, you green grifter.
    5. Accusations and assertions and slanders, oh my! Accusations and assertions and slanders, oh my!
    6. I’d rather go to the CTH blog feed and read the comments section. Much more informative and entertaining.
    7. That would be ideologic genocide, Don.
    8. Most people who can’t afford to go to the ER simply stiff the hospital. People who can afford to pay pay for them.
    9. What happens if the second hand passes midnight and nothing happens? Do we all go back in time?
    10. This is the same country that is supposedly genociding the Indians because the Indian men commit most of the murders of Indian women.
    11. Sanders apparently believes that the only way to win an election is through violent revolution.
    12. Chris Cuomo is an entitled prick who thinks he’s too big to sue.
    13. I think Oakland should start imitating Atlanta, where the police chief has decided to not pursue perps leaving the scene of a crime.
    14. And if you don’t become President, don’t flip the Senate, lose the House, and get your pet governor recalled, will you get your billion back from China, Mike?
    15. No investment bank executive was jailed or could even be charged because what they did was technically legal and the Feds didn’t feel they could prove their case in court strongly enough to get convictions. So rather than risk losing in court they smeared the banks with bad press, fined the shit out of them (ripping off the shareholders in the process), and turned the proceeds over to political activists.
    16. So if a girl or a trans asks you out, you have to comply. And if they don’t like the date they forced on you, they accuse you of a crime or worse yet bigotry. Got it.
    17. No one practices abortion tourism (well some do within the US, PP has built a megacomplex in Illinois catering to that need).
    18. I am not a millennial.


  20. #3, Kudos for Don for apologizing, and correcting. NEVER see that on CNN or the rest of the Left. Makes my choice for the first place to check on the internet all the better.

  21. 4: In spades.

    And Midway would be more accurate than the Bulge.

    14: Reminds me of an old Ranger cadence:

    Wants to be,
    Can't be,
    Like me,

  22. #10) The breakdown of the many US minority family structures have lead to out of proportion imprisonment of said peoples. My observations over 75 years has shown that even somewhat dysfunctional traditional family structures have turned out self disciplined and non-criminal children.

  23. #16. I'll bet Mrs. S. would object as well.

  24. The Doomsday Clock item shows how out of touch those guys are with reality.
    This is a comparatively peaceful time.

  25. #1 I believe Pelosi was re-elected Speaker of the House was pre-ordained so she would lead her party into oblivion.
    #7 Of course the press is silent in regard to Sander's campaign staff's violent remarks (there were 2 of them)
    do we actually believe the press is brave?
    #14 Mini Mike is good at redistribution of his own funds.


  26. And Al Gore, John Fn Kerry and especially Hillary Clinton are not and never will be President of the United States of America.

    For which I thank G-d on a daily basis.

  27. ITEM 6: I'd rather watch The Five.

  28. 318. In Minnesota the drinking age had been 19. I got clocked by the bartender on my nineteenth.
    They had a one free drink on your birthday policy and I asked for mine. After serving me my usual, he picked up my ID, and began counting on his fingers. When He realized he'd been serving me for five years as an underage minor he got a touch mad.