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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Highlights of the News

Melania Trump is still our First Lady.

ITEM 1The New York Post reported Mini Mike "Bloomberg has already spent more than $200 million in ads on his 2020 presidential campaign — but not a dime of it in Iowa — the first state where Democrats will vote, on Feb. 3, to determine the party’s nominee to take on President Trump."

The political consultants are milking him so hard, he should change his name to Elsie.

ITEM 2Crain's Chicago Business reported, "U.S. stocks retreated from all-time highs after Bloomberg reported that existing tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods will likely stay in place after the presidential election.

"The S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones Industrial indexes all pulled back from records as the conditions underscored lingering concern about future progress in negotiations. Treasuries climbed earlier after a gauge of underlying inflation rose less than forecast."

Mini Mike better be careful. Stock manipulation is a federal crime.

Oh wait. He's a Democrat now. Never mind.

ITEM 3The South China Morning Post reported, "The trade deal to be signed this week will include pledges by China to buy $200 billion of US goods over two years in four industries, a Trump administration official and two other sources briefed on the matter said.

"The target for manufactured goods purchases will be the largest, worth around $75 billion. China will also promise to buy $50 billion worth of energy, $40 billion in agriculture and $35 billion to $40 billion in services, the three people said.

"On Monday night, meanwhile, the United States removed China from a list of currency manipulators, a sign that the relationship between the world’s two largest economies was thawing slightly in the lead up to the signing of the phase one deal."

The tariffs are unimportant. Red China eats those. But Mini Mike thinks tanking the stock market will cost President Trump re-election.

ITEM 4: The Associated Press reported, "After weeks of delay and strategizing, the U.S. House is planning to vote Wednesday to send the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate to start the trial on removing him from office."

The story also said, "Senate Republicans are signaling they would reject the idea of simply voting to dismiss the articles of impeachment against Trump as he has suggested. They are considering whether to allow a vote on such a motion to dismiss and another to subpoena testimony from new witnesses."

It appears she got what she wanted after all.

The rhino sleeps tonight.

ITEM 5: The Daily Fodder reported, "While Democrats and Republicans are both fighting over impeachment, another President Trump victory slipped through the news media's radar.

"The House just passed a bill to secure 5G infrastructure amid top intelligence officials warning that Huawei is a Chinese Communist Party spying company rolling out 5G to increase China's surveillance reach. President Trump has been actively trying to limit the Chinese Communist Party-tied company from being used by allies and signed an executive order to stop the purchase of foreign-made telecommunications equipment deemed a national security risk."

Another bargaining chip for the president.

ITEM 6: The Hill reported, "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says Republicans could subpoena Hunter Biden to testify about his business dealings with a Ukrainian gas company if Democrats insist on having witnesses such as former National Security Adviser John Bolton testify at the Senate impeachment trial."

Even if Democrats don't insist, President Donald John Trump has a right to call witnesses.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "Students at Iran’s Islamic Azad University are being offered a novel new career choice — suicide terrorist.

"Leaflets are being distributed at the influential school urging students to sign up for Jihad missions against the United States and Israel to avenge the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani."

This is why President Trump shut down student visas from Iran in September.

Too bad we cannot ban some U.S. students.

ITEM 8: MSNBC reported, "Democratic presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Tuesday that she would begin to forgive student loan debt on the first day of her administration, using legal tools that would allow her to bypass Congress."


She doan need no steenkeeng Constitution. She will just give a trillion-dollar gift to her industry, higher education.

Pretty neat trick. Have the government guarantee student loans. Charge whatever you want, and then have the government eat the loans.

ITEM 9: The Washington Times reported, "New York City defied a deportation request from ICE last year and released an illegal immigrant into the community — and now he stands accused of killing a 92-year-old woman beloved by her community.

"Reeaz Khan, 21, has been charged with murder and sexual abuse against someone incapable of consent. Police say they caught him initiating the attack on surveillance video.

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says he never should have been out on the streets anyway, after he was arrested on weapons and assault charged last year, and ICE asked New York to turn him over.

"Police refused, under the city’s sanctuary policy, ICE says."

What sort of 21-year-old rapes and murders a 92-year-old woman?

What sort of city enables him?

ITEM 10: Breitbart News reported, "An Iranian national arrested near President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, originally arrived in the United States as a refugee, Breitbart News has learned.

"On January 10, Palm Beach Police Department arrested 38-year-old Masoud Yarieilzoleh, from Iran, who was apparently sleeping in a gazebo in a park in Palm Beach, according to the Palm Beach Post. When police searched Yarieilzoleh, they found a 17-inch machete, two 4.5-inch knives, and an ax, along with about $22,000 in cash.

"Also, Yarieilzoleh’s car had been parked at Palm Beach International Airport. Yarieilzoleh was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and has since been released from police custody with only a notice to appear in court later this month.

"A law enforcement source exclusively confirmed to Breitbart News that Yarieilzoleh first arrived in the U.S. from Iran in 2014 as a refugee. Two years later, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) awarded Yarieilzoleh with a green card, which allows him to permanently remain in the country.

"Between 2009 and 2016, former President Obama resettled more than 25,000 refugees from Iran in the U.S. despite the country being on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism since 1984."

Obama the Awful almost got the president killed.

ITEM 11: The Sacramento Bee reported, "Turning right on a red light without fully stopping will cost you $500 in California. Parking blocking a wheelchair access curb could get you a $1,100 ticket. Is your license plate paint peeling? Some car owners have been hit with a $1,000 ticket for that.

"State officials who set those fees are now acknowledging that the high amounts are threatening the financial stability of lower-income drivers who can’t afford to pay those amounts.

"In his state budget proposal, Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling on judicial authorities to create a statewide program that will allow some of California’s poorer drivers to have their traffic citation amounts cut by 50 percent or more.

"If approved by the legislature, Newsom’s proposal would expand an existing traffic fine reduction program called myCitation which exists in four counties: San Francisco, Shasta, Tulare and Ventura."

If the fines are too high, why not reduce them for everyone?

The story said the state collected $1.4 billion in traffic fines last year, which answered my question.

ITEM 12: The Hill reported, "The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday announced that it plans to investigate the Department of Homeland Security's Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which encourages migrants from Central America to seek asylum in Mexico rather than in the U.S.

"News of the letter comes just hours after Fox News reported that the Trump administration has begun sending Mexican migrants from non-border states on flights to central Mexico, a policy that reportedly began last month."

Democrats fear the program will be a success.

ITEM 13: Finally, someone in Hollywood with the guts to stand up to Drumpf.
May the force be with you, Captain Stubing.

ITEM 14: Vince Vaughn will never work again in Hollywood, the town that gave us Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, and Charles Manson.
And that's another article of impeachment: Colluding with a Wedding Crasher.

ITEM 15: Bernie loves concentration camps.
What was a right-wing joke is now a left-wing ambition. Remember, it was a Bernie Bro who shot Republican Congressman Steve Scalise.

ITEM 16: A hero in three tweets.

Never look down at a dog walker. We each have talents. His is picking up poop. If it is so easy, why don't Democrats?

ITEM 17: Several readers pointed out that Alex Cora earned a little nit of Trumpenfreude the old fashioned way: by cheating and getting caught. Cora managed the Red Sox to a world championship in 2018. With it came an invitation to the White House.

Cora decided to feud with the president, falsely claiming the president failed to help Puerto Rico recover from a hurricane. This divided his team, which finished third.

But that no longer is his worry. The team fired Cora for cheating -- when he was with the Astros.

TMZ reported, "Alex Cora is OUT as the Boston Red Sox manager ... after both sides 'mutually agreed to part ways' in light of the MLB's cheating probe. The league's investigation findings determined Cora was the mastermind behind the Houston Astros' sign-stealing system when he was the bench coach in 2017."

Major League Baseball likely will suspend him from managing any team for at least a year.

Never feud with Donald John Trump. You cannot win -- and cheating makes it worse.

ITEM 18: Speaking of Trumpenfreude, the Associated Press reported, "Prosecutors say California attorney Michael Avenatti has been rearrested for alleged bail violations."

The Creepy Porn Lawyer was on bail awaiting trial for extortion. I am not saying he is a serial criminal, but with his track record, he could be Joe Biden's son.

Flashback to Politico on September 14, 2018, "Michael Avenatti Is Winning the 2020 Democratic Primary. He won’t be the nominee. But he’s setting the terms of the debate — and that could damage the rest of the field, and the country."

I swear these doofuses couldn't cover a fire in their own building.


  1. ".. but with his track record, he could be Joe Biden's son."

    You saved the best for last, Don.

    1. Joe and Hunter BidenJanuary 15, 2020 at 9:26 AM

      ".. but with his track record, he could be Joe Biden's son."


  2. Big Mike has no class.

    1) Bloomberg will lose his ass.
    9) Liberals are a menace, elected one more so.
    11) $1000 fine for paint peeling on state provided plates? Ok then!
    15) What if a tree falls in the woods and the media ignores it? Nothing will happen. Move along.
    18) Schadenfreude!


  3. 4- Origianlly, PDJT said he wanted witnesses. A lot of them. He may really be getting what he wanted all along.

    7- The employment rate is 100% for that major. Great death benefits too.

    11- I’m a rolling stop machine. I’d get multiple tickets every time i drove. I’d plea in court That it Improves gas mileage helping California’s climate.

    16- Scott Presler is doing amazing work. may God bless him.

    17- Cora also cheated with the 2018 Red Sox. He may get two years. Like two scoops. Hahahaha.

    1. Reminded of an old Ronaldus chestnut re LibCommie business practice...

      1) If it moves, tax it.
      2) If it keeps moving, regulate it.
      3) If it stops moving, subsidize it.

    2. #7. And you get to fly all over the place.

  4. #11: when does the concept of Equal Protection become relevant?

  5. "Melania Trump is still our First Lady."

    Transactional love means never asking about $130K porn star payoffs.

    1. Bill & Hillary writting a cheque to PaulaJanuary 15, 2020 at 9:28 AM

      We know right...

    2. Wrong again stupid hypocritical dishonest troll. After Trump's suit, the porn star owes Trump his legal fees with enough extra to cover the supposed payoff. Which means, if the affair was true, she paid him for sex, along with his legal fees to fight her stupidity. Had she not broken her ND agreement on the advice of the Creepy Porn lawyer she stupidly hired, the lonely idiot loser troll would have been correct. All of this previously pointed out by the blog's author, which shows the lonely loser idiot troll has no reading comprehension. Too bad. So sad. Suck it you lonely idiot loser. Suck it hard. Suck it good.

      The posters here may as well go into the forest and listen for falling trees to prove their existence, as that is way more productive than reading the stupid hypocritical troll's buckets of diarrhea posts. LOLGF you dummy!

      So, again, the lonely idiot loser troll shows that being the stupid hypocritical dishonest troll at this blog in a desperate attempt to gain unrequited attention with its buckets of diarrhea posts, is not something mature adults aspire to. Only lonely idiot losers like it do. It really needs to grow up. It can start by turning off its mummy's computer, go upstairs, and repair its relationship with her, so it can stop being the fool at this blog that gets no intellectual attention for its bucket of diarrhea posts it dumps here. Which it thinks will substitute for the attention its mummy never gave it (can anyone blame her?).

      And it needs to take its idiot loser sock puppet trolls with it.


    3. The porn star violated the agreement because she discussed details of the experience, including his teenie mushroom peenie.

      If there was nothing to reveal, she wouldn't have been sued.

      The "king of debt" doesn't just go around illegally laundering campaign money through his "fixer" for no reason.

    4. teenie mushroom peenie

      Add bent to that and now we're talking about Bill Clinton

    5. Seek Help need it!

    6. Melania is beautiful and has class.

    7. The stupid hypocritical dishonest troll did not refute my point that the whore paid Trump for sex, if the sex even happened. The lonely idiot loser just can't admit when it is wrong. Another sigh of its adolescence, and why it aspires to be the stupid hypocritical troll desperately seeking unrequited attention. Alas, it may never grow up.


  6. Hahaha! Clearly anon is not familiar with the term nuisance lawsuits. Cheaper to pay them off rather than spend greater funds on teams of lawyers. Trumps taste in women is well established, no way in hell would he bed some VD riddled skank. B.S.G.

    1. Melania's nudes are hideous for a woman supposedly in her prime. She couldn't even get the good breast job--clearly on a budget.

      This is what the cult tries to call a "super model".

    2. > This is what the cult tries to call a "super model".

      I'm sure if you had a fling with Melania, you'd be closing your eyes and thinking about Elizabeth Warren.

    3. Melania?

      Yeah,, I'd hit it...


    4. Why do males hate beautiful women? I ask that to all the male skanks who poop her nude photos on FLOTUS's Facebook page.

  7. Anon establishes beyond the shadow of a doubt his bias. I'd wager anon thinks the former first lady Big Mike is something aspirational. Not.


  8. >>> Methinks Mr. Surber needs to keep on the Blog's/ Newssite's margin, his link to his Trumpenfreude list along with the 'Alex Cora' type-updates...btw, my Rorshach reaction immediate to Mr. Cora's firing was 'Trumpenfreude'...couldn't happen to a more deserving jerk! ZBest

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. (4) The RINO sleeps tonight. Rhinos have enough to deal with as it is

  11. #9. Charge Blasshole as an accessory to murder.

    1. #11. Simple fix, make the state and feral governments contribute all fines and court fees to charitable organizations. Have a list, and the offender picks what group his money goes to. Check made out to the organisation and not the government.

  12. Great! Now can we address Huber's report on Clinton Foundation & Uranium One?

    1. Is that the same foundation that Harry and Nutmeg are intent on copycatting, are the Clintons among their advisers, and are they staying at the mansion of Frank Giustra, who took Bubba to Russia or wherever to set up that Uranium One deal which SoS Hillary approved? The rambunctious Brit kidlets have gotten themselves some strange new friends...

    2. I see the dry desssicated body of Harry being found on the side of a road after the Gold
      digger get done with him..

  13. 1: Sounds like all his trained workers are going to be as dumb as he is.

    13: He ain't no James T Kirk.

    1. He's not even William Shatner.

    2. #13 shut up and act the last thing we nee dis another "woke" actor. Still a fan of the Original series, btw... TNG got bogged down in PC toward the third season...
      I smell Trumpenfrude in Stewart's future..

  14. Re #17, nasty Alex Cora! Knew he was the mastermind (report yesterday in LA Times - the LA Dodgers lost to the Cheating Astros in last year’s World Series) but there was no word yet on his fate. So GLAD to hear this! Why wouldn't he be banned from baseball forever?

  15. Stealing signals in baseball is something both sides know is tried. Putting cameras in the outfield to aid that effort, however, isn't kosher.

  16. Item 2 Stocks are 29,087. Up almost 150 points. So much for mini-mike's attempt at stock manipulation. Of course he's not the first. Ever since Donald John Trump was elected, several so-called experts have come and gone with 'dire' warnings and the only effect was increased maalox sales to the weak of stomach.
    I've said it before; my 401k, my IRA, my take home pay and I thank President Trump.

  17. #15) Bernie may want to confer with Weatherman Bill Ayers. He wanted the reeducation camps too and has a program all thought out. However, unlike the Bernie lad, Ayers thought that those 25 million, maybe now 62 million after the 2016 vote, would have to be eliminated if they could not be reeducated as required.
    Planning ahead, I have promised to reserve some friends a bunk in Kommander Jurek's (or is his name misspelled and should be Jerk's) reeducation camp, assuming I survive the Democratic Black Shirts, Antifa, attack on my farm to arrest me. /somewhat sarc

  18. Don, #8 the Government eats the loans? You must mean the Tax Payers eat it.
    #9, NYC under the Dem's leadership is an enabler city, that is the sort of city it is now.
    #15, Sounds like Bernie's using Hitler's Brown Shirt thugs.

  19. Probably just a stunt, but West Virginia legislators just offered Virginia counties admittance to the state and even listed how it would be accepted. Hahaha, I just can see the aghast faces of the Democrats once they realize these cans of worms just keep opening themselves. Haha haha!

    Any comments, Don?

  20. #6 - Senate RINOs will turn this "trial" into a dumpster fire, as Pelosi has decreed. Chief "Justice" John Roberts will be happy to facilitate in any way he can hurt Trump. This is the man who just appointed an Obama appointed judge to head the FISA court, who in turn appointed a corrupt never-Trump DOJ lawyer to oversee FBI "reforms" for that court. If you thought the House hearings were a clown show, the Senate proceedings are going to make that look like Sunday school.

    1. It would be hilarious if they subpoenaed all the jerks that have been calling for impeachment since day one and beat the dog shit out of them. Ask Maxine Waters exactly what did she know in 2017, when exactly did she know it and why didn't she report it. Go down the line - Brennan, Clapper, Schiffe, Clinton, the whistle-blower, Vinneman - and while their at it, ask about collateral things - lies, e-mails, foreign contacts. Just use the hearing as a swamp expose until Roberts makes them stop; and then do more anyway. Maybe get the fired Ukrainian prosecutor or the Ukraine president on the stand. Judge Collyer would be good. On the upside, maybe this could turn this into 5 years of intense swamp draining, with short breaks to appoint more judges.