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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Can the gay mayor save the DNC?

Failure has consequences. The Democrat Party's failure to deliver on Obama's promises -- followed by the Crash of the Hillarydenberg zeppelin -- has riled the party's voters. Bernie Sanders is now the front runner according to the Democrat house organ, the New York Times.

At least in Iowa.

While polls are just numbers on a spreadsheet, watching Democrat officials panic tells me something is up. Their covert Anybody But Bernie campaign shows quiet desperation on the part of DNC insiders. I explained this in great detail on Tuesday.

Bernie's argument is, look, Democrats tried to act middle of the road last time. That did not work. After the DNC screwed me, I could have made trouble, but I played nice. It's time we stopped hiding the socialist agenda. I am the best salesman of socialism you have.

And he can make a good case for this having sold Vermont on him as a mayor, congressman, and now senator. Vermont is rural, white, and old.

If Bernie wins and take New Hampshire, he should have the nomination locked up. They too are rural, white, and old.

It's easy to see Democrats extrapolate that against Trump Land, and count their chickens before the eggs are laid.

But the party insiders don't want him. Who can they turn to to stop him?

The Times poll surprise is Pete Buttigieg finishing second in a virtual tie with Biden, who was in his second term in the Senate when the gay mayor was born. As Biden falters, Buttigieg rises.

The Times also reported, "The rise of Mr. Sanders has come at the expense of his fellow progressive, Senator Elizabeth Warren: she dropped from 22% in the October poll, enough to lead the field, to 15% in this survey. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is garnering 8%, is the only other candidate approaching double digits."

Klobuchar is from neighboring Minnesota. She should get 10 points just for that. Instead, she sits at 8% ahead of only the millionaire vanity candidates.

The Times also said, "A victory by Mr. Sanders in Iowa, where he suffered a narrow loss to Hillary Clinton four years ago, would represent a remarkable comeback for a 78-year-old candidate whose heart attack in October threatened to upend his candidacy. It would also create a moment of high anxiety for establishment-aligned Democrats who are deeply alarmed about a potential Sanders nomination."

The horse race reporting oddly ignores Buttigieg's second-place finish, which shocked me.

He was mentioned 14 times. Warren dropped to fourth place and was mentioned 25 times.

Sanders has raised $61.5 million, Buttigieg $51.5 million, Warren $49.8 million, and Biden $37.6 million.

Chris Donaldson wrote, ""Despite being held hostage in Washington by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the feisty old socialist is now the favorite to win in Iowa and that momentum could carry into the New Hampshire primary which is right in Bernie's back yard.

"If Bernie wins both, then he's going to have a full head of steam going into the heart of the primary season and it could lead to his socialist swarm celebrating his nomination.

"According to the updated betting odds for the 2020 nomination by Real Clear Politics, Bernie has overcome a double-digit deficit in the last seventeen days and is now leading Barack Obama's former second banana by four points."

Here is how it looks from Poca, West Virginia. The impeachment is showing the public how corrupt and crooked Biden is. This is a shock to many. He is the big loser in all this.

Meanwhile, the impeachment allows 78-year-old Bernie to get his rest while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other surrogates fill in. AOC is the soul of the soulless party. A rock star. Evita but not the moldy Madonna kind. This helps Bernie's brand. Voters want new and AOC provides that.

Biden is falling. Warren has fallen. And Klobuchar never stood up. The money men -- Bloomberg, Steyer and Yang -- are just having fun.

Pete Buttigieg may be the last best hope for the DNC insiders.

More likely, they will manipulate the caucuses again and screw Sanders again. They will prop Biden up like it was a sequel to "Weekend at Bernie's."

This will help doom their eventual nominee, but just as Washington does not care about Americans as much as it cares about power, so the DNC cares about Democrats.


  1. "If Bernie wins both, then he's going to have a full head of steam going into the heart of the primary season..."

    Or, as all the Dem candidates appear to have, "a head full of steam." =^[.]^=

  2. Bernie is NOT the favorite of Reagan Democrats, and without their vote, any (D) flat-out loses. Not sure that Buttplug is favored by the Reagan bunch, either. But the BEST way to lose the black vote is to run a homosexual.

  3. The black voters in the southern states really don't seem to care about Biden corruption. He will win there.
    Bloomberg will fail but eventually turn on his 2B spigot for someone he can stand even if it is Biden, so deformed is he by hatred of DT. But he may not support Bernie. He won't destroy his own business but he will give money to help keep the House and try to turn the Senate.
    The impending impeachment denoument has saved Biden from demolition for now. The investment mavens say Bloomberg Biden or Trump will avoid a market collapse so Joe has some support from the money men already.
    Buttster can't go national as yet. His money is all gay and he has never had big Mo. The money men who count dont trust him.
    Trump has big Mo and it will get even Mo. Bloomberg and his NYC media cohorts will not make a difference, even if they are plotting at this very moment their next Banzai assault on the wire. The turn out in NJ sealed their fate.

  4. The sad thing seems to be that voters expect their politicians to screw the country for millions and vote for them still.

  5. It doesn't matter if Bernie wins Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, the superdelegates will never give him the nomination.
    Bloomberg will buy the nomination.
    And the Antifa, anarchists, communists and other Millennial mob will tear the Democrat Party apart

    1. One can only hope. A reprise of the '68 convention riots (now in 4K HD!) would, I think, drive any remaining "undecideds" onto the Trump bandwagon

  6. The race to find the best of the worst is quite fun to watch. The killer B’s will fight it out to the end. Bernie would win the nomination if the process wasn’t rigged. Biden is a disaster. Butt is totally unqualified but so was Sotero. Bloomberg has a resume but is a power hungry dud who barely maintained what Giuliani built. He couldn’t manage snow plows and wants to tell us what to eat and drink while working from his dilbertesque cubicle.

    The preliminaries leading up to the convention should be entertaining and the convention itself could literally be a riot.

    I am not a popcorn eater, but maybe I’ll start.

  7. Yeah, blacks are going to vote for a guy that named himself buttplug.

  8. Alfred E is looking less like Howdy Doody and more like Kate Michleman (sp?). I don't see that flying these days.

    Problem is, if they don't give it to Bernie if he has the votes, who's left, Bloomie?

    Shirley, you jest. He might even lose NY.

    Biden may be it, but what do they do if he walks onto a debate stage without his pants?

  9. Bernie get screwed at he convention. the Berinistas go nuts. Milwaukee is burned to the ground.
    Trump wins..
    We all do...
    No more dem party..

  10. I keep wondering what the democrats do with Buttigieg when he loses the nomination, and assuming they want to keep him viable. There's no way he wins a federal slot here in Indiana, especially noting his shitty attitude towards us, sneering about "Mike Pence's Indiana" as if that's a bad thing.

    So, since their bench is so weak, do they move him to the DNC, or some other arm, when Trump gets re-elected? Again, assuming they want the angry little shit to stay somewhat visible and viable.

    I'm curious about it because he seems like such a vicious little shit, his faith play doesn't work on me in the least, as a matter of fact I think it makes him look more cynical and opportunistic. I think he's dangerous, not to the Republicans, but to the country. Just a bad feeling about it him that nobody has ever made me consider before.

    1. Buttigieg is supremely, coldly, and cynically calculating. He's a phony. Everything he has done has been with an eye to his personal political prospects, not to serve the people. He didn't come out until after he had become mayor to avoid losing in the primary. He was best buds with Pence until it was convenient to turn on the then governor. He joined the military (direct commission as an officer!) to pad his resume. All I can say is at least his resume is better than vote Present Obama's was.


  11. Something I learned right here.
    When the headline is a question, the answer is no.

  12. Your pop up video (that doesn't quite load) is very anoying., expecially as it can't be killed.

  13. What if a deadlocked dim convention drags up old pants suit in a final show of desperation.?