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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Bloomberg's long-range plan for socialism

While President Donald John Trump domesticates Iran, North Korea, and Red China, the biggest threat to the Republic comes from within. His assurance that America will never accept socialism overlooks the temptations the next generations face.

Democrats already are headed toward being left of the old Communist Party USA that Stalin funded. The rank and file now consider Bernie Sanders a centrist and Obama a right winger. The party already is trying to seize guns in Virginia.

The biggest threat to the nation is Mini Mike Bloomberg who will use his billions to promote socialism. His model is the late Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance.

Upon his death in 2013, CNBC reported, "Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance, died Saturday at age 80. Since the 1980s, he had donated an estimated $40 million to $60 million to marijuana law reform including underwriting ballot campaigns, research, political polling and legal defense efforts."

Initiative after initiative failed in state after state. But Lewis kept at it as he learned from his mistakes. A man who took a 100-employee small insurance company and turned it into a 28,000-employee empire applied the same management principles to politics.

Today, marijuana is at least partially legal in 39 states.

Bloomberg's efforts to end private gun ownership have frustrated him, however. His presidential run is looking at the big picture.

President Donald John Trump ran a small tight campaign in which he invested $66 million. He won without wasting money on ads, polls, and a large staff. He was in it to win it in 2016, setting him up for re-election.

Bloomberg is building a Democrat Party machine that will outlast him.

NBC reported, " Bloomberg is wasting no time building out his campaign's ground game, with 500 organizers and staff in more than 30 states, including all 14 of the delegate-rich Super Tuesday states, his campaign told NBC News.

"The ramp-up — both in staff and in spending on TV ads — has been quick. Just six weeks after he announced his candidacy, the former mayor of New York now boasts more than 800 staffers on his payroll and over $100 million spent on advertising.

"The roughly 300 staffers working in the campaign's New York headquarters are set to move into a new building in Times Square to accommodate their burgeoning ranks, aides said.

"The Super Tuesday staffing, which puts grassroots leadership teams and organizers in all the March contest states, as well as in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which vote in April, solidifies Bloomberg as having the largest organization in the field after the four early-voting states in February."

Bloomberg is training an army of political operatives who will gain experience from his star-crossed campaign that will serve them well. 50 years after Jack Kennedy hired Pete Thaw to help run his operation in West Virginia, Thaw was on the local school board -- a final hurrah for a longtime political operative.

The campaign of Bloomberg will have that effect.

Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman told NBC, "Every other campaign is going to have to throw their field organizers from an early state to a Super Tuesday state and just kind of hope it works out.

"By putting people in the states so early, Bloomberg will be able to quietly build an infrastructure and relationships while no one else is paying attention" or as other candidates lack the resources to do it."

Democrats are preparing for the political battles of 2040 today.


  1. Today, marijuana is at least partially legal in 39 states

    You just can't make this up! A piece moaning about future socialism uses the slow repeal of fascist drug laws to prove his point? LOL

    The DEA are the secret police akin to the Nazi brownshirts. Neocons love fascism its why they're such belligerent people.

    They sip on their drug of choice every day and laugh at people locked in prison for using their drug of choice. Hypocrisy at its finest they are the modern day Pharissees who still enforce their version of dietary laws to the letter.

    And like those ancient Pharissees they cannot cite one scripture to justify their beloved drug war. Belligerents love war of any kind.

    Even after the drug war has ruined millions of lives of peaceful people minding their own business and turned prisons into grad schools of criminology.

    Even worse our Pharissees rejoice at locking up people for not paying their debts like child support. Its the return of medeival norms and debtor prisons.

    All of which is why millenials embrace socialism once they have seen the utter hypocrisy and oppression of the other side.

    1. One thing to keep in mind is that every day, more data comes along showing how bad marijuana really is.

      It's going to be repealed again, when enough people have been killed in accidents caused by people high on marijuana and when enough 4 year olds have been rushed to the hospital because they ODed on Mommy's pot-laced brownies.

      And it's Pharisees.

    2. Hey stupid hypocritical dishonest troll, STFU! No one here cards about your judgements on any thing as you have no standing to do so. So suck it loser. Suck it hard. Suck it good, idiot.


    3. Actually, the bible is clear in regards to strong drink, which I'd lump pot into that category. To be avoided unless the situation is dire.

      In case you wish to attack the messenger, I don't drink at all. I have seen what drugs and booze do to people.

      I'd like to state we are a free nation and if you wish to drink yourself into oblivion or shoot up till dead I'd say be my guest. The problem is the government reaches into my pocket to help fund your habit and keep you alive after you have done something stupid. I have seen to many people wreck their lives and families with that crap.

  2. 20 years is a long time. If Bloomberg is still alive by then, he will be approaching the century mark. A lot can happen in the meantime, especially a lot of today's youngsters getting mugged by the reality of having to earn a living. Also, his takeover of the Democrat Party may not be such a bad thing, since as mayor of New York City, he proved to be a responsible executive. And I feel that the Republicans will evolve in Trump's image and build on his record.

  3. Having worked for Peter B Lewis for 10 years, one thing you miss is that he was a good businessman. When he let marijuana get the better of him, he was done.

    Marijuana is where it is more because of Barry Ozero and the Democrats that came in with him.

    And Bloomie gave Gotham its long push toward disaster. Say what you will about Lewis, he didn't browbeat his employees.

    Except with that God-awful art program.

    1. Lewis was a legend. Hate the politics, salute the man.

  4. One other thing. Jack Kennedy did win. Bloomie looks to be a long shot and we tend to remember winners.

    His apparatchiks may well go the way of Zippy's.


    1. Losers can still have tremendous influence over a party for a generation plus. Goldwater '64 and McGovern '72 are two huge examples from opposite sides of the spectrum.

    2. "Sides of the divide" or "ends of the spectrum." I need to pick one metaphor and stick with it.

  5. and it's medieval

    and it's millennials

    [never too late to go for a secondary education]

  6. Bring on Mini Mike. Mr. T will begin with the soda ban, which will forever after absolutely tag the LibCommies as the joyless, Coastal, rich bastards they’ve become. It’ll just get better from there.

  7. Sounds like someone has billionaire envy--but that's not really accurate. Bloomberg is a billionaire. Trump is the clown on reality TV. Just as a real financial genius has better things to do than sell financial management classes at the airport Holiday Inn, a real billionaire would have better things to do than reality TV. Dupes gotta be duped. Trump's for the same morons who think rasslin' is real.

    1. Only one with billionaire envy here is you. Every day Trump is in the white house must eat you alive. B.S.G.

  8. Eternal Vigilance is always needed. Thank you, Don, for "paying attention" for the rest of us.

  9. If you've ever watched your Grandson go from a sweet, smart young man who looked forward to athletics to a dulled sense, moron who couldn't control his behavior, then you know what effects marijuana has on some 14 yr olds! Kids that age have it bad enough with girls and hormones and shouldn't have weed available! No wonder the dems are pushing it - it destroys young minds and makes marginal nitwits full blown losers!