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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Rolling Stone: It was Fake News

Paul Solotaroff of Rolling Stone wrote "Taking Trump Seriously" in September 2015 when rare were those who did. Even Salena Zito did not. The piece helped convince me that Donald John Trump was the one.

Solotaroff wrote, "I tell him I’m not in favor of chopping people’s heads off, and ask if he’d sanction waterboarding as president. He begins a rambling answer, then asks the woman across from me if she believes in the practice of waterboarding. And so it goes for the 26 minutes it takes us to fly from New York to Hampton, New Hampshire, where tonight he’ll go on in front of 2,500 people, a crowd to thoroughly dwarf the several hundred people who’ve turned out to watch Jeb Bush and Rand Paul speak in the state. In those 26 minutes, he’ll devote some 90 seconds to his typewritten notes, diverted instead by the mentions of him on Fox and the crowd of whims and tangents in his head. To sit alone with Trump is to be whipsawed and head-snapped by his sentences that start and stop, his thoughts that take hard detours or suddenly become questions in midstream. But as I learn in Hampton, exactly none of this will matter once Donald Trump takes the stage. The second those klieg lights hit him, he’ll find his maestro voice, that nimble and knowing schoolyard brogue that doesn’t miss a trick or a chance to pounce. Besides, he’ll say the exact same unscripted things he said in Michigan days earlier and will say again tomorrow at the Iowa State Fair, all of it word for word from memory. You may lament Trump’s message, but you can’t move him off it. It’s like trying to stop a 757."

The only difference today is the crowds are 10 times as large.

This next excerpt really doesn't advance this post but it does show a Rolling Stone writer saw the future, and it was President Trump.

Solotaroff wrote, "In all the hysteria, however, what’s often missed are the qualities that brought Trump here. You don’t do a fraction of what he’s done in life — dominate New York real estate for decades, build the next grand Xanadus for the super-rich on the far shores of Dubai and Istanbul, run the prime-time ratings table for more than 10 years and earn a third (or sixth) fortune at it – without being immensely cunning and deft, a top-of-the-food-chain killer. Over the course of 10 days and several close-in encounters, I got to peer behind the scrim of his bluster and self-mythos and get a very good look at the man. What I saw was enough to make me take him dead serious. If you’re waiting for Trump to blow himself up in a Hindenburg of gaffes or hate speech, you’re in for a long, cold fall and winter. Donald Trump is here for the duration — and gaining strength and traction by the hour."

Which brings us to Matt Taibbi, the magazine's 21st century Hunter S. Thompson. He is not enamored of President Trump (to use the British understatement). Taibbi also isn't a fool following his colleagues in the Fourth Estate down the rabbit hole of deep state conspiracy theories about ROOSHA and Ukraine.

The subheadline of his report on the IG report showed that you can oppose President Trump without being insane. It said, "The report throws water on one 'deep state' conspiracy theory of the Russia investigation, but validates complaints about 'fake news.'"

Ah yes, the leaks are real, the news is fake.

Taibbi used the IG report to detail the errors -- lies -- the FBI told to get permission to spy on a nemesis of Obama. For all the BS accusations of President Trump using foreign countries to get dirt on dirtbag Biden, Obama actually did this. The Russian dossier's sources were in the Kremlin.

The columnist concluded, "No matter what people think the political meaning of the Horowitz report might be, reporters who read it will know: Anybody who touched this nonsense in print should be embarrassed."

They have no shame. A couple of them do have Pulitzers. None of them should be trusted ever again.

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