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Friday, December 13, 2019

Noonan struggles with reality

Peggy Noonan, the grand dame of the swamp, went to Iowa to see how the other half (well, three-fourths) live as Democrats campaign for president.

What struck her is no one is talking about the impeachment.

She wrote, "On my way to Waterloo I realized: We’re about to have the third impeachment of a president in American history, and the day it happens it’s not going to be Topic A in America. It will barely be mentioned at the dinner table. It is a coastal elite story, not a mainland story."

Why would people in Iowa care? Impeachment is an elitist wet dream to turn the clock back to 2016. Hillary came so close. So close, and yet so far away.

People move on.

Democrats in Iowa want to beat President Donald John Trump. Everything else is for show.

She wrote, "But Beat Trump is back. When 2019 began Democrats were thinking that was priority No. 1. Then other things became more important — Medicare for All, climate change, policy. But it feels like Democrats here are circling back to their original desire. 'Who can beat Trump?' is again the most important question. They don’t know the answer. They’re trying to figure it out."

Of course. This is a typical outside party primary. The question always is who can beat the incumbent? Occasionally you get a Carter or a Clinton, but usually you get a McGovern, Mondale, Dole, Kerry, or Romney. Nice guys all (except Kerry) who belong in the Senate where they can look important but do little harm.

Picking through the candidates, Noonan couldn't find a Clinton or even a Carter. They were governors, not senators.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg drew her attention.

She wrote, "In person he seems like the smart young communications director for a Democratic presidential candidate, not the candidate himself. Yet he gets a particular respect because people think whatever happens this year, he’s going to be president some day. The local congressman who introduced him said as much: 'No matter who comes out of this . . . Pete Buttigieg is the future of the party.'

"He is personable in an old-fashioned sense; he reminds me of Michael Kinsley’s description of Al Gore when he was 38: 'an old person’s idea of a young person.'"

She was young then. She is old now. Surely she should know that the 2020 election is a referendum on Donald John Trump for 2 reasons: 1. any election with an incumbent president is about that incumbent president, and 2. anything with Donald Trump involved is all about Donald Trump.

Noonan acknowledged that at the end, "How difficult will it be to beat Mr. Trump? While I was in Iowa the new jobs numbers came out. America has functional full employment. It is a marvelous thing. We’re not in any new wars. With peace and prosperity, how can the incumbent lose?

"The counterargument is that his approval is stuck in the low 40s with peace and prosperity, which tells you everything — he is vulnerable, more than half the country rejects him in what are for him ideal circumstances. This in turn brings back the familiar 2016 theme of shy Trump voters, people who don’t tell pollsters they’re going to vote for him, or even tell themselves.

"Maybe the real story is that it’s all fluid."

But there is something greater going on. Her life's work is going down the drain, as is the life's work of everyone else in Washington. For 3 decades, they toiled to create the New World Order and make it work. It would bring peace and prosperity by eliminating nations, replacing them with multilateral commissions of experts.

Consider the European Union. Their experts produced all sorts of wondrous legislation. Consider eggs. Everybody thinks every dozen of eggs is the same. Ah, but eurocrats are smart. They weighed the eggs and found some weigh more than others. They decided that selling eggs by weight would be fairer.

When you think about it, they are quite correct. People could save a penny an egg carton this way. A penny here, a penny there, and boom, pretty soon you have a dime.

Of course no one bothers thinking about eggs. You buy a dozen and go home.

The eurocrats were stunned when the Britons said no to buying eggs by the weight. As the eurocrats are experts on the weight of eggs, they therefore are smarter than everyone else on this subject.

And therefore, rejecting their advice meant the people are stupid. Or something like that. It cannot be that people like the convenience of buying eggs by the dozen. No, no, no. They must be stupid.

Now, people will tolerate bungling bureaucrats and corrupt politicians as long as the trains run on time.

Our trains stopped doing that. Red China dumped slave-made products on our markets, and the New World Order gave us wars in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq again.

After nearly 3 decades of the New World Order, Americans rejected it. And lo and behold, they got peace and prosperity.

Maybe I am like a eurocratic egg expert when it comes to President Trump, but I don't see him losing in November.

It is good that Noonan went to Iowa. I hope she stays and morphs into Salena Zito.

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