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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Maybe Democrats don't want an impeachment

The big news on Friday evening is that Democrat leaders are not pushing House members to vote for impeachment.

Now it could be Nancy has the 218 votes she needs and is allowing some congressmen in tough races next fall to punt.

But I don't see it. I do not see Democrats being suicidal over President Donald John Trump. Plus Clyburn's words undercut the Democrats' self-righteous call to impeach.

Clyburn told CNN, "This is a vote of conscience. I do believe that when it comes to something as divisive as impeachment, we have to leave members up to their own consciences, their own constituents, and what they think is in the best interest of their love for country.

"And so, I think it would be a bit unseemly for us to go out whipping up a vote on something like this. This is too serious, this is too much about preserving this great Republic."

But if it is "about preserving this great Republic," then Clyburn is under a moral obligation to press for Democrats to toe the line.

Does he not care enough "about preserving this great Republic" to lobby for impeachment?

Clyburn said, "If we cannot vote to impeach with what we had in testimonies last week and what we've seen in news reports this week, then we ought to just modify the Constitution and get rid of impeachment altogether."

That may not be such a bad idea.

Or at least preserve impeachment for an actual crime.

Conventional wisdom in DC is Democrats will impeach and Republicans will acquit.

But Clyburn does not think it is important enough to twist arms to get it to pass. At best that is a mixed message.

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