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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

It Was A Very Good Year

Magicians always divert attention, which frees them to do their sleight of hand. President Donald John Trump has perfected the craft to the point where he has become the diversion.

His tweets are red laser dots that the cats in the media chase. Real cats eventually catch on, but they continue to chase the dot.

Benjamin Wofford of the Washingtonian noticed the dot in his column, "While You Were Paying Attention to Ukraine, Here’s What Trump’s Appointees Achieved."

He wrote, "There were dozens of stories that flew under the radar—policy changes and personnel sagas, norms eroded and scores settled—that captured the essence of what happened in the marrow of Trump’s government. Often, these stories ran in parallel to the glitzier headlines that consumed Washington (SharpieGate, anyone?). But even as the Ukraine scandal unfolded and impeachment became a certainty, the Trump administration was leaving its mark on policy and government agencies in ways that often went unnoticed, and yet are likely to affect Washingtonians and the country for generations."

I hope so.

Even I was surprised by Wofford's list: "44 executive orders, signed 94 bills into law and finalized more than 3,000 new rules."

Then there are the judges. 50 of the 179 appellate judges are now President Trump appointees with 2 pending confirmation. Obama appointed 55 confirmed appellate judges. Donald Trump has almost done in less than 3 years what Obama did in 8.

That figures.

Wofford of course did not like the changes. He wrote, "Bad news for transgender homeless. HUD reversed Obama-era guidelines, granting homeless shelters the ability to turn away transgender persons on religious or other grounds. Explaining the move to staff, Carson reportedly complained about 'big, hairy men' descending on women’s shelters. He later doubled down on the comments."

Under Obama, a big hairy man could claim to be a woman and enter a shelter for domestic abuse victims.

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson ended that.

The press could have stopped it but instead the press followed the laser dots President Trump tweeted.


By the way, is Sinatra the only singer who would record a song with a studio audience? What an audacious man.

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