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Monday, December 30, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: One America News reported, "CIA Director Gina Haspel is the latest Intelligence official to reportedly be dragged into John Durham’s investigation of the Russia probe. On Friday, Politico reported Haspel may have information on former CIA Director John Brennan, who served under the Obama administration.

"That information could help Durham learn whether the CIA used unauthorized surveillance on 2016 Trump campaign officials.

"Haspel has a controversial history of protecting the agency from political scrutiny and has rarely made public statements about ongoing intelligence matters."

Our intelligence community spied not on Xi, Putin, or Kim Jong Un but on our own president.

That is treason.

ITEM 2: Axios reported, "Wages for nonsupervisory employees — who make up 82% of the workforce — are rising at the fastest rate in more than a decade, the Wall Street Journal reports."


The story said, "Pay rates for the bottom 25% of wage earners rose 4.5% in November from a year earlier, while wages for the top 25% of earners rose only 2.9%, per data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

"The bank also found that the rate of pay rises for low-skilled workers matched those for high-skilled workers last month for the first time since 2010."

The photo that accompanied the story said, "Wage Justice Now."

Once again, President Trump delivers what Obama could not.

ITEM 3: WRAL reported, "A federal judge said late Thursday that she will, at least temporarily, block North Carolina from requiring photo identification from voters at the polls next year.

"An order explaining the decision and its full breadth will come next week, but this week's announcement was timed to delay a planned statewide mailing explaining the state's new voter ID rules. Public notice came via a short note appended to an online case file Thursday in NAACP et al v. Cooper, one of at least two ongoing lawsuits challenging voter ID in the state.

"U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs, a President Barack Obama appointee, is presiding in the case, which was filed in North Carolina's Middle District, with hearings in Winston-Salem."

As a lot, Obama judges are partisan and unqualified. Thank goodness Mitch McConnell stopped the appointment of more of them in 2015 and 2016.

Keep the Trump Train to Justice rolling.

ITEM 4: Mickey Kaus wrote, "If Trump loses, would the frustration level among his supporters be anywhere near as high? They've had four years. They'll be demoralized, go into opposition. The defeat can be blamed on Trump's flaws, the anger worked out through internecine Republican battles. Yes, there will always be extreme outlier groups, and crazed individuals — we've already had them. For the vast majority of Trumpers ... well, maybe I lack sufficient imagination, but it's hard to see any sort of general social convulsion greater than, say, the Tea Party during Obama's term.

"This asymmetry, in terms of prospective reaction, may be unjustifiable — and infuriating in itself. But even if you are a hard core Trump voter, you have to think about it, if you're a patriot.  Do you want your country ripped apart? It's hard to sustain a democracy if the basic bonds of loyalty disappear. The crazier the anti-Trumpers get (and they can always get crazier) the more you have to worry, and the more you have to reluctantly think about whether a vote for Trump is really worth it. That's the weird thing: Sometimes angry, crazed behavior causes a backlash -- but even angrier and crazier behavior inspires fear and a desire to avoid aggravating the conflict at all costs. It's hard to believe voters won't take this fear into account, at least subliminally."

Piss on you. I'm voting for Donald Trump.

ITEM 5: The Daily Caller reported, "The Washington Post’s editorial board has done an about-face after once calling for the resignation of Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

"Earlier this year, when a medical school yearbook photo of what appeared to be Northam either in blackface or a Ku Klux Klan outfit emerged, the Post was one of many outlets calling for the Virginia governor to resign."

That is consistent. The Post never asked Robert C. Byrd to resign for organizing the Ku Klux Klan in West Virginia.

Or Glenn Reynolds as said, "They’re totally principled, it’s just that their number one principle is Democratic Party power."

ITEM 6: The president is the world's tallest troll.
He is the best as well.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "After weeks of behind-the-scenes debate, Senate Republicans have hit on their strategy for handling President Trump’s impeachment: a brief trial — with no witness testimony — and a fast acquittal.

"'I’m ready to vote now,' Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) told The Hill. 'I think the articles are a joke.'

"But they don’t want to dismiss the House Democrats’ charges out of hand, as some Trump allies have proposed.

"It’s time for him to have his day in court,' Hawley said. 'The president deserves to have due process.'

"Trump, who was calling for a full-blown trial with multiple witnesses — including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter — just three weeks ago, now supports the Senate leadership’s plan."

This is boring. As long as they acquit, I don't give a bowel movement.

ITEM 8: PJ Media reported, "A federal judge ruled on Friday that the state of Georgia acted within the law by purging 98,000 voters from registration rolls who hadn't voted in 8 years or responded to a mailed notification letter.

"All told, Georgia purged nearly 300,000 people who were either inactive or did not respond to the mailer. Liberal groups fought the purge claiming it was unconstitutional."

Why don't those 300,000 purged people simply re-register?

I mean besides the fact that they either moved or died.

ITEM 9: This is why blue lives matter.
If you never played in the street, you never were a kid.

ITEM 10: Quillette reported, "As 2019 draws to a close, the manufactured rape crisis on Australian university campuses has suffered an important setback. Last month, a Queensland Supreme Court ruled that universities have no jurisdiction to adjudicate sexual assault. This prompted a major speech by the Federal Education Minister in which he affirmed that 'If a student alleges they are the victim of a crime then our criminal justice system is the appropriate authority to deal with it.' This is hugely significant, but the media has been noticeably reluctant to report on this development.

"Late last year, new regulations were introduced by a number of universities to establish committees and secretive processes to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault. These reversed the burden of proof, denied the accused normal legal rights, and required only a 'balance of probabilities' to secure conviction. Many other universities have apparently made plans to proceed down the same path."

We settled this 804 years ago in front of an Ankerwycke Yew.

ITEM 11: CBS reported, "Multiple people have reportedly been stabbed in an attack on a Rabbi’s home in New York‘s Rockland County. That attacker is now reportedly in custody after fleeing the scene.

"CBS2’s Tony Aiello has confirmed a man entered Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul in Monsey and stabbed several people just before 10 p.m. Saturday night.

"The man, covering his face with a scarf, reportedly entered the home and pulled out a machete to attack the victims during a Chanukah celebration. The suspect reportedly chased after victims as they fled the synagogue before running off and escaping in a gray Nissan Sentra.

"Shortly after midnight on Sunday, Ramapo police announced that suspect had been arrested. Police tell CBS2 the alleged attacker was taken into custody in Harlem."

This is how CNN covered it -- at the exact same time with the same information.

I don't hate the people at CNN. I just despise the work they do, and the way they do it.

The violent and deadly attacks on Jews will continue in Democrat strongholds until people hold elected officials accountable for their anti-Semitism. CNN could lead the way. Instead, its staff sits on their bums.

ITEM 12: The National Sentinel reported, "The U.S. economy under this president, not the last one, is reaching new heights and never-before-seen growth that can no longer be seriously refuted.

"One of the latest stats demonstrating just how good Trump has made things for all Americans is this one: The massive U.S. economy comprised one-fifth of global GDP before he took office, and since it has risen to one-fourth of the world’s GDP."

That is a stunning 25% rise in our share of the world's GDP.

The Sentinel cited a report by the World Economic League, which said, "The USA in 2019 reached 24.8% of world GDP, its largest share of the world economy since 2007. And the US is now expected to remain the world’s largest economy throughout the 2020s and is to be overtaken by China only in 2033, three years later than we forecast two years ago."
Capitalism rocks.

ITEM 13: The National Interest reported, "China Cancelled Two Super Aircraft Carriers. Here's the Story Why."

The story said, "But that tendency may have backfired for once. That’s because the U.S. Navy has been beset by major cost overruns and delays in deploying its new generation Gerald Ford-class supercarriers due to persistent flaws in their catapults, arresting gear, radars and weapons elevators. You can read more about these many problems in an earlier article.

"Similar problems apparently are affecting China’s carrier program. On November 28, Minnie Chan of the South China Morning Post reported that Beijing was scrapping plans for a fifth and sixth nuclear-powered carrier, once it finished construction of two new steam-powered vessels.

"The reason? 'Technical challenges and high costs,' including issues particularly linked to development of the latter two vessel’s electromagnetic launch systems — the same system bedeviling the U.S. Navy."

Their own petard hoisted them.

The story said, "But rather than adopt the steam catapults used on most flat-deck aircraft carriers, Beijing was determined to steal a technological step by directly adopting next-generation electromagnetic launch systems, or EMALs — currently only featured on two new Gerald Ford class carrier."

This is a lesson in stealing.

On May 30, 2019, Popular Mechanics reported, "Earlier this week, President Trump continued to press his attack on a U.S. Navy system that uses magnetism to launch aircraft from aircraft carriers. At an event on a Japan-based navy warship, Trump reiterated his claim that the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, or EMALS, is inferior to the use of steam catapults to get airplanes in the air."

The admirals and generals hate him because he is smarter than them at their own area of expertise.

ITEM 14: The Wall Street Journal (no link -- pay site) said, "The Taliban’s leadership council has agreed to a week long cease-fire, a step that could pave the way for an agreement with the U.S. as early as next month to draw down U.S. troops and start Afghan-to-Afghan talks on a comprehensive settlement of the 18-year Afghan war."

On Saturday night, I wrote, "Ending the Afghanistan War may be next."

President Trump talked to the troops. They see it as Vietnam v2.0 -- and have for a long time. No one listened. He did.

ITEM 15: Via Glenn Reynolds, "100-year-old Tuskegee Airman promoted to Brigadier General."

My hope for making Specialist 5 just rose.

ITEM 16: After stating last week that he would not comply with a subpoena to testify at an impeachment trial, Joe Biden tweeted over the weekend, "I want to clarify something I said yesterday. In my 40 years in public life, I have always complied with a lawful order and in my eight years as VP, my office — unlike Donald Trump and Mike Pence — cooperated with legitimate congressional oversight requests.

"But I am just not going to pretend that there is any legal basis for Republican subpoenas for my testimony in the impeachment trial. That is the point I was making yesterday and I reiterate: this impeachment is about Trump’s conduct, not mine."

I thank him for acknowledging that fighting a congressional subpoena is not "obstruction of Congress,"which is the basis of one of the 2 articles of impeachment.

ITEM 17: The New York Times (pay site, no link) reported, "A series of federal immigration raids swept up nearly 700 undocumented workers, creating opportunities — and some ethical concerns — for American-born residents."

The story recounted that a chicken processing plant in Mississippi hired whites only until the civil rights movement forced equal opportunity for blacks.

Then the plant began importing illegal aliens, rather than give black men jobs.

President Trump sent ICE to raid the joint this summer. 680 illegal aliens were deported. Black men replaced them.

The Times now has ethical concerns about the plant hiring black men.

Where were they when illegal aliens took the jobs of black men? Those were jobs the Times and the Chamber of Commerce said Americans did not want.

ITEM 18: Summit News reported, "Bank of America says that one of the dominant trends for the 2020s will be the end of globalization as countries increasingly realize that the phenomenon has brought unsustainable social disruption.

"In a report mapping out what to expect over the next decade, BofA analysts said that largely unchecked globalization, which ran roughly from 1981-2016, is coming to an end.

"This change will take place due to 'the widespread recognition that while globalization has meant lower consumer prices, it has also meant slower growth, precarious employment and social disruption.'"


ITEM 19: National Public Radio reported, "U.S. Steps Up Deportations To Iraq, Despite Worsening Violence There."


Oh wait, Paragraph 7 said, "Many of the deportees hadn't seen Iraq since they were children, and some had never seen it at all. Most served time for felonies in U.S. prisons years ago, and those convictions have prevented them from becoming citizens."

If the law they attack, send them back to Iraq.

ITEM 20: Reuters reported, "Russia said on Sunday it had thwarted terrorism attacks reportedly planned in St. Petersburg thanks to a tip from Washington, bringing personal thanks again from President Vladimir Putin to his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump.

"Russian news agencies cited the Federal Security Service (FSB) as saying that thanks to the information, two Russians were detained on Dec. 27 on suspicion of plotting attacks during New Year festivities in St. Petersburg.

"The Kremlin said Putin passed on his gratitude to Trump during a phone call on Sunday for the tip from U.S. special services. It gave no more details."

You are welcome, comrade.

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