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Friday, December 27, 2019

Gee, Germans don't like Drumpf

Deutsche Welle commissioned a poll to show Germans hate President Donald John Trump more than they do the leaders of Russia, Iran, North Korea, or Red China.

The German broadcaster reported, "When asked who posed the greatest threat to world peace, Germans in a recent poll overwhelmingly pointed to one person — Donald Trump. The US president beat out the leaders of North Korea, Russia, China and Iran."

The story said, "Some 41% of Germans said they thought Trump was the most dangerous out of the five world leaders. In second place was Kim with 17%, followed by Putin and Khamenei with 8%. Coming in last was China's Xi with 7%."

Why should we care what these chowderheads believe? They are not good judges of leaders. They elected Angela Merkel chancellor.

And Germany is not a very good friend. I will put aside those nasty world wars we had with them because those wars ended before I was born.

But ever since the end of World War II when we decided to protect West Germany from Russia, Germans have been mooching off us. We bought their stuff after the war to keep them from starving, just as we did Italy and Japan.

Meanwhile, we had our military guard them from attacks from Russia and in the case of Japan, Red China.

Now nearly 75 years later, we are still doing this despite German prosperity. We still have troops over there and help prop up the German economy with an annual $64 billion trade deficit. That is a subsidy that works out to about $1,000 for each German.
We blew our chance to escape. Instead of packing up and going home once the Soviet Union fell, we expanded NATO and committed the USA to being involved in the problems of a continent that we are not part of.

To be sure, NATO helped us in Afghanistan, and given how our intelligence community lied through its teeth about that venture, if I were a NATO ally, I would be plenty angry with the USA. As an American, I am angry at my government for lying to me -- and at myself for trusting the government.

But Americans also have our issues with the Germans. What in the devil is Merkel's government doing cozying up to Putin and making Germany more dependent on Russia to keep the lights on in winter?

Germans are not taking the threat of Russia seriously. Why should we? Russia is a shell of itself militarily and economy-wise. Let Europe handle it.

If 5 times as many people think the USA is a greater threat to them than Russia, then, please, allow us to bow out of NATO in favor of Russia.

America and Americans have greater concerns elsewhere.

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