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Monday, December 16, 2019

Discovery would make impeachment hurt

I am not a lawyer but I offer my solution which would be amenable to both those wanting a quick impeachment acquittal and those who want to rub Democrat noses in the Schiff they just dumped on the Constitution.

On January 3, 2020, when the trial likely will begin, President Donald John Trump's legal staff should ask for 60 days to prepare their defense. This would move the trial back to March 3, and it would allow the Senate to conduct its regular business.

Certainly the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would grant our beloved president the basic rights afforded common criminals and other Democrats.

Along with the the 60-day delay, President Trump's defense team would get access to all tapes and copies of all transcripts of witnesses who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee. There would be no redactions for security reasons because as commander-in-chief, the president is our national security.

They would have to be turned over along with any and all exculpatory evidence.

Senators would not have to deal with impeachment for a couple of months. This would allow them to confirm judges and conduct hearings, while a half dozen or so of them prepare run for president.

At the same time, Republicans would get access to all the dirty little secrets Schiff and company have. And I am guessing that he is dumb enough to try to hide stuff, which would make him subject to prosecution.

The whistleblower would be chief among those deposed. If his answers imply that he conducted political espionage on the public's dime, he would be subject to a criminal investigation. Those who aided and abetted his whistle blowing also would have to answer questions, and also would be liable. I expect plenty of Fifth Amendment citations in those interviews under oath.

After 60 days of depositions and discovery, the trial could begin on March 3, with President Trump's lawyers filing a motion to dismiss the impeachment because there is no crime cited, as is required by the Constitution.

Chief Justice Roberts is no fool. He would turn the question over to the Senate, which would vote to dismiss because the impeachment would be a national joke by that time. Democrats would not like to see their nominee, Quid Pro Joe, on the stand, so they would welcome the impeachment's end.

There are many ways to play impeachment, especially when you are innocent.

And a very sane genius will select the best route to take.

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