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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

No billionaire can beat Trump

Tom Steyer and Mini Mike Bloomberg have the same pitch for the presidential nomination of the Democrat Party: a billionaire is the only one who can defeat President Donald John Trump.

I hope Democrats pick one of them because the last person who can defeat President Donald John Trump is a billionaire. Their campaigns show that, particularly Steyer who is blowing millions on the generic rich-guy-for-governor ads that always enrich political consultants and the like, but seldom elect the mark.

Excuse me, candidate.

Steyer's blue shirt-and-jeans ads show the rich-guy strategy of introducing the candidate, then introducing the issue, and finally blasting the incumbent. Usually they wear tan khakis.

This is paid media. Free airtime is earned media.

4 years ago, in 2015, Donald John Trump earned a billion or so bucks worth of media. He did not run a campaign ad until 2016.

Donald John Trump did not have to. People already knew him, his issues, and his contempt for Obama and Hillary.

Earning time, though, meant facing a hostile press corps but he was used to it. In the 1990s he faced off with the best and toughest media in the world in New York City. His divorce and his first trip to bankruptcy court to refinance his loans were played out on the top of the 6 O'Clock News and the front pages of the newspapers.

Unlike both Tom Steyer and Mini Mike Bloomberg, Donald John Trump truly is a billionaire outsider who is on the side with the working man, the forgotten American, and the single mom. He did not get all their votes last time, but maybe this time he will. I know he will not lose them.

And without a nice slice of those voters, Democrats will not prevail in November.

The difference between paying for media and earning it is noticeable. People watching TV news ignore the commercials.

There is no ignoring Donald John Trump.

There never was.

Steyer and Mini Mike also make a pitch that plays to President Donald John Trump's strength. They say they will fix the economy and make things better for the middle class.

President Donald John Trump already did that. I thank the two billionaires for spending millions of bucks reminding everyone.

I do not know how to beat the president next year. I do know this is not the way. They should have done what Donald John Trump did: win the war before engaging the battle. His was an overnight success 40 years in the making.

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