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Monday, November 04, 2019

Why Schiff

The assignment of the impeachment to Adam Schiff and not the House Judiciary Committee shows what the real aim is.

Democrats assigned the House Intelligence chairman this task to protect the intelligence agencies who tried to overthrow President Donald John Trump. America's spies and the FBI tried to frame him. They made false accusations of treasonous collusion with foreigners to rig the election.

3 days before the inauguration, Chuck Schumer bragged that the intelligence agencies can get you six ways to Sunday. That's possible. After all, Watergate was a coup run by Mark Felt after Nixon passed him over for FBI director after J. Edgar Hoover died.

Adam Schiff is a tool of those politicized intelligence agencies that Schumer bragged about. Schiff is their spokesman.

On March 23, 2017 -- two months and three days after the inauguration -- Schiff told NBC that he had proof that President Donald John Trump colluded with Russia.

Schiff said, “I don’t to want go into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial, and it very much worthy of investigation. So, that is what we ought to do.”

Now in the Schoolhouse Rock version of DC, the intelligence committee provides oversight of the 17 intelligence agencies we have.

But the reality is the committee is an advocate for those agencies. An oversight committee would have reduced that 17 agencies down to 3 by now.

On the periphery of all this impeachment talk is the Department of Justice criminal investigation of the FBI's spying on Donald Trump's campaign and the FBI's attempted coup following his election and installation as president. The spooks are spooked by this. I remain unconvinced that it will amount to much. But Washington is scared, which pleases me.

The fluffing of the Ukrainian phone call into a high crime and misdemeanor is a diversion. They may be banning straws in California, but Democrats are still grasping at them in Washington.

Democrats want to get ahead of the DOJ investigation so they can cast it as political retaliation. Maybe that works in the court of public opinion, but I doubt it works in actual court.

Liz Peek wrote, "It is an article of faith among political analysts that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a master strategist, and indeed her career is studded with significant accomplishments. Yet, more recently, she has made two grievous errors that could well cost Democrats the election in 2020.

"The first was putting Adam Schiff in charge of the impeachment inquiry. The second is not reining in the so-called Squad, or the four female freshmen Democrats whose extreme progressive voices have helped push the Democrat party to the left, alienating much of the country."

Nancy is in her dotage. A Republican takeover of the House next year will provide an excuse to retire.

I would like to think the deep state is on the way out but I know better.

Still, with Schiff as its top protector and defender (Peek called him toxic) there is hope for a return to governance as a constitutional republic instead of this cabal of bureaucratic fiefdoms with their insurance policies against the election of a president they do not want.

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