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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why doesn't Streisand pay an extra $7 million in taxes now?

I was going to do this on Rob Reiner, but everyone picks on him. Even South Park.

Then I was going to write this about Scarlett Johansson, but all the GIFs on her were a little too saucy for my blog. So I settled on the ever reliable model of limo limousine hypocrisy, Barbra Streisand.

Along with Reiner, Johansson, Norman Lear, and other rich celebrities, she supports Elizabeth Warren.

In 2011, Streisand emailed Politico and said, "In the last several years, there has been one new, consistent and strong voice that has broken through the oftentimes murky and ineffectual cacophony about the economic problems facing our nation. That voice has been the voice of Elizabeth Warren. She has advocated passionately, brilliantly and forcefully in defense of a strong middle class."

Hollywood really got behind Warren in 2011 when she ran against and defeated Republican Senator Scott Brown the next year.

Now many are backing her for president because she has proposed to forgive $1.6 trillion in student loans, ban private health insurance, and create trillion-dollar global warming programs.

This would be paid in part by a billionaire's tax.

Unlike an income tax, this would be a property tax on assets and bank accounts. The annual tax would be 2% on a person's net worth.

Billionaires would be a small portion of the pool because Warren would tax anyone whose net worth is more than $50 million.

A better way to envision this is it is a tax on everyone's wealth with a deductible of $50 million, which could always be lowered as the government's bills pile up.

With a net worth of $400 million, Streisand's Billionaire Tax Bill would be $7 million on top of whatever income tax she pays.

My question is if this is such a great idea, why does Streisand not simply add $7 million a year to the taxes she pays? Such donations are legal and to prove my point, I donated $100 to the U.S. government on top of paying my taxes. This explains how to do it.


  1. Your illegal alien thanks you for your contribution!


  2. $100?


  3. It is not a tax. It is a confiscation.

    Query -- Would this not be an unconstitutional taking? Not that the Warren types are stopped by the Constitution.

    1. Few seem to realize this. The constitution allows the Feds to tax "income from whatever source derived." Nowhere does it permit "taxing" wealth.

    2. 'The Constitution means what I want it to mean, nothing more, nothing less'

      A paraphrase of that eminent statesman, Humpty Dumpty.


    3. It is constitutional and is in force until when it is declared unconstitutional. Meanwhile, unless an injunction is placed on it, you pay.

  4. Maybe THAT wiil finally get them the fook outta here, like they keep promising but never do.

    Wait, I forgot. Squealer changed another rule on the barnyard wall again. “All animals shall pay the surtax EXCEPT THOSE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS.”

    1. Tina Turner moved to Switzerland, renounced her U.S. citizenship, and is now a Swiss citizen. Is she the only one with guts?

  5. OK i have an old friend in the Ag/Airtanker business.
    Several multi million dollar Single engine Airtankers,ancillary equipment etc. plus a couple of UH-1 for both Ag and fire. Net worth oh, 60 mil
    ballpark. gross-slow year < $250,000. Good year
    $.1,300,000.. This is divided among his various pardners and family.
    Fauxihontas has no concept of Income vs. Gross.
    Kate Brown is the same way.

  6. Duh. Don, liberals aren't out to change their own lives. Just everyone else's.

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  8. Another way to go ahead and give the gubmint a chunk of money is simply not to claim certain personal deductions. Or any.

    Hell, Streisand probably deducts the cost of her service Yorkipoo's new collar each year.

  9. There is a place to send money to pay down the national debt. Liberals are hypocrites. Remember how John Kerry kept his yacht in a lower tax state instead of in Massachusetts.

  10. Liberals motto - do as I demand, not as I do.

  11. Lessee, $100 will buy maybe a dozen Chinese finger traps.

    That's a dozen civil servants unable to do anything nefarious for a week.

    Time to kick in the C-Notes, people!

  12. Once the government realizes that the "billionaires tax" will not raise as much money as they want - it will come down to the middle class as taxes always do. Eventually it will be anyone with a net worth of $500 thousand or more.