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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Why 25% say Trump is better than Lincoln

A new poll shows 1 in 4 Americans say President Donald John Trump is doing a better job than Abraham Lincoln.

The Hill reported, "53% of Republicans said Trump was a better president than Lincoln, while 47% chose the Civil War-era leader.

"Lincoln still overwhelmingly beats Trump among all Americans, 75% to 25%, with the vast majority of Democrats and independents choosing the former president."

That pro-Donald Trump vote is a defiance in that choice. Selecting President 45 over President 16 is a flip of the old bird to the establishment.

Obviously the man who started the transcontinental railroad, signed the Homestead Act, created land-grant colleges, and freed the slaves had the more significant presidency. Lincoln enabled the nation to settle the Great American Desert, which we turned into America's Breadbasket.

But certainly, President Trump is worthy of President Lincoln as no president has been since Reagan.

The parallels are real. Both President Trump and Lincoln were men of success outside politics. Donald Trump was a household word 30 years before he ran for president. Both men had the common touch with the working class whose wages were suppressed by slave labor in the South in Lincoln's case and in Red China in the case of Donald Trump.

That bond with the people showed in West Virginia, where Lincoln received 68.2% of the vote in its first election as a state in 1864.

That was a record that stood for 152 years until President Trump took 68.5% of West Virginia's vote 3 years ago.

Another parallel is Democrats have tried to assassinate Donald Trump since he was elected, just as they tried with Lincoln. Not with guns, of course, but with lies, hoaxes, and horse manure investigations.

Obama used our spies to spy on Donald Trump. Democrats colluded with the Kremlin (via British spy Christopher Steele) to manufacture dirt on The Donald. The deep state's efforts to do him in are the existential threat to the republic. Once again, we fight to ensure that a government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall survive.

The poll showed 53% of Republicans prefer President Trump to Lincoln.

Newsweek reported, "Further polling also found that Republicans preferred Trump to George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower — but not Ronald Reagan.

"71% of Republicans said they preferred Trump over both George W. Bush and his father George H. W. Bush, 82% preferred Trump to Ford, 86% preferred him to Nixon, and 65% preferred him to Eisenhower.

"But pit against Reagan, 59% of Republicans said they preferred Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, compared to 41% saying Trump."

Today, I would select both Lincoln and Reagan over President Trump. Maybe Ike, too.

That is subject to change because the Trump presidency has just started hitting its stride.

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