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Friday, November 22, 2019

Trump just stopped the impeachment

Democrats want an impeachment.

Go ahead. Make my day, the president said.

The Washington Examiner reported, "White House counsel Pat Cipollone signaled during a Thursday meeting with key Senate Republicans that Trump has concluded he has more to gain politically from presenting a detailed defense at trial than from no trial at all, said GOP sources familiar with the discussion.

"That decision should shield Senate Republicans from the damaging backlash from the conservative base that might ensue — at the onset of GOP primary season — if Trump demands that they use their 53-seat majority to shield him from an impeachment trial.

"Senate Republicans are relieved, conceding there is not enough support among them to throw out the charges without a trial. 'I think everyone agrees there’s not 51 votes to dismiss before the managers call the case,' Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told reporters.

"House Democrats are still developing their case against Trump."

Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Sean Hannity last night, “The president did nothing wrong. He wants that plain and clearly explained to the American people. But, he also feels there’s no basis to move forward at all in the House.

“But if they do, he wants a trial in the Senate. He wants to be able to bring up witnesses like Adam Schiff, like the whistleblower, like Hunter Biden, like Joe Biden. And he says, if the House moves forward with this sham, and they continue to push these fake, illegitimate proceedings onto the American people, then he wants it to go to the Senate, and he wants a trial.”

This makes perfect sense.

Republicans must exact a heavy price from Democrats because we must preserve impeachment for only the deadliest of sins. Policy disagreements and butt-hurt over an election are not good enough excuses to put the nation through this wringer.

An actual impeachment trial will devastate Democrats. On September 27, I warned them that they do not want President Trump on the stand.

While 2 months later that is still true, I doubt that the president would bother with it. But surely he would dangle the possibility to make the Wile E. Coyotes out there drool at the prospect of cross-examination.

Instead, his defense would skewer dozens of Democrat dignitaries such as Jim Comey, John Brennan, and Jim Clapper. Surely the proprietors of Fusion GPS who ordered that Russian dossier would love to testify. After all, they just published a book on the subject.

Tucker Carlson could have a running count of the number of times a Democrat asserts his Fifth Amendment right under oath. Does anyone believe cokehead Hunter would be able to keep his act together for 2 hours of testimony?

The trial would last for as long as President Trump's supporters enjoy it. And they would. They would love to drag before the public every one of these bastard coup conspirators (or as I called them earlier, the Coup Klutz Clan). This would make them sweat, humiliate them, and ensure that no president ever again will have to endure such a disgraceful and seditious siege on his presidency for three long years.

Of course, this happens only if the House impeaches him. Actions have consequences. President Trump just told Democrats what the consequences of impeachment are.

The ball is in Nancy Pelosi's court. All she needs is 20 Democrats to vote against it, and stop the madness. Or she could just never take it up for a vote.

Or they can impeach and pay the price.

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