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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Trump in Afghanistan

I don't want to hear about how much his golf "costs" taxpayers again.

The playboy billionaire eschewed his warm, cozy bed in his Palm Beach resort to fly halfway around the world to have dinner with the troops.

He visited the men and women he wants to bring home for the holidays.


One of my very astute readers commented on his recent hospital visit. AMR wrote, "My wife suggested he went to Walter Reed to get his shots for going to Afghanistan."

Not only are my readers smart but they marry well.
You know who else used to golf?

Bob Hope.

And he spent every Christmas he could with the troops for decades.

He wanted the troops home, too.

The troops appreciated the president's effort.
They lined up for autographs.

He signed them all.

Donald John Trump is the hardest working president we ever had. Far from impulsive, he thinks long-term. He waited patiently until the right time to run, didn't he?

And so it was with visiting Afghanistan. He planned it out even as he negotiated with Red China and North Korea, put up with the latest impeachment nonsense in Congress, lobbied for House passage of his trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, and did all those holiday photo ops.

He went with no press pool.

He did not want to tire the reporters out.

His visit was as inspirational as President George Walker Bush's visit to Baghdad on Thanksgiving Day 2003.

Yes, other presidents visit the troops too.

What is different is Donald Trump did not have to run. He did not have to give up his three-story penthouse apartment in New York City, a popular TV show, and tons of friends to run for president and become a pariah among the elitists. He already had fortune and fame.

But he did run. He won. And today he went to Afghanistan.
It was a 13-hour flight there and a 13-hour flight back.

I suspect his briefing with the commanders and meeting with President Ashraf Ghani will lead to bigger news because you don't travel across the world for a photo op.

But travel he did.

I hope he golfs on Sunday and I hope it costs taxpayers a billion billion dollars because he is worth it.

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