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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Trump ended the health debate

Media moguls and their arrogant reporters scratched their heads over the President Donald John Trump's tweet of his face on Sylvester Stallone's body on Wednesday. It was pure genius.

Let me explain. President Donald John Trump will be 74 when he stands for re-election next year. His good genetics aside, his health is an issue.

Or was.

He went to Walter Reed hospital unannounced, had some tests that he said were for next year's physical. The press leaped without looking. CNN brought on doctors (including Dick Cheney's) who violated their oath and declared he could have had a heart attack.

Well, he didn't. That's obvious. There may have been some other health issue but the press went all in on a heart attack. They lost again at the Trump's Casino Presidential.

Which brings us to Tuesday's rally. ABC reported, "President Donald Trump railed against news media coverage of his recent visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at a rally in Sunrise, Florida, claiming it had been reported he'd had 'a massive, unbelievable heart attack' -- and then adding he has 'a gorgeous chest.'"

The next day he posted his Rocky Balboa picture. CNN and others in the media were horrified. They called it a doctored photo.

Normal people laughed.

The press will bring up his health again. But everyone will remember that gorgeous chest.

And laugh at the media again.

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