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Friday, November 29, 2019

The real Thanksgiving this year

It should have been New York City. The American flags defiantly flying in the night air should have been against the skyline of Manhattan.

But the celebration of liberty and freedom was in Hong Kong.

It should have been us.

205 years ago we were the former British colony struggling for survival. We were the land of the free and the home of the brave as British warships bombarded Fort McHenry. We prevailed.

But the bravery of Americans is largely in the past. We are too cowardly to tell boys in dresses they are not girls. We are too cowardly to protect Ann Coulter when she goes to speak at a college. We are too cowardly to protect our own border. Mexico now does this job Americans won't do.

To be sure we have heroes in uniforms. As a people we are not worthy of our military, our police, our firemen, and our other first responders.

There is hope. We were smart enough to elect Donald John Trump president. He is an inspirational leader.

Americans take some comfort in seeing someone take to the streets using our symbols. They thanked us on Thanksgiving Day (a phrase AP inexplicably bracketed in quote marks).

We do not deserve the thanks because we know that such a display in New York City would draw boos and fists. I cannot determine which liberals hate more, our flag or our president.

The president did what he could for Hong Kong and the protesters appreciate it. He signed a law passed overwhelmingly by Congress.

The Guardian reported, "The law requires the state department to certify, at least annually, that Hong Kong is autonomous enough to justify favourable US trading terms that have helped it become a world financial centre. It also threatens sanctions for human rights violations."

That should 86 the trade talks with Red China.

The Guardian said, "Chinese vice foreign minister Le Yucheng summoned US ambassador Terry Branstad on Thursday and demanded that Washington immediately stop interfering in China’s domestic affairs. Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government said the legislation sent the wrong signal to demonstrators and clearly interfered with the city’s internal affairs."

It's just as well. Let's go for free trade. If you are not free, then we are not trading with you. That goes for the Saudis as well. Fracking gives us leverage.

The people of Hong Kong are just like New Yorkers. The median incomes are the same. Hong Kong residents are not Third World waifs who have nothing to lose waving our flags. These are our equals. They have the same comforts we enjoy, and they are willing to take to the streets to fight communism.

Our idiots take to the streets to promote communism.

Some have suggested we trade Hong Kong for California. There is a way of doing that. We need to find out how the elites in Hong Kong came to bravely defy communism while the cowards in Manhattan embraced it.

And then we need to be brave enough to adopt Hong Kong's ways because those once -- long ago -- were our ways.

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