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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Derp State flunks impeachment

A reader figured out who "That's Lieutenant Colonel" Vindman is.

Flounder from "Animal House."

But as I read the accounts of the impeachment circus, I think of another movie. "Ghost Busters." Specifically the character Walter Peck, the EPA official who shut down the storage facility and unleashes the hounds of hell and other ghosts in the middle of New York City.

Years later, life sadly imitated art as the EPA unleashed 3.5 million gallons of toxins into the Animas River above Durango, Colorado. No one was fired. They never are. For all the high-minded talk in the press about accountability, the Walter Pecks in the deep state go unpunished for their misdeeds.

Remember the Civil Service-protected fellow who was caught watching porn 8 hours a day at his federal job? He kept his job. I thought that was bad until I read this creep Vindman's testimony. At least Porno Man wasn't trying to sabotage the government.

But LTC Patty Vindman and his brother, Selma, tried to sabotage America's relations with Ukraine. Presidents Trump and Zelensky are reformers who replaced corrupt presidents. Not surprisingly, our deep state supported the corrupt presidents. The bureaucracy loves fascism because it gives them the power to shut down companies.

This coup by impeachment rightly alarmed Mackubin Owens, a senior fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia and editor of its journal, Orbis. It should alarm any American.

Owens wrote, "Last month, I wrote a column on the perils of praetorianism, the belief that military officers should form a phalanx around the duly elected president for the good of the country. The fact is, the deep state is praetorianism on steroids.

"Is it a good idea for us to normalize the view that unelected bureaucrats are the protectors of republican government? If so, we shift power from voters to the deep state, a concept at war with the very idea of republican government."

It is an awful idea because not only does it go against everything this country stands for, but it is impractical. Like most bureaucrats, Peck became an expert in bureaucratic procedure, not on the storage of ghosts -- just as the real life EPA Pecks were expert on regulating an not on the storage of toxic chemicals. They blamed a contractor but they were responsible. Like the Porno Man, the EPA officials in Durango were also expert in CYA and escaping accountability.

The saving grace so far is that these experts on paper shuffling are too inept to bring down the president.

But the time has come to rid ourselves of these Walter Pecks and Flounder Vindmans who want to overthrow a duly elected president.

And shame on Democrats for encouraging this.

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