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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Killing America in anonymity

The media tells us there is a "heroic" whistle blower who claims President Donald John Trump broke a law -- never specified -- in a phone call to the newly elected president of Ukraine. President Trump released the transcript of the call, which shows nothing of the sort.

Nevertheless, the media is pushing for an impeachment to boost cable news ratings, and to divert attention from the best economy in 50 years, Disney's ABC covering up Clinton's involvement with pedophile Jeff Epstein, and peace breaking out in Syria after 8 years of war.

But the media is deliberately refusing to name Eric Ciaramella as the Obamanaut who spied on the Trump administration from within, just as Obama ordered the FBI to wiretap the Trump campaign.

On Inauguration Day, the New York Times ran a front-page story based on transcripts of that wiretapping -- but six weeks later the newspaper lied and denied the wiretapping.

Now the Fake News media that promoted the Russian Collusion Hoax refuses to name Eric Ciaramella as the phony whistle blower behind the Ukrainian Collusion Hoax. The media that pushes every unfounded rumor about President Trump said it cannot verify this.

The only quid pro was Joe Biden holding up a billion in aid to Ukraine until the government fired a prosecutor who threatened Hunter Biden's $600,000-a-year no-show job by a crooked Ukraine company seeking favor from Obama.

Quid Pro Joe Biden bragged about this in 2018.

Every American who cares about justice wants Biden investigated. Everyone in the media seems to want to let his abuse of office slide.

Instead the media wants to impeach President Trump.

In a constitutional republic, we elect our leaders.

For 3 years, the media has tried to cancel the results of the 2016 election.

Now they want to do so anonymously. No. That is unAmerican. The president has a God given right to face his accuser, as every American has.

And President Trump's supporters should not have our votes repressed by a bunch of fascists who hide behind anonymity -- and their Antifa thugs -- to try to intimidate us.

Democrats canceled the 1972 election results in which 49 states rejected their candidate. To oust President Nixon, Democrats hid the identity of Mark Felt who spied on Nixon after Nixon passed him over for FBI director. He was J. Edgar Hoover's chosen successor.

We won't be fooled again.

Americans will not allow an impeachment and removal from office without knowing the name of the alleged whistle blower.

The United States is not Red China.

At least not yet.

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