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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Highlights of the News

Meanwhile, on Monday, President Donald John Trump will lead the NYC parade he saved.

ITEM 1: Deadline reported, "Megyn Kelly announced a comeback on Friday, teasing an interview that will be posted on Instagram and YouTube — an interview with a woman who was fired after she was suspected of leaking a video hot mic moment of ABC News’ Amy Robach, complaining that the network didn’t jump on the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago.

"'We just sat down with her, and we got the full story, and I think you are going to be fascinated by it,' Kelly said in an Instagram post.

"The woman, a producer, had since moved to CBS News, but after right-wing site Project Veritas posted the footage, ABC News reportedly informed their rival network of what had happened. Kelly said that the employee was fired because she had marked the video of Robach, but they suspected that she leaked the video."
Good for Kelly. She has money and time. Now she can do what she wants when she wants. Some call it retirement. I call it freedom.

ITEM 2: GQ reported, "OK, Boomer, Millennials Actually Earn 20 Percent Less Than You Did. Millennials are more educated than older generations but they're less financially stable."

The key word is "earn." It is on millennials, not boomers.

Many boomers know how to repair automobiles, fix plumbing, and run a business. A college degree isn't an entitlement to riches. Learn to code is not a putdown. Making yourself employable is sound advice.

ITEM 3: Fox Business News reported, "Trump economy is really experiencing a middle-class boom -- this data doesn't lie."

The story by Stephen Moore said, "Median household incomes under Donald Trump have soared from $61,000 to an all-time high of $66,000 in less than three years into the Trump presidency. This is tremendous news and documents substantial middle-class prosperity in Trump’s first three years in office.

"The $5,003 rise in middle-class incomes is especially impressive given that incomes only rose by $1,200 in the seven years under Obama — after the recession ended."

Politically, this is good news for Republicans because the chief beneficiaries are post-Baby Boomers. The boomers are 55 and older. They are dying out as are memories of how Ronald Reagan jolted the nation out of double-digit unemployment and nearly as high inflation.

President Trump is the reminder. Worry, Democrat Socialists as your dreams of a Communist America die hard.


The Babylon Bee scooping Politico is the best of all scoops, even better than a scoop of Rocky Road.

As a bonus, the media shows it thinks President Trump is Jesus, as if that were a bad thing.

Follow the money.

The protests are white noise.

Just like the media.

And impeachment.

In other words, Creepy Whistle Blower Lawyer is a typical Democrat lawyer.

Cat with mouse.

Well, it is Caturday.

What did California expect? They elected a governor who let people poop in the streets of San Francisco.

ITEM 10:
As long as Montgomery County, Maryland, ignores the law and court orders, raising a child there is child abuse.


Democrats do not want decent people living in their jurisdictions.

ITEM 11:
The Patriots have bench strength -- both in the NFL and Congress.

ITEM 12:

ITEM 13:
Beer Marketeer of the Year.


  1. ITEM 13:

    Who did?

    1. The killer chooses to remain anonymous.

    2. Bill de Blah Blah did. He’s good at killing things.

    3. Some of my friends believe the Royal family had the perv taken care of.

    4. The killer chooses to remain anonymous.

      She's filed for Whistle-Killer status.

    5. And really, it doesn't matter how Epstein died.
      The point is that the media has stopped reporting on the people who partook of his services. We all assume it's because that would reflect badly on Democrats.

    6. Kitty-the Royal Family?!I mean after Diana's unfortunate accident?
      Actually i believe there is a titanium bodied Fiat Uno slightly dented-in the MI-6 garage..
      Also I think part of Impeachment is to divert away from this Epstein issue...

    7. Regarding the identity of who suicided Jeffrey Epstein:

      What difference, at this point, does it make?


  2. Ah, fookin MoCo. 1985-2014. Raised our two kids there. It was always LibCommieville, but Mark Estrogen has taken it to a whole new level. The song I punched in as we rolled outta Goodport Court for the last time was...

    One sweet dream
    Pick up the bags, get in the limousine
    Soon we’ll be away from here
    Step on the gas and wipe that tear away
    One sweet dream

  3. 11-the attacks on Jim Jordan are starting again, trying to link him to an Ohio State wrestling scandal. Jordan was a multiple NCAA wrestling national champ. He is TOUGH. He will crush the liberals.

    12-there is no joy in Mudville or Behar.

  4. Shouldn't the picture be labeled Koup Klutz Klan you know the KKK in honor of their party's past? Asking for a friend.

    1. Satire is in the eye of the beholder.

      You see what you see and satisfy yourself.

      Your friend can ask for itself.

      With the letters, i t, meaning neither make nor female and either male or female or both male and female or other than male or female.


    2. I agree. I love Don's idea but think it should be taken up a notch

    3. They are just a bunch of Desperate Intolerant Liberals Destroying Our Society.
      Use that.

  5. Re: Items 2 and 3, don’t be to quick to assume there is no real cause for millennials to complain. Many millenials are equally competent and employable, but the poor Obama economy documented in 3, many people are not where boomers were at the the same point of their lives.

    1. I have been around plenty of millennials in the workplace. Few have the work ethic of a 5 year old when the TV is on. Many employers would rather hire retired Boomers at part time, yet higher pay because more gets done.
      There are always exceptions, but far too many get the bad rap they "earned".

    2. If I didn't have so many medical/family issues right now I be working as a Pilot.
      Seems all the millennials want to do is fly for the Airlines. Even for free or they pay them.
      Turned down two flight instructor jobs and a
      regular charter pilot position..

  6. 2. There were no gender studies courses for boomers. Study useless courses, have big student debt, work at McD's. Didn't happen to boomers.

  7. 2. "Millennials are more educated than older generations"

    I call BS on this since education has been dumbed down so much. The sentence should read as follows: Millenials are more indoctrinated than older generations.

    I learned more in high school than many millenials learned in college. My two years of college was prolly far more superior than their four years.

    1. If the Millennials were half as smart as they think they are, they would have gone to trade school and learned a hell of a lot more then from their college plus they would end up with a good paying job.


  8. 2: Millennials are not more educated than older generations. When your science is climaastrology and your history is all Howard Zinn and you don't know a plural from a possessive and most of the important books of literature are unknown to you for political reasons and you can't even print your own name, let alone sign it, like a real adult, you are an ignoramus.

    1. You got it. So many are unemployable as they have degrees in pseudo-science, like sociology, and X Studies. Things like gender studies is nothing more than the ideology of morons, and they wonder why they can't pay student loans to the tune of $100K or more.

      Next time, get a useful degree. There is a reason why STEM degree holders do well.

    2. Any degree with "Studies" in its name is bogus and useless in the real world.

  9. Re#7: They need to raid this Zaid's premises and check his computers for child porn...He had those creepy Disney likes of their teen actresses sites, before he scrubbed his social media accts., the other day. Pervs of a feather...! ZBest

  10. Somehow Surber missed this criminal character fault obvious to everyone who has studied Trump's background and law-breaking tendencies.

    New York AG Secures Court Order Against Donald J. Trump, Trump Children, And Trump Foundation.

    AG James Achieves Restitution of Misused Funds, Dissolution of Foundation, and Restrictions on Charitable Activity After Donald J. Trump’s Abuse of the Trump Foundation .

    Trump to Pay $2 Million in Damages for Illegal Activity During 2016 Election.

    1. Ahhhhh.

      Lawbreaking tendencies!!!

      Oh, delicate gadfly!!!

      Thy own blog hath no post since 2017!!!

      Drifting persistantly into oblivion, the gallant gadfly clings to the traditional "lawbreaking tendencies" gambit!!!

      Poofity, poofity poof!!!

      Now do the "lawbreaking tendencies" of your saintly self!!!


      Purify your gadfly!!!

    2. Lawbreaking?

      Out of court settlement of a nonsense lawsuit designed to make Democrats feel good.

      Trump is kicking the tar out of them. The foundation is his money from his best selling books and the like.