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Monday, November 25, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. The media is still a confederacy of liars.

ITEM 1: Start your day, the Trumpenfreude way.

Bloomberg reported, "Defense Secretary Mark Esper asked and received the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer on Sunday over his handling of the case of a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes in Iraq that angered President Donald Trump."

Actually, the mutineer very publicly disobeyed a direct order not to mess with the Trident pin of exonerated Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher.

Spencer now gets the Trumpenfreude Pin, a medal of dishonor.

Every recruit in the Navy is taught that at the top of the chain of command is the president. The Constitution set it up that way.
If true, President Trump will stop that, and more heads will roll.

ITEM 2: Boing Boing reported, "The China Law Blog reports on the kinds of questions that western businesses operating in China are raising; China's serious economic downturn and rising authoritarianism have turned the site's normally businesslike posts into a glimpse of a kind of cyberpunk stranger-than-fiction dystopia.

"A new post on the site describes the consequences of a sharp downturn in the Chinese economy: a new mood among many Chinese businesspeople that they are at the end of the long Chinese boom and that there's no reason not to burn their bridges with non-Chinese firms, because they're not going to be doing business with them for much longer no matter what."

The story said, "Western firms hiring Chinese manufacturers find themselves taking delivery of junk that is totally unlike the samples they received before placing their main orders; discovering that their trademarks have been registered in China by their manufacturers (which means they can't change suppliers, since the crooked manufacturer now owns the exclusive right to produce their products); finding that their manufacturers have disappeared (or that they never existed in the first place); and claims by Sinosure, the Chinese state-owned insurer that is supposed to protect Chinese manufacturers who've been stiffed by foreign partners, have exploded, as the insurer's foreign offices file legal claims against Western businesses that are having disputes with manufacturers."

Of course.

Red China is a communist country.

Communists hate capitalists.

Why on Earth did great capitalists like Steve Jobs ever think they would not be burnt to a crisp by Red China?

President Trump's trade war is saving America from the black hole Red China is headed for.

ITEM 3: The South China Post reported, "The anti-establishment reverberations from almost six months of street protests swept through polling stations across Hong Kong on Sunday, as voters in record numbers roundly rejected pro-Beijing candidates in favour of pan-democrats.

"The tsunami of disaffection among voters was clear across the board, as pan-democrats rode the wave to win big in poor and rich neighbourhoods, in both protest-prone and non protest-afflicted districts and, in downtown areas as well as the suburbs.

"Less immediately obvious was whether there was a generational divide in the way the people voted, but ousted pro-establishment district councillors suggested that young, first-time voters had been instrumental in dislodging them from their perch."

Chairman Xi lost suburban moms.

Hong Kong definitely does not want to go down with the Red China ship.

ITEM 4Jeff Crouere reported, "According to the Nielsen ratings, only 6.6 million Americans watched the fifth Democratic presidential debate. This was the lowest rated presidential debate of this election cycle and represented a huge 20% decline from the last televised debate in October."

It was part of his column, "Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats."

Yes, after a long hard day of not watching the impeachment, Americans settled down that night to not watch the debate.

How many Ds are there in Dumpster Fire?

All of them.

ITEM 5: The Nation reported, "Two weeks of public hearings in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump closed with widespread talk of a new bombshell that had sealed the case, and with it the fate of Trump’s presidency. But rather than producing a Watergate-like moment, the Ukrainegate testimony was far more akin to its predecessor, Russiagate, and accordingly, far more likely to produce the same disappointing result."

Trump supporters warned them about crying wolf all the time.

The left's refusal to give the guy a chance is the lesson of the history of President Trump's first term.

ITEM 6: Paul Bedard reported, "President Trump should be considered one of America’s greatest presidents for his achievements so far despite the impeachment drive that in the end, will be viewed as a partisan attack similar to the Russia collusion charge, according to a New York Times best-selling historian and presidential adviser.

"'Donald Trump should easily be ranked as one of America’s great presidents,' writes Doug Wead in his upcoming book, Inside Trump's White House: The Real Story Of His Presidency, a copy of which was shared with Secrets today.

"In listing Trump’s efforts on the economy, in foreign policy, and presidential communications, Wead argued that the president’s legacy won't be destroyed by impeachment because it showed that he was under Democratic attack from the start yet still accomplished his agenda."

In the corner, watching his presidency slide into Buchanan-William Harrison irrelevancy is Obama, who cannot pull off a bureaucratic coup.

ITEM 7: Electrek reported, "Elon Musk announced that Tesla already received 146,000 Cybertruck pre-orders just over a day after they unveiled the electric pickup truck to mixed reviews. The Tesla Cybertruck has been polarizing, to say the least. Many people didn’t like the radical design of the electric pickup truck, but most agree that the specs and price are impressive."

That was the truck with bulletproof glass that was shattered by a metal ball during the unveiling.

This is proof that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

ITEM 8: Grist magazine wrote, "In the opening moments of Ford v Ferrari, racecar driver Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) is somewhere around the halfway mark of the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans, the grueling French endurance race in which drivers speed around an 8.5-mile circuit as many times as possible for 24 hours straight. It’s the middle of the night, and fatigue is obviously starting to catch up with Shelby. He slows down for a pit stop and warns his crew that the engine is running hot. Right on cue, flames leap out of his car and onto his suit. After a tense scuffle, the pit crew puts out the fire and looks nervously at Shelby.

"'Am I on fire?' he shouts. He is not. Then fill her up, he demands. The race must go on.

"The scene is, in itself, a neat metaphor for our society’s addiction to fossil fuels: Even in the face of disaster, Shelby is too addicted to speed and glory to fathom not refueling his vehicle."

He was in a race that he would win, which changed the automotive world. He had a great life that he lived so well that his name is synonymous with speed. Not bad for a chicken farmer from Texas. Damon should be honored to play him in a movie.

Governor? God may have a higher office in mind.

ITEM 10: First she kicked him out of the palace. Now this.
I wouldn't expect a Christmas present.

ITEM 11: Via Instapundit.
Impeachment or not, Biden is going down.

ITEM 12: Kanye West 2024?
I prefer Kim Kardashian West. More focused and not bipolar. If not, I seriously would consider him.

But first, let's re-elect Donald Trump.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "The US Army has developed an advanced new head cover that will protect military dogs' hearing while riding in helicopters or being near loud explosions."

Along with having the dog outrank the handler (to mitigate abuse) and this, the Army certainly doesn't treat its dogs like dogs.

God bless the American Army.

Best week of football all year. Rivalries. Thanksgiving games. First game I ever saw was on a Thanksgiving weekend, Case Tech vs. Western Reserve, when I was 6.

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