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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Breitbart News reported, "President Donald Trump previewed Friday the release of the Department of Justice inspector general report set down for December, describing the information as historic.

"'They were spying on my campaign and it went right to the top and everybody knows it and now we’re going to find out,' Trump said.

"The president gave an interview to Fox and Friends on Friday morning, in a phone conversation aired on the network.

"Trump said he was not personally involved with the investigation, leaving it to Attorney General Bill Barr.

"'He’s a great attorney general we would maybe have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally,' Trump said.

"Trump commented after reports leaked an FBI lawyer was under investigation for possibly altering a document to get a FISA warrant.

"Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham announced Thursday that the report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz would be released on December 9 and he would testify about the report on December 11."

You know what I am going to say.

Come on.

Altogether now: No excitement without an indictment.

ITEM 2The Associated Press reported, "Local officials in a handful of Virginia counties have voted to honor and defend gun rights by declaring their counties to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

"The movement has spread in Virginia since the Nov. 5 election, when Democrats gained majority control of both the state Senate and House of Delegates.

"Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has said his party’s leaders will push for gun control measures.

"The Roanoke Times reports that Appomattox, Campbell, Charlotte, Carroll and Pittsylvania counties have passed sanctuary resolutions. Amherst and Franklin counties are considering adopting similar measures."

Have they considered seceding from Virginia? I know some people who can show them how it is done.

ITEM 3: CNBC reported, "The University of Michigan’s index of consumer sentiment climbed to 96.8 from 95.5 last month.

"Economists polled by Dow Jones expected consumer sentiment to dip to 94.9 for November.

"Richard Curtin, chief economist at the Surveys of Consumers, said consumer sentiment has not been at 95 or higher in 30 of the past 35 months.

"That level of optimism has not been seen since the period between January 1998 and December 2000, when the index remained at 100 or above in 34 or 36 months."

The best since 1998-2000?

We really are partying like it was 19-99.

ITEM 4: The Washington Times reported, "A federal judge ruled Thursday that Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann’s $275 million lawsuit against NBCUniversal may proceed on limited grounds, as he had with similar cases against The Washington Post and CNN.

"U.S. District Court Judge William Bertelsman dismissed parts of the lawsuit while allowing discovery on allegations that the network’s coverage defamed the teen by reporting that he blocked Native American elder Nathan Phillips in a Jan. 18 encounter at the Lincoln Memorial.

"'The court finds that the statements that plaintiff ‘blocked’ Phillips or did not allow him to retreat, if false, meet the test of being libelous per se under the definition quoted above,' said Judge Bertelsman in his order.

"Judge Bertelsman initially dismissed the $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post, but in October, he allowed an amended complaint concerning three of the 33 allegedly libelous statements to go forward. All three pertained to reports that the teen had blocked Mr. Phillips."

I look forward to the Nicholas Sandmann movie Clint Eastwood will make in 5 years.

ITEM 5: Fox News reported, "Prince Andrew's relationship with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has cost him sponsors, his royal duties and is now costing him his digs at Buckingham Palace.

"According to the Times of London, the prince, who is eighth in line for the British crown, was forced to move his private office out of the palace Friday. Two days earlier Queen Elizabeth relieved her second son of all royal duties. In a statement, the prince, who carries the title Duke of York, said: 'It has become clear to me over the last few days that the circumstances relating to my former association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family’s work and the valuable work going on in the many organizations and charities that I am proud to support.'"

Kicked out of mom's basement. A millennial's worst nightmare.

ITEM 6: The Washington Examiner reported, "NYT style critic attacks Tulsi Gabbard’s stunning white pantsuits as cult-like and ‘fringe.’"
The media is insane.

And corrupt.

ITEM 7: Speaking of insane, Ed Timperlake reported that Democrats want to remove Chief Justice John Roberts from presiding over the impeachment trial.

In that case it would fall upon the senior associate justice.

Clarence Thomas.

It goes by years of service, not age.

ITEM 8: Breitbart News reported, "Kevin McCarthy: I Don’t Know If Democrats Will Have Votes To Move On Impeachment."

Despite the racket-making corrupt media organizations fluffing up last week's testimony, the Democrats showed they have no case.

President Trump made it clear that if impeached, he will demand a full trial with the deep state spies subpoenaed as well as the Bidens taking the stand. As I wrote yesterday, the prospect of deposition has ended the impeachment.

ITEM 9: CNBC reported, "Tesla unveiled its futuristic pickup truck at a promotional event in Los Angeles, but when it came to showing off the vehicle’s durability, things didn’t quite go as planned.

"CEO Elon Musk claimed the car was bulletproof against a 9mm handgun. But when he got Tesla’s chief designer to throw a metal ball at one of its armored windows, audible surprise could be heard as the glass smashed — twice.

"'Oh my f------ God,' Musk exclaimed when it first happened. 'Well, maybe that was a little too hard.'"

Now we know why in the old TV show, Superman stood up to bullets but dodged when the villain threw the gun at him.

ITEM 10: ABC reported, "According to a new report by The Commonwealth Fund, rising premium and deductibles contributions have outstripped wage growth over the past decade. More and more middle-class Americans are paying a greater percentage of earnings for health care."

Thank you, Obamacare.

ITEM 11: Weasel Zippers quoted Michael Moore as saying, "And when you say working class, I want everybody to always think, now, that’s a 30-year-old black woman, because that is what the working class is. Just in the same way I think that we have to — when you guys were talking about how we have to be more moderate or move to the center, that’s how we’re going to win next year, see, to me, I think moving to the center — I am the center.

"I am the mainstream now of the Democratic Party. The majority of Americans agree with me and Bernie on all the issues, whether it’s — whether it’s health care for all, climate change, minimum wage, mass incarceration, go down the whole list. The American people have moved left."

Fact check: TRUE.

Democrats think he is a fat cat capitalist.

ITEM 12: New York reported, "Joe Biden shut down a reporter for asking what he called a 'classless' question about his son Hunter allegedly fathering a child with a woman in Arkansas.

"The Democratic presidential hopeful was asked Thursday about a DNA test that, according to court papers, confirmed Hunter is the father of a 15-month-old child."

When it comes to classless, his coke-addled corrupt son is the expert.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported, "Moment Elizabeth Warren is left shaken after dozens of protesters storm her rally at historically black college in Atlanta, demanding 'We want to be heard!'– and freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley has to come to the candidate's rescue."

Literally shaking.

It is what these liberal academics and students do. You take the turtle out of the shell and you have a squiggly pink and gray thing.

ITEM 14: Breitbart News reported, "Utah Senator Mitt Romney argued that flavored e-cigarettes and vaping juices like unicorn poop should be banned because of their attractiveness to children.

"President Donald Trump hosted a lively discussion at the White House about the benefits and dangers of vaping flavors. The president spent over an hour listening to supporters for banning vaping flavors as well as vape industry advocates who have sharply criticized the president’s proposed ban."

The story also said, "Romney noted that flavors like unicorn poop were branded that way to appeal to children."

Unicorn poop.

Isn't that how they sold Obamacare?

ITEM 15: Breitbart News reported, "Support for Donald Trump’s economic policies rose to the highest level of his presidency in November, according to the latest Gallup opinion poll.

"57% of Americans approved of President Trump’s handling of the economy, up from 53% in August and 50% in May. Approval is dramatically improved from the early days of his presidency, when just 48% said they approved."

Impeach Your IRA is not a good slogan, Democrats.

ITEM 16:
The American media is inept and corrupt.

And predictably dull.

ITEM 17:
It's good to be The Donald.

ITEM 18:
Let he who is without typos cast the first sotne

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