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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Everything is the N-word

The phrase OK Boomer caught the media's attention as reporters and pundits try to show they are hip. It's a pejorative dismissal that I think is funny.

Never Trumper Kevin Riordan assured readers of the Philadelphia newspaper this week that as a baby boomer he is OK with OK Boomer.

An ambulance chasing lawyer who preys on human resources tweeted that OK Boomer is not OK.
Lawyers take almost as much fun out of life as an SJW.

Put me on that jury and the Baby Boomer not only loses the case but pays the company's lawyers.

Newsweek reported that radio host Bob Lonsberry of WHAM and WSYR called Boomer the N-word. In a since-deleted tweet, he said, "Boomer is the n-word of ageism. Being hip and flip does not make bigotry OK, nor is a derisive epithet acceptable because it is new."

He knows better. He grew up in an era when the N-word was used by white people for all the wrong reasons. We've also been called Boomers since were in diapers.

But victimhood is all the rage, isn't it?

Chris Cuomo said Fake News is the N-word to journalists. He also said Fredo is the N-word to Italian people. The Fake News guy seems hellbent on proving he is Fredo.

Faggot is the N-word. I would not use the word, but come on. There is no planet where the two are even close to being as humiliating.

There are lots of words that were once common that we no longer use to describe people because we do not want to offend others. Duh.

Even if it isn't meant as mean, don't do it. Frank Sinatra called women broads (often as a compliment) but he was Frank Sinatra so he got away with it.

But broads is not the N-word.

If I were black, I would resent the hell out of anyone who claimed any putdown is the N-word. The pain of a century of second-class citizenship should not be so easily dismissed.

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