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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Democrats are losing the impeachment

Make no mistake. Adam Schiff's inquiry is the impeachment trial. The grand jury has already met behind closed doors. Now Schiff is presenting his case to the American people. At the end of his inquiry, the public will decide whether the Senate will acquit or convict.

That is how it worked in the two 20th century impeachments.

As the House prepared formal impeachment charges against Richard Nixon, Republican Senate leaders led by Barry Goldwater went to the White House and informed him they would vote to convict. He resigned.

In 1998, the November election showed a nation split. There was no net change in the Senate. Democrats added five seats in the House, but Republicans had a 1.1% increase in their popular vote.

It was a tie and a tie goes to the runner. The Senate had no choice but to acquit.

Legalities aside, impeachments are political showdowns. This is why populist presidents throughout the world often are impeached by the establishment and occasionally removed from office.

This is where we stand today. And the reaction to this week's opening of the trial showed Schiff blew it. David Knowles, hardly a conservative, posted a column, "Trump impeachment narrative gathers steam as diplomats fill in details."

In journalism today, the truth is a Republican talking point.

The prosecutor, Schiff, is convincing the jury -- the American people -- that the accused is innocent. His first witnesses were terrible.

Democrats must get enough supporters of President Donald John Trump to abandon him to make it impossible for him to win next year. Democrats face recruiting a people they called deplorable in 2016, and despicable rubes ever since.

However, Democrats they are under the false impression that their numbers can easily overwhelm his support. They believe the president's base is just 46%, his percentage of the popular vote last time. I maintain that many supporters stayed home because they did not like his behavior.

The Democrat plan was to use a constant and steady stream of scandals to gin up their base and depress his.

But none of the scandals are true. Russian Collusion? Emoluments? Whatever this is?

Their base suffers fatigue from so much losing.

His base is having a jolly good time. The wall is going up. Red China is going down. There are jobs for those who need them. Retirement investments are going up, up, up. Those who doubted are coming home.

Nixon supporters tired of having to be on the defense all the time.

President Trump is on the offense. It is his forte. Calling the prosecutor a pencil-necked geek amused his supporters.

And he scored big yesterday when he tweeted a reminder that Marie Yovanovitch served at the will and pleasure of the president. The reminder was so devastating that Democrats and their whores in the media tried to conflate this into witness tampering.

President Trump thus far has played this well. With Nixon, they said the cover-up was worse than the crime. President Trump has released the documents every time. They wanted the Mueller report, he gave it to them (in both senses of the phrase). Ditto the Ukrainian phone call transcript.

Democrats meanwhile are fumbling and throwing interceptions. None of the first three witnesses offered anything but hearsay evidence. Their testimony was that President Trump was running the State Department unlike that nice man Obama.

As columnist Knowles noted, "Republicans on the committee largely steered clear of the question of whether seeking an investigation into Biden from Ukraine’s government was improper. Instead, they noted that no such investigation had ever taken place. Trump’s defenders pointed out that Ukraine eventually received the nearly $400 million in U.S. military aid that witnesses said was held up to put pressure on Kyiv."

He left out the part where Biden bragged about holding up a billion dollar loan guarantee unless Kiev fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son's company. The Ukrainian government quickly fired the man.

Nancy knows they are in trouble. She tried to help. President Trump is in her debt for this.

The Washington Times reported, "Speaker Nancy Pelosi, amid the largely laughable testimony of the diplomats — can you say heavy on the hearsay, guys? — came out with her own largely laughable conclusion of all that hearsay testimony and said: President Donald Trump is guilty of bribery.

"She even found him guilty of confessing to bribery.

"Who knew Pelosi, at her advanced age, could perform so many contortions? This has to be the greatest acrobatic spin in political history."

Her actual words were "The bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of a fake investigation into the elections. That’s bribery."

None but the pussyhats believe that.

The press does Democrats no favor by encouraging them to continue these witch hunts. Jeff Bezos's Washington Post reported, "How a CIA analyst, alarmed by Trump's shadow foreign policy, triggered an impeachment inquiry."


The CIA ran the shadowy and shady operation. President Trump was elected to run foreign policy and to put America First.

CNN reported, "Witness overheard US ambassador tell Trump that Ukraine would investigate Biden."

Investigating Quid Pro Joe is now a crime?

The public will not buy this.

Kyle Smith in National Review of all places said the public pointed this out.

He wrote, "And the president’s approval rating? It’s 44.1 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics average. The day before the Ukraine transcript was released, it was 45.0 percent. After six weeks of set-your-hair-on-fire-and-do-the-funky-chicken impeachment hoo-ha, the Democrats have succeeded in reducing the president’s support by not quite one full percentage point. Minus red-hot public demand, the Republican senators won’t be escorting the president out the door."

Gallup reported his unfavorability was 36% just before the 2016 election. Hillary was at 47%. Who won?

Removing the president requires the 47 Democrat senators to convince 20 Republican senators to join them.

At this rate, Democrats will be lucky to keep their 47.

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