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Monday, October 14, 2019

Wile E. Coyote covers Syria

I get that it is a cliche by now, one that I have helped promote. But the moronic White House press corps really is a pack of Wile E. Coyotes who couldn't tell you what is in the Oval Office if they were there.

Their coverage of Syria fits the pattern. President Donald John Trump makes a decision and the media goes out of the way to sabotage him.

Consider the choice he gave Mexico in late May. He told them either protect our borders or he would slap heavy tariffs on their products.

The media immediately turned its reporting to undermining America's foreign policy, which the people elected Donald John Trump to set.

All their predictions of economic calamity were for naught when Mexico wisely decided to protect our border. Mexico also agreed to keep those seeking asylum until their cases cleared.

The New York Times then called President Donald John Trump's victory sour grapes. The newspaper alleged that Mexico was doing this anyway.


If Mexico were doing this, President Donald John Trump would not have needed to press the issue.

By the end of summer, the mass invasion from Mexico fell to a trickle. The media has given this victory for America scant attention compared to Sharpiegate. The Washington Post said, "Why President Trump's Sharpied weather map was likely a crime."

No adult should take Washington reporters for anything but the fools they are.

Now we have President Donald John Trump extricating our military from Syria, and suddenly the same people who got the trade war with Red China and everything else wrong are making all sorts of hysterical claims.

CNN trotted out General John Allen to whiz on this deal. Allen is the clown who headed Obama's star-crossed efforts against ISIS. It was like throwing lighter fluid on a flaming grill. Whoosh.

Some people in the media are not above lying. The Washington Examiner reported, "ABC News ‘slaughter in Syria’ footage appears to come from a Kentucky gun range." The Kurds of Kentucky. Sounds like a 1960s sitcom starring Gabby Hayes with Sebastian Cabot as the butler.
“Questions were raised about its accuracy.”

Fake News.

People get it.
ABC is not alone.
But wait. There are more.

The Anadolu News Agency reported, "A New York Times author on Sunday shared on Twitter a picture taken in Turkey’s eastern Erzurum province following the 1983 earthquake, in the wake of Turkey’s ongoing Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria.

"Kurt Eichenwald posted on Twitter an award-winning photo in which a woman can be seen crying in front of the corpses of five children after they lost their lives in the earthquake.

"'Child murder? Not a problem for @GOP anymore. Its a feature. Don't you complicit killers ONCE say 'family values,' Eichenwald said on his Twitter account criticizing U.S. President Donald Trump, Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.

"Mustafa Bozdemir, who had taken the photo, was the first Turkish photojournalist to win the World Press award.

"Since the start of Turkey Operation Peace Spring, many social media accounts are sharing fake images or those pictures that were taken in the past to spread disinformation about the operation east of the Euphrates river."

Eichenwald hates President Donald John Trump. I know of few better recommendations for our president.

President Donald John Trump knows more than the media does about the situation. He knows more about anything than the media does.

And he knows Erdogan better than anyone does in Washington. I mean anyone. Our president dealt directly with Erdogan to build Trump Towers Istanbul. Erdogan wants economic growth. That's why he wanted Donald John Trump to build that hotel.

In the summer of 2018, President Donald John Trump slapped sanctions on Turkey that almost brought Erdogan's regime down. He has now threatened to do it again. He has promised to decimate Turkey's economy if Erdogan does not toe the line.

Take the press reports on the war with a ton of salt dried from liberal tears.

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