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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Why Babylon Bee is the most important conservative site

On January 22, 2016, National Review published its suicidal Never Trump issue, ending 61 years as a conservative institution. It had a good run.

But conservatives were left in the lurch following NR's departure from conservatism.

Nature hates a vacuum and on March 1, 2016, Adam Ford launched what would become in a few years the most important conservative site: the Babylon Bee, a satirical site.

Originally, the site mocked the idiosyncrasies of churches. A March 12th, 2016, offering, "Man Lacking Food Contribution Expertly Infiltrates Church Potluck," had appeal to backsliders as well as evangelical housewives.

And that continues. An April 16, 2019, offering, "Pastors Weigh In: Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza?" was golden.

It said, "Does pineapple belong on pizza?

"Satan: Yes."

But the Bee's wry political observations (which includes shots at conservatives) are brilliant and breath-taking commentary which earned occasional, frequent, and now daily links from Instapundit, often with the tag, "I’m so old, I can remember the Babylon Bee was still a satiric Website, before morphing into America’s Paper of Record."

A world where a jury ordered a father to accept the chemical castration of his 7-year-old boy does not deserve serious commentary. It deserves a punch in the nose and a sharking of its pants.

And the Bee has punch -- and not that watered down Methodist stuff.

Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

Marianne Williamson Not Sure What She's Doing Up Here With All These Crazy People

Hillary Clinton Accidentally Posts Condolences For Tulsi Gabbard's Suicide One Day Early

Of course there are shots at President Donald John Trump. Why wouldn't there be? He's the guy with the tallest top hat and the Bee has wagonloads of snowballs.

Trump: 'When There Was Only One Set Of Footprints, America, It Was Then That I Carried You'

Trump's Decision To Host Next G7 Summit At Chuck E. Cheese Draws Criticism

Trump Names Energizer Bunny New Secretary Of Energy

I no longer watch late-night TV since the networks replaced the comic hosts with liberal bores. But surely these shots at President Trump are better than anything on TV.

And the Bee is drawing blood. Snopes fact-checked the Bee not realizing it was satire. And then it happened again.

Finally on August 16, Snopes said, "Study: Too Many People Think Satirical News Is Real."

The story listed "Top 5 most-believed satirical claims by The Babylon Bee."

The story said, "Members of both parties failed to recognize that The Babylon Bee is satire, but Republicans were considerably more likely to do so. Of the 23 falsehoods that came from The Bee, eight were confidently believed by at least 15% of Republican respondents. One of the most widely believed falsehoods was based on a series of made-up quotes attributed to Rep. Ilhan Omar. A satirical article that suggested that Sen. Bernie Sanders had criticized the billionaire who paid off Morehouse College graduates’ student debt was another falsehood that Republicans fell for."

The Bee came back with "Concerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking Website."

In his Rules for Radicals, Saul D. Alinsky said, "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

Conservatives finally have a site that masters that.

Plus it is funny.

Multiple Sources Accuse Donald Duck Of Walking Onto Movie Sets Without Any Pants.

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